Paul d and beloved relationship questions

Beloved Study Guide Questions 43

paul d and beloved relationship questions

What do we learn at first about the family's relationship with the How do Sethe and Paul D. feel about their reunion after eighteen years?. The relationship between dead and alive characters in Beloved is extremely complex. Work your For example, how does Paul D react to what he feels in ?. Beloved Study Guide Questions Pages Directions: Answer all the provided study What is the origin of the tension between Denver, Paul D, and Sethe? 2. How would you characterize Beloved and Sethe's interactions/relationship?.

Are there parallels between this book and others we have read, for example, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl or Meridian? What evicts the ghost? Are there symbolic elements to this scene?

What psychological processes does this act and Paul D. What events of the past do Paul D. Why are Paul D.

BEloved Questions

How does Denver react to Paul D. Do you find this a realistic detail?

paul d and beloved relationship questions

What do we learn about the circumstances of Denver's birth? Through whose imagination is the story told? What had Sethe expected when she heard a voice in the grass? What do we learn about the white girl who facilitates her escape? What have been the circumstances of Amy Denver's life? In what ways does she help Sethe?

What beliefs about the nature of memory does Sethe convey to her daughter? Do you think these may relate to Morrison's view about the nature and role of art? What role does the schoolteacher play in her story?

Why is the novel told through a series of flashbacks? Is the chronological sequence always clear? What do we know about Paul D.? What has been his past? What is significant about Sethe's new concern for the drabness of their home?

paul d and beloved relationship questions

What seems her response to the presence of Paul D.? What form of entertainment does the new family enjoy together? What symbolic circumstances attend Beloved's return to ? What do you make of her literal, physical return? Why doesn't Paul D. What account is given of African-American wanderers at the time?

Beloved Study Guide Questions 43

What is Denver's response to the newcomer? What types of information does she conceal? What do you make of Beloved's eating and sleeping habits? What does Paul D. What does Beloved coax from Sethe?

Had she been able to talk about her past before? What memories does the mention of the earrings evoke?

What memories does Sethe have of her mother? What had she learned of her father? What finally happened to Sethe's mother? Who had cared for Sethe? What does she remember about the language of her mother and of her youth? What do you infer from this? What attitude does Beloved take toward Sethe? What oddity characterizes her questions? What is Paul D. How does Beloved relate to Denver? What new facts about her husband's death does Paul D. What is significant about Paul D. What has been the fate of his comrades?

What shared project is meant by Sethe and Paul D. What are Sethe's memories of Amy? Is she entirely favorably drawn? What are her ambitions and preoccupations? Is there a symbolism to where the child is born? How is the birth itself described? Could Sethe have given birth alone? How does Sethe make it to the other side of the river? Stamp Paid rows her across, Who helps her and brings her to her new location on her arrival?

John and Ella, a black couple, 92 What do we learn about Baby Suggs' character and occupation? What advice does she give her daughter-in-law? How had Baby Suggs cared for Sethe on her arrival in Ohio? What physical object has survived the journey? What is the purpose of the sudden shift to the present tense on page 95? What seems to threaten Sethe, and how is she healed?

What do you make of Beloved's participation in the ritual? Of what crime does Denver accuse her, and is her accusation just? What resolution does Sethe come to in the clearing? What kind of formal education does Denver receive, and how does it end?

What effect does the family trauma have on Denver? What declaration does Baby Suggs make on her deathbed? Why do you think she makes this? What meaning does the scene of copulating turtles have for Beloved?

paul d and beloved relationship questions

Morrison chose every word of this sentence extremely carefully interpret it. Look now at the beginnings of parts two and three; how do these 3 beginnings structure the book? The novel beings with an account of an Ohio family disintegrating because their house is haunted by a baby ghost. What leitmotifs and imagery are introduced in this scene of Sethe prostituting herself to the tombstone engraver?

How does it explain the title of the novel? The recollections set the stage for the arrival of Paul D Garner, one of the ex-slaves from Sweet Home. He exorcises the ghost and begins a love affair with the lonely Sethe. Where does the year-old daughter Denver fit into the character constellations? Describe the role of the white girl Amy in this scene.

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In an idyllic moment in the book, the new family of three goes to a carnival together, and on the way home they - or at least their shadows - hold hands This interlude with its promise of future happiness is abruptly ended by the discovery of a mysterious woman at their home. How are the character constellations changed by her arrival? In what ways does she seem to be otherworldly?

Compare this to her insight on and especially on Paul D reveals p.

paul d and beloved relationship questions

How do you understand these terms? In what ways is the text more positive at this point? She is also unnamed. How does this confuse or complicate our attitude to the character?

Think about what their reactions tell you, both about Beloved and about the characters themselves. What strikes each of the characters first about Beloved?

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How do your expectations influence her characterizations? Morrison suggests in this phrase the power of storytelling within the novel. Examine the theme of narration in this section of the story, thinking about control. We are used to thinking of the narrator as the controller of the narrative, but is this the case for the novel?

Who is in control of this story: How are narratives and memories connected in this section? How do memories support people? Is this how the story works for Beloved and Denver? Is that how narratives operate for the community within ? Why does Denver feel excluded from the stories? Does he suggest that knowledge is a good thing? What does Morrison suggest by putting him in both roles?

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How does it fit with the definition of knowledge that you have constructed through your own understanding, and through the character of Paul D? Work your way through the passage, paying particular attention to the parts that are important to Denver. How does Denver describe her birth? Who are the people that feature in the story? What are the differences in the roles these women play? How does she decribe her relationship to them?

What does this mean for Denver? What words does Morrison use to describe it? What is the mood? Is it a religious space? Is it a private or communal place?

paul d and beloved relationship questions

Discuss the differences between the Clearing as a space and what you think it represents and the house at Who do you think is being attacked, and who is the attacker?