Percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship

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percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship

Annabeth Chase is a fictional character in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the .. A key subplot in the series is the relationship between Annabeth, Percy, and. Annabeth Chase is a Greek demigod who predominantly appears in the Percy Jercybeth — the ship between Annabeth, Percy Jackson, and Jason Grace Half-Blood, and when Percy is about to go, their relationship is slightly shaky. Throughout both series, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have shown They officially start their relationship, and when Annabeth says she wants to be an.

Annabeth is injured during the fight but is healed with the help of the Golden Fleece. In a dream Percy has, Annabeth is on a mountain, and she sees Luke holding up a black roof unknown to Percy, it is the sky. Annabeth helps him hold it, and then Luke slips out from underneath, making Annabeth hold it.

This is later used to trick Artemis into holding the sky, as Artemis would not be able to resist helping a maiden. Unlike the other books, Annabeth's role is quite small. It is hinted in this book that there will be a romantic future for her and Percy.

Aphroditethe goddess of love, also convinced Percy about his feelings for Annabeth, though she also made it even harder for them to fall in love. In the end, Percy saves both Annabeth and Artemis, while Thalia is fighting Luke until he falls off a cliff.

The Battle of the Labyrinth By this book, Annabeth is fourteen. Percy and Annabeth find an entrance into the Labyrinth. She realizes that Luke may try to use this entrance to invade Camp.

Annabeth leads the quest into the Labyrinth, fulfilling one of her ambitions. She goes into the Labyrinth with Percy, Grover, and Tyson to find a way to stop Kronos's evil forces from entering the borders of Camp Half-Blood by searching for the Labyrinth's inventor, Daedalus. The prophecy the Oracle gave her appears to have scared her and she refuses to say the last line. As they go into the Labyrinth, they face many hardships.

Annabeth faces a Sphinx and finds the riddles which are actually factual questions not challenging and an insult to her intellect. They escape the claws of the Sphinx and continue on to find Hephaestus so he can tell them about where to find Daedalus.

As they head towards Hephaestus' forge in Mount St.

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Helensthey find telekhines there making a weapon for Kronos. Percy tells Annabeth to escape while she can. She kisses him for luck and they part ways.

Annabeth believes that he dies when Mount St. Helens erupts, but this is not the case. Percy fell onto the island Ogygiaprison of the nymph Calypsoa daughter of Atlas. When Percy comes back to camp, Annabeth is performing a funeral ritual for him.

When she notices him, she hugs him, making a scene.

percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship

However, when she finds out about Calypsoshe is very jealous. Percy then asks a mortal girl, Rachel Elizabeth Dareto help them on their way through the Labyrinth Rachel has a rare ability to see through the Mist. Annabeth becomes very jealous at how close Percy and Rachel are getting. The three of them discover Luke, who has become Kronos's vessel.

After a battle, Luke is forced back into the Labyrinth, leaving two casualties. Annabeth refuses to believe that Luke is all bad, and gets quite mad at Percy for saying otherwise. After they fulfilled their mission, Annabeth and Percy are standing on Half-Blood Hill, and are matching their goals with the prophecy, Annabeth reveals the last line of her prophecy, "To lose a love to worse than death" and is confused, not sure about her feelings for Luke, or a secret love for Percy.

Following his arrival, Annabeth helps Percy hear the Great Prophecy. Percy bathes in the River Styx he narrowly escapes by imagining Annabeth pulling him out of the river and calls Annabeth, telling her to meet him in front of the Empire State Building with all the demigods from Camp Half Blood.

Hermes becomes angry at her and blames her for not saving Luke. Hermes leaves, and they return to the other campers to defend Manhattan and Mount Olympus.

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In battle, Ethan Nakamura attempts to stab Percy in the small of his back, his Achilles spot, and Annabeth jumps in front of him, taking the knife. After a few hours of rest, Annabeth, though still weak from poison, goes back into battle.

Kronos attacks Percy, and Annabeth joins the fight, but is knocked out of the fight when Kronos slams her into Athena's throne. In the end, she saves Percy and Olympus by finally realizing the prophecy's true meaning. She convinces Percy to give Luke her knife which was given to her by Luke when she was seven so he can stab himself, killing himself and banishing Kronos to Tartarus yet again.

She is rewarded by the gods, who allow her to use her talents as an architect to rebuild Mount Olympus.

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Annabeth quotes "I don't know much about the sea, but my boyfriend does. Annabeth and Percy give tips about the sea get kind've itchy because Magnus sucks at everything that came to the ocean, nearly getting himself killed.

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In the movie[ change change source ] In the movie, Alexandra Daddario plays Annabeth, a warrior at Camp Half-Blood with Percy and potential romantic foil.

I just haven't decided if they are positive or negative yet. It was really a tease which is shown when she surprisingly steals Percy's sword from his sheath and at the same time brings her own sword to his throat and says,"First rule of battle strategy, never let your opponent distract you. The fandom is very angry].

percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship

During their quest, Annabeth and Percy both feel awkward at stepping into the Tunnel of Love. They eventually go in, which leads to Percy saving Annabeth from the spiders that are part of the trap designed by Hephaestus to catch Ares and Aphrodite. When Percy meets Aphrodite in The Titan's Curse, she makes Percy reveal aloud that the reason for going on the quest was mostly about Annabeth. Annabeth wanted to go back to holding the sky so Artemis could fight, but Percy took the weight.

Annabeth Chase

Later, while she seemed grateful to all of the people who rescued her, she expressed her gratitude mostly to Percy. At the end during the Olympian party Percy suggests they finish their dance and she smiles, takes his hand, and they dance. Percy hears a slow song and wonders what other music everyone else hears. During breakfast one day, Annabeth broke the rules and sat at Percy's table like really close to him to talk about their upcoming quest, which Percy really liked.

Before the quest, Annabeth and Percy hugged. Annabeth got extremely jealous and moody every time Percy mentioned Rachel Dare.

When they found the Labyrinth, Annabeth held Percy's hands which to Percy if it was public, he would have been embarrassed, but it was dark and they were together. Then, when Percy walks into the Athena Cabin to talk to Annabeth, he asks her what the last part of the prophecy was about.

In response, she tears up and holds out her hands, and Percy walks over and hugs her. Helens, when Percy risked his life so Annabeth could get to safety, she kissed him and disappeared, putting on her magic Yankees cap. She and the rest of camp presumed he was dead, as he was stuck on Ogygia for two weeks.

When he returns, Annabeth hugs him fiercely until she realized she was making a scene. She was furious at Percy for being gone so long, and when she figures out where he has been marooned to and had been with Atlas' daughter, Calypsoshe gets even madder with extreme jealousy.

percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship

When they return to Camp Half-Blood, and when Percy is about to go, their relationship is slightly shaky. As Percy and Annabeth are inspecting the cabins at camp and arrive at Athena's, Annabeth begins to say something about her feelings for Percy, but is interrupted by Annabeth's second-in-command Malcolm.

When Percy was about to get stabbed at his one weak point during a battle he would have died immediatelyAnnabeth intercepted the blow even though Percy never told her where his weak spot was. Percy immediately became very defensive of her, making sure no one touched her. Kronos found this interesting.