Peyton and brooke relationship quizzes

Which One Tree Hill Girl are You?

peyton and brooke relationship quizzes

Erica Marsh, Broke up after she became popular. Karen, Lucas's father. Peyton, Left her to protect his daughter. Brooke, Clean teen. Lauren, Met through Jamie. Matches 1 - 8 of 8 Are you wondering if you're a Peyton, Brooke or Haley? Maybe even a Deb or Anna. Who knows? You will. Take our quiz to find out. One Tree Hill Relationships. Who has dated who on the Peyton; Brooke; Bevin. 2. Which character is Lucas's first girlfriend? Haley; Peyton; Brooke; Bevin.

They even meet up outside of school to discuss the possibilities. What does Nathan give Haley when she agrees to help him? Question 8 What organ does the condition Nathan and Lucas are at risk for affect? Kidneys Heart Lungs Nathan and Lucas find out that they are at risk for a genetic condition, as their father was diagnosed with this life-threatening ailment. There is a test that the boys can have done to determine if they have the condition. After getting secretly tested, Lucas finds out he shares this awful condition with his father.

What organ does this condition affect? When she plays nice, it is just to get what she wants. Brooke and this character butt heads for most of the time they are together. They rarely get new members, as it takes a while to audition them and make sure that they are a good fit for the squad. Luckily the girls of Tree Hill are talented, which made it even more fun to see some of them make the squad. Some girls even join the squad by accident, which creates a sense of entertainment.

The coach does not seem to mind. This member is Jake.

peyton and brooke relationship quizzes

He also often misses games and important team events. The rest of the team gets frustrated that the coach is so forgiving of this particular player. Question 12 What is the name of the man that is trying to help Haley with her music career? Nathan knows that she can sing and tries to encourage her to pursue her passion, as that is what he has always done.

Haley meets a musician that wants to help her while she helps him, as she is a talented song writer. What is the name of the man that is trying to help Haley with her music career? Felix Chris Quentin Brooke gets her heart broken by Lucas Scott, especially since he loves her best friend.

She wallows for a short period of time but then decides to move on. She has an attractive neighbor that used to irritate her, but she now finds him attractive. After a series of hookups, the neighbors start dating. They form a decent relationship, although not all of her friends like him. Question 14 What is the name of this local, teen friendly club and music venue? She has a coffee shop that all of the locals frequent and she caters a variety of events.

One day, she hears Peyton talking about how there is no great music scene in Tree Hill and nowhere that is particularly teen friendly. Peyton wants to change that and Karen decides to help by opening a club.

What is the name of this local, teen friendly club and music venue? Question 15 Who acts as a moral compass for most of the people in Tree Hill? Whitey Durham Ellie Harp Andrew Hargrove Many people believe that a town elder is often the wisest person to turn to in times of turmoil. Tree Hill has a local resident that many people go to confide in or for advice.

This person does not take any nonsense, but has a soft side that helps people through tough situations. Who acts as a moral compass for most of the people in Tree Hill?

Question 16 Which character causes chaos when they bring a weapon to school?

Which One Tree Hill Girl are You?

One of the characters brings a weapon to school, injuring many and holding an entire room hostage. Unfortunately, this is the result of someone with a broken heart that does not really want to hurt anyone. In the end, the person is rumored to have murdered a major character and then takes his own life in the school.

Which character causes all of this chaos? Question 17 Which two main characters get locked in the library during the shooting? Nathan and Haley Mouth and Brooke Rachel and Brooke When the person enters a school with a weapon, he injures one of the main characters. Everyone goes running, whether it was to lock themselves in a room or outside. Everyone was trying to avoid further damage done. This character is eventually found by another major character and they hide to protect each other.

They take shelter in the library and try to block the doors. Which two main characters get locked in the library during the shooting? Question 18 What club does Brooke accidentally join?

She fails math during her senior year. When Rachel and Brooke break into the school late at night, they are caught. They pretend to be members of the club that meets at night at the school. Luckily, Brooke meets a cute boy here. What club does Brooke accidentally join?

Question 19 What does Brooke name her clothing line? When Haley encourages Brooke to pursue her passions, Brooke dives into fashion. She designs for a local store and gets none of the royalties from it. This frustrates her and sparks her to create her own clothing label. Her designs are so excellent that she even gets to compete in a major competition.

This line carries her through adulthood. What does Brooke name her clothing line? Her mother passed away when she was very young, which still haunts her every day. She gets shot during the school shooting and almost passes away herself.

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She is a bit angsty and runs a webcam series that follows her life. She starts to receive some strange instant messages about her life and then gets stalked by this person.

Question 21 What is the name of the record label that Brooke and Peyton start? Some of the original cast members are down on their luck, while others are finding great success in the world. Somehow, they all end up back in Tree Hill and find themselves trying to dig their roots back in. Since Peyton had not found much luck in California with music labels, Brooke decides to help her start her own. What is the name of the record label that Brooke and Peyton start?

One day, Haley is found on the ground of a bathroom and is rushed to the hospital. Here, she finds out her baby boy is just fine. While he is born before the jump, we get to know the son better in the later years. Question 23 Who does Peyton successfully sign to her label?

She wants to make this successful so there will be an ethical music label located in Tree Hill. After seeing a band play, and finding a great hatred for the lead singer, Peyton signs one of the members to her label. This person eventually tours and has a major album. Who does Peyton successfully sign to her label? Question 24 Who creates the heart logo that Brooke later uses for her clothing line?

Anton Taylor Nathan Scott Lucas Scott Although Clothes Over Bros does not become a fashion phenomenon until after the multi-year jump, Brooke started working on this clothing line in high school.

peyton and brooke relationship quizzes

She started this line because one of her friends told her to pursue her passion for fashion. After seeing a variety of artistic designs, Brooke decides to use them on her clothing. Originally, this spot was held by Tim, but after he was no longer on the show, Lucas was Nathan's full time brother and best friend. But, after Lucas also leaves the show, there is a new open position in Nathan and Haley's lives. Clay does not reveal to Nathan for a long time that he previously had a wife.

Question 10 What song do the ladies of season Tree Hill High dance to in the season 4 finale? However, this does not stop the show's creator from occasionally lightening up the darker content with funny or more playful moments.

One way this is done in the earlier seasons is through dance numbers. Usually, these dance numbers were cheerleading routines, but that was not always the case. But what song do the girls dance to in the finale? He is not known as a ladies man, but as a dependable friend instead.

This is just the way his character comes across. However, looking back over the years, Mouth was not as unlucky in love as he often seemed. He had his fair share of great girls that were all genuinely interested in him as a person. Which, at the end of the day, is awesome for him. Question 12 Which of Nathan's friends date Deb? Skills Junk Clay Though One Tree Hill was mainly meant to focus on the lives of the teenagers in town, the adults were just so compelling that many of them ended up being center stage characters all on their own.

This is especially true for Deb. She is Nathan's mom, but her ability to be a competent mother comes and goes over the series. However, in season 6 it comes out that Deb has even dated one of Nathan's close friends. Question 13 What is the name of Peyton's brother? Nick Jeff Matt Family drama has always been one of Peyton's driving story lines throughout the series. Her family has always been sort of a question mark between losing her mother young, and her father being away a lot, then learning she is adopted, then meeting her birth mother, then struggling with the loss of her birth mother and suddenly she finds out she has a half brother.

Though initially hesitant, Peyton reaches out to her brother and things go down hill from there. By fans and usually by the characters on the show as well. He is very manipulative and does horrible things in order to control his family on numerous occasions.

It was no surprise in the later seasons when the doctor on the show declared that Dan has a bad heart. Fans had been saying that for years. Plus his history with having HCM did not help. But did they go as far as to have a dog eat his heart? Question 15 Who hits Dan with a car at the end of season 5? Lucas Deb Carrie Yet another example of how much both show creators and fellow characters do not like Dan Scott. During season 5, Dan is released on parole after pleading guilty to the death of Keith.

Once he is released he makes attempts to contact his family. However, no one is convinced of his new found attitude and kindness. Many people in Tree Hill have their reasons for hating him.

But there is one character that does not, Jamie. Poor sweet young Jamie wants to get to know Dan, but some people do not want that to be possible. Question 16 Who sets a piano on fire?

peyton and brooke relationship quizzes

Deb Haley Peyton Ok so One Tree Hill is definitely not filled with the most emotionally stable characters, but to be fair they all have a lot going on. How each character chooses to let out their anger and frustration is questioned sometimes on the show, but not very often. Many of the characters also all seem to have a flare for fire and the dramatics.

Deb burned down the dealership, Nathan burned the wedding wall, but who set fire to a piano? Question 17 Who said: This includes Nathan and Haley, and Lucas and Peyton.

Although, for a while there it seemed as though Lucas and Brooke fans might have won that war. Sure, other characters are often involved in loving relationships and have their fair share of drama, but it is rare for a couple to be as iconic as the two main couples. Which of these less lucky in love characters said this quote? Question 18 Which season features a s alternative reality episode? It was an interesting episode. In this alternate reality, Dan acted as a father figure to Peyton, who would not let her see Lucas.

It was all very strange. It was well done artistically, but it was often criticized for being confusing in terms of what it added to the show or what the purpose was. Question 19 What is the name of Mouth's mean boss in season 5? Jane Victoria Veronica At the beginning of season 5, after the 4 year gap, many of the core group have already found incredible success in their job field. This was not exactly the case for Mouth. He was finished school but was still looking for his dream job of being a sports reporter.

Just when he got his foot in the door at a company where he could eventually get to the job of his dreams, there is one thing in his way, and her name is Question 20 What is the name of the Tric bartender that can guess what everyone wants to drink?