Popeye and olive oyl relationship counseling

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popeye and olive oyl relationship counseling

"Costume Contest" is the sixth episode of the seventh season of the American comedy Krasinski) to wear a matching couples costume of Popeye and Olive Oyl with . "Gay Witch Hunt"; "The Convention"; "The Coup"; "Grief Counseling". Cheap and Easy Popeye and Olive Oyl Couple Halloween Costume .. This could also be a great base for being two counselors from Wet Hot American. Popeye & Olive Oyl. People Staff. February 12, PM. They weren't the most promising couple in the world—not a guy and a girl anybody would think.

There are too many dour Christians around. The Bible tells us to "Rejoice in the Lord, always," and to "Worry about nothing," and to "Cast all your burdens on him, because He cares for you. And a book like Song Of Solomon certainly teaches us that passion isn't necessarily wrong. Do we need The Creator to touch us again? Are we being all He wants us to be in the stories he's given us to act out? Whenever Madison Avenue wants to sell me something, it will surround the product with youthful, energetic, enthusiastic people.

These sorts of people are appealing and, by association and implication, the product they are singing about also seems appealing.

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And Bill Clinton's handlers during his first and second run for the White House sold him to the country the same way Famous Studios sold us on Olive Oyl. I remember during his campaign hearing young people interviewed who said, "I'm voting for him 'cause he's young at heart, like us!

Popeye Parlez Vous Woo

He jokes and plays sax on late night TV. He goes on MTV and talks about his underwear. He's a huge and gushing fan of current music and movie stars. I need to be careful to judge products and ideas on their merits, not on how bubbly the person is who is presenting them to me. I know this will be hard for some to believe, but one's character and personality are even more important than looks in determining how appealing one is, particularly as one ages or when crises come into one's life.

And when I was single, I knew some physically lovely women that I wouldn't even consider dating because when you took away their looks, there was nothing else there. Pam reveals she never mentioned Jim, and so Danny admits that he found her too "dorky. Michael is angered that Darryl went over his head, and tries to get Darryl to apologize in front of everyone for 'backstabbing' him.

Darryl refuses, criticizing Michael's poor judgment of his idea.

Costume Contest

Michael changes his costume to Darryl's warehouse uniform, and mocks him. The two bring their argument to Gabe, where Darryl expresses his opinion that Michael has never done anything for him. After some negotiating by Gabe, Darryl and Michael apologize to each other.

Darryl wishes he were still operating down in the warehouse, but Andy inspires Darryl to further his career at Dunder Mifflin.

Oscar is declared the winner of the costume contest. A series of interviews reveal several employees' reasons for voting for Oscar — Kelly Kapoor Mindy Kaling voted on whom she thought was least likely to win, Ryan Howard B. Production[ edit ] "Costume Contest" was directed by Dean Hollandan editor on the series, and written by Justin Spitzer. In a couple of films, Bugs is even wanted by the law Fresh Hare, Buckaroo Bugs and in one, goes out of his way to prove to the world that he's a menace Rebel Rabbit!

In Popeye's first appearances, he was grim-faced and would use his strength to change his environment however it suited him. He would hit or destroy anything he felt like bopping. And in his debut cartoon, he horns in on Betty Boop's hula dance, seemingly only because he can, and this Popeye does whatever he wants to, when he wants to.

The conventions of normal society do not apply to him. But Bugs and Popeye both evolved from their rough-and-tumble roots. Gradually, the creators of their films changed them into nice guys who would only strike back after someone had done them dirt.

The rabbit and the sailor would be unjustly provoked in their cartoons, and then we would root for them to win, or they would be the ones who would stick up for and rescue other victims of oppression. Two of their catch phrases help illustrate this.

Olive Oyl - From Drab To Fab

Bugs was known to turn to the audience and say, "Of course you realize that this means war! Here is where a difference between these two icons comes into play, though. Bugs would usually be harassed very early in his adventures and then the bulk of his films' running times would feature the wascally wabbit wreaking clever and hilarious revenge on his tormentors.

But Popeye's writers could go just a little too far in trying to prove that Popeye was the sort who would only hit back and not hit first. Some of his cartoons have our hero being continually picked on, humiliated, tricked, and placed in dangerous situations, and then, only at the very end of the films, would he finally turn the tables on the villains.

Unfortunately, rather than making him admirable, this would sometimes make him seem like a patsy, or a sap, or a whipping boy. In this respect, Jesus Christ, as he is portrayed in the Bible, is more like Bugs Bunny than like Popeye, because he was nobody's whipping boy. His whole life's mission was to set straight what the devil and humanity had done to God's world.

And though he is often characterized as being meek and gentle, it is forgotten that he was only meek and gentle to those who wanted help. With others, he took the gloves off. He confronted the corrupt and legalistic religious leaders of his day - pointing out their hypocrisies, calling them names - and he physically destroyed the swindlers' place of business and kicked them out of the temple, even wielding a whip to do so!

He withstood direct temptations coming from Satan himself.

popeye and olive oyl relationship counseling

And even when he was crucified, it wasn't a matter of his enemies placing helpless Jesus in a deathtrap and him having to await "the spinach" of Easter morning. Instead, the Gospels show us Jesus willingly laying down his life to pay for our sins and to carry out his Father's plan. He LET his enemies have control over him. They didn't TAKE control over him.

You could even say Jesus tricked his enemies so that the greater good could be accomplished. This is another way that Bugs was often like him. For example, Bugs could trick an enemy into believing that a fire was being lit to cook the rabbit while the villain was really lighting dynamite to obliterate himself. And in the majority of Bugs Bunny cartoons, the impression was given that Bugs was really the one in control, no matter what his enemies were doing to him and no matter what seeming chaos swirled around him.

But lest you think I'm being too hard on Popeye, let me say that, although he may not have been control in his cartoons, he outshines Bugs in other areas of godliness - those of mercy, unconditional sacrificing love, and perseverance. Think about how many times Popeye came to Olive's rescue, even after she had jilted him. Or about the way he kept protecting Swee'Pea and his nephews, even though they would disobey him and get into trouble.

Popeye is like God in this regard. And that's good news for us because we are prone to be like Olive, Swee'Pea and the nephews. Bugs never really had continuing characters that he rescued, so the extent of his mercy remains unknown.

However, in one cartoon, he was reluctant to help a penguin because it was inconvenient for him. He finally did get involved in the little bird's plight, showing us his good heart another trait he shares with Popeye. So, a rabbit and a sailor have more in common than it may at first seem. So do a rabbit, a sailor, and a savior! Olive and the Bad Boys The Bible warns about people who are really "savage wolves" and who will "distort the truth in order to draw" people away from safety and to themselves Acts With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable It almost sounds as though the biblical authors were writing to Olive Oyl, warning her about the wrong guys she has a tendency to fall for, doesn't it?

Well, actually they were warning the church against false teachers and false prophets, but still, there are some similarities between the way conmen preachers and cult leaders and immoral leaders take advantage of people and the way guys in the animated Famous Studios cartoons tried to take advantage of Ms.

Learning what Popeye's rivals did and what Olive herself did or didn't do may help us to escape the clutches of the phony religious leaders of our day. And we may learn how to be wary of falling for the wrong members of the opposite sex in our own affairs of the heart.

But in other films he is a sailor who has an on-going relationship with both Popeye and Olive and is well-known by them. However, in three cartoons in which Bluto is the sailor, he decides to play a role.

popeye and olive oyl relationship counseling

He disguises himself as famous objects of Olive Oyl's affections and adopts their personality traits in order to convince the beautiful brunette that she is really in the presence of her dream crushes. In She-Sick Sailors, he pretends to be Superman. In Mister and Mistletoe, he passes himself off as a handsome, muscular Santa Claus.

Olive's radar should have activated to warn her that at least something may have been up when the three characters appeared at her door. Things should have seemed to her to be too good to be true.

After all, she's reading a Superman comic book and telling Popeye that the Man of Steel is the only one who makes her heart jitterbug, and, suddenly, the Big Red S shows up at her apartment! She wishes on Christmas Eve that there was a Santa Claus for adults and, voila, one slides down her chimney! And she's watching The International's television program when he announces that one viewer will have a date with him that night and, sure enough, out of all the doorbells in the world, the ladykiller rings hers.

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Beware of people who promise to make all your dreams come true if you will follow them, or embrace their beliefs or lifestyles, or get involved romantically with them.

Watch out for religions, or sects, or cults who assure you that soon all your worries, struggles, and problems will be gone and you'll have nothing but joy, joy, joy down in your heart all the time. Don't commit to possible mates who refuse to talk about the future or about any differences you may have by saying, "Oh, all those things will just work out.

In a cartoon universe, a person can say, "Gee, a huge mallet would come in handy right now," and one appears. But in our world, it rarely does. So we have no excuse. Olive catches on to Bluto's true identity in the cartoons when her heroes suddenly act very unheroic. Superman tries to murder Popeye by blasting him with the rapid fire of a tommy gun.

And Santa Claus lets out a chillingly evil laugh after having tricked Popeye into holding a stick of dynamite which blew The Sailorman out through Olive's roof to land, and become frozen, in the icy waters of a nearby pond.

Supes' and Santa's actions didn't match their professed identities. Some religious leaders ask their followers to sacrifice while they, themselves, live in luxury. Some preach against the sins of the flesh while they indulge their lusts. Some talk about peace and reconciliation while taking their followers away from family and friends.

Some promote inner tranquility and humility while they are obsessive control freaks who get bent out of shape whenever they are questioned or things don't go their way. Their actions don't match their professed identities.

And it's the same with some lovers, too. Don't believe in saviors who act like the devil.