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priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

Elvis met Priscilla in while he was stationed in Germany during his stint in the army. Much has been made of the fact that Priscilla was only 14 when the. There's a large selection of lingerie and fun role play costumes which I love. They also have a Was this review ? Useful Where Fun and Fantasy Meet!. Joanne said: Priscilla met Elvis when she was an innocent and naive 14 year star picking me out of a crowd turned this book into my very own fantasy bible. . It was very interesting side of Elvis' one time Wife but it seems either she or the.

Cilla just had to hang on. And she did for nearly two years, even amid newspaper and magazine articles linking Elvis to beauties such as Juliet Prowse and Tuesday Weld. Then, one day in Marchafter several months without contact, Elvis called Priscilla out of the blue and invited her to join him in Los Angeles. Simultaneously stunned and overjoyed, she pointed out that, although her mother might be receptive to this idea, it would be nearly impossible to persuade her father, Captain Paul Beaulieu.

It was a challenge Elvis seemed happy to accept. While Priscilla prevailed upon her mother, Elvis spoke with the Captain several times and finally won him over by agreeing to a list of rules: Which is what happened Priscilla arrived in Los Angeles in June, and following a visit to Elvis' house on Bellagio Road, she did stay at the Barris home -- for one night.

The next afternoon, Elvis informed her that he had planned a trip to Las Vegas, and shortly after midnight she was sitting next to him in his luxury motor home on the way to Nevada. She slyly circumvented the problem of her parents receiving letters each day by quickly pre-writing a week's worth and asking Elvis' butler to mail them from Los Angeles.

Their next stop was the Sahara Hotel and Casino, where the King and his princess shared a suite. During twelve blissful, fun-filled days and nights in Las Vegas, Elvis took Priscilla shopping, chose the clothes she should wear, and instructed her on how to style her hair and apply heavier makeup. Elvis liked his women to wear plenty of eyeliner and mascara, and Priscilla readily accepted his choices. Courtesy of a hairdresser at the hotel, her tresses were teased and twisted into a beehive style, her eyes were heavily made up, and the result was the apparent transformation of an innocent teen into a sophisticated siren.

After her return to Germany, Priscilla had something to look forward to during the next six months: Elvis had invited her, and once again she had to persuade her parents. However, that request was nothing compared to what the Beaulieus were confronted with once the Christmas trip was over and their darling daughter returned home: Elvis wanted her to finish school in Memphis.

Elvis called Captain Beaulieu and used all his powers of persuasion. If Cilla moved to Memphis, he promised, she wouldn't live with him at Graceland but with Vernon and his wife in their house nearby. She would be enrolled in the very best Catholic school, where he'd ensure that she would graduate. And she would be cared for and chaperoned wherever she went. Not only did Elvis swear that he loved, needed, and respected Priscilla, but he also insisted that he couldn't live without her.

The Beaulieus were left with two painful alternatives: In the end, Elvis got his way, and Priscilla moved to Memphis. In Octoberwhile he was in Hollywood filming Fun in Acapulco, Elvis played host to Priscilla and her dad, and won over the senior Beaulieu with his charm and hospitality.

After a few days, father and daughter flew to Memphis, where Captain Beaulieu and Vernon Presley enrolled Priscilla in the all-girl Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School and moved her into the home that Vernon shared with his second wife, Dee. Once her father had returned to Germany, however, Priscilla seemed uncomfortable living with her future in-laws, and soon she was spending more and more time with Elvis' grandmother at Graceland.

Before long, for all intents and purposes she'd basically relocated there. Vernon chauffeured Priscilla to and from school until she got her license and he agreed to let her drive Elvis' Lincoln Mark V. He also provided her with pocket money to spend on clothes, gas, and going to the movies, bowling alley, and Leonard's Drive-In with cousin Patsy whose mother was Gladys's sister Clettes, and father was Vernon's brother Vester.

Still, despite the company of Grandma Dodger, the maids, and the secretaries, Priscilla often seemed extremely lonely waiting for Elvis to return from filming. One evening shortly before ChristmasElvis went down on one knee in the bedroom at Graceland and proposed to Cilla. Then he slipped a ring on her finger.

Just over seven years after her first meeting with Elvis, Priscilla's early fantasies became reality. I would consider that our first date, yes, because that's when we You sat next to him? He sat next to me. He came and sat next to me during -- he just got up during the film and came back and plopped down next to me.

Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley. You were sitting next to Miss Rhode Island? What did she say to you? She bruised my ribs. She kept poking me in the ribs with her elbow. And Elvis pulled the old yawn and stretched the arm over the back of the seat next to me. What did you think, being 13? I thought he was -- you know, being 13 emotionally, I thought he was still married and I was very standoffish.

And he finally, during one of his nuzzles, he said, 'honey, you know I'm not married any more', to which I responded, 'no, I didn't.

But, you know, I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you, but you should have married a southern girl'. I said that, and he always remembered my saying that, because he said you have no idea how honest that was and how truthful and how right on that was, because only if you grow up in the South do you understand that culture completely. And he was very southern. And so I think we had an immediate kinship.

We were like kindred souls right away. Were there a lot of people in the theater all night long? There were probably 25 people there. Friends of his, all friends and acquaintances.

Do you remember the movie? It's funny because I didn't remember it the next day. So, what happened at the end? Did he take you home? I left -- I was staying at my aunt's house, my Aunt Betty. So I went back to her house. You gave him your number? He said, I'd like to get your number. And I said, well, I don't have a pen and I don't have piece of paper.

So I made him do the work. And he went and got some paper and pen and he wrote down my number on a matchbook. And then I got home and I was kicking myself. I thought, oh, he'll never call me.

I should have been a little more attentive than that. You wanted to see him? You liked his looks? He was an amazing -- well, I grew up on him. You know, I grew up in Memphis and I grew up listening to his music and going to his movies. He was how old at this time?

priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

He was 35, So he calls at 4: And I hear her saying 'why, yes, she is. Just a moment, please'. Then she goes, 'oh, my God. It's Elvis Presley on the phone'. So, I said, hi, you know, it's kind of late to call. He said I just want you to know how happy that I met you this evening, and, you know, I want to know where you've been and don't disappear on me.

I want to see you again. Can you come over tomorrow? I'd like to introduce you to my father, Vernon, and I'd like you to see Graceland.

Very much the gentleman. I went right over the next day, yes. Jeannie and I went over and Oh, you took her -- you got a little chaperone there. I said, you know, I'd like to bring my friend because I was still, you know, very much an innocent and kind of naive.

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And I said, I'd like to bring my friend. And he said, certainly, she's more than welcome. And so what happened that day? He was sitting in the Jungle Room.

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There was a big waterfall in this room. And he was waiting for me there. And I met his father. I met a lot of the men who worked for him, Red West and Sonny West and Joe Espositoand, you know, a lot of the guys. And we just ended up riding the golf cart together.

He had golf carts on the property, and you know, when you went riding on these little golf carts. It was a thrill ride. Was he forward on that trip? He was a very respectful Did he kiss you yet? He kissed me the first night. In the movie theater. In the movie theater, yes. He was very respectful and very much the southern gentleman. He was a very dichotimous human being, very paradoxical. On the one hand, you know, he had this raucous image, and he did have a raucous sense of humor, irreverent sense of humor.

But he was very pious on another level and very puritanical A lot of southerners are, aren't they? A lot of southerners are. So, from day two, how did this get wind? Did you have to go to the Miss USA pageant? I had already been.

And Jeannie was my roommate, so she had moved to Memphis. I didn't want to go back to school, and I lacked 12 credits graduating from University of Memphis. And I decided I wasn't going to go back and get my degree.

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And we were kind of contemplating what we were going to do, maybe move to New York, maybe start modeling, yes. I had had some contact with an Agency back then. So, I was doing some modeling locally. And we thought about maybe going to New York. But then Elvis came along and swept me off my feet. By swept you, what happened in the ensuing days? Well, interestingly enough, I disappeared for two weeks. I went on vacation with my aunt and uncle to Golf Shores, Alabama.

Did you tell him you were going? I told them I was going, but it didn't quite register. And I didn't leave him a forwarding number. And so I literally disappeared for two weeks after having met him those two nights in Memphis, and having connected as intensely as we did. I left his house. I left Graceland and said, I'm going on vacation, I'll be back and hopefully I'll see you again. And when I returned two weeks later and, you know, I agonized when I was away.

Did you think of him a lot? And I played his music, and, you know, I was saying, Aunt Betty, do you think he'll call, and maybe he'll forget about me. Why didn't you try to call him? I don't think I even had the number. I mean, it was like -- you know, I would have never asked him for his number. And he had my number.

Linda Thompson at Graceland. And southern girls don't do that? The moment I walked into my Aunt Betty's house, he was calling on the phone. It was Joe Esposito actually. He said, 'I have memorized your number. We've looked high and low. We've looked everywhere for you. Where have you been? Elvis wants you here tomorrow'. I had just arrived in the evening. He had to have a guy call to say this? No, Joe said, you know, he wants to talk to you right away.

Did he get on the phone? And he said, you know, I have been looking for you and I have been desperate for you. I want you to be here tomorrow. I'm going to Las Vegas. And this was in August. And I said, well, I don't know if I can pull it together in time. I just got back from vacation. And he said, just bring a toothbrush or don't even worry. He invited you to go to Vegas with him? So you knew then that you were about to begin a relationship if you get on a plane?

It certainly looked that way. Yes, it certainly looked that way. I mean, you were going to go -- did you take separate rooms in Vegas? As a matter of fact, Larry. You knew something was going to happen? I figured something was amiss. But, you know, he was still a gentleman.

We'll get to that. What was the Presley plane like? Well, I flew commercially at that point. He was in Los Angeles. And go to his opening? Went to his opening. Well, he was there for rehearsal, so I was there for two weeks of rehearsals and then for the opening. And he sent me to a store called Suzy Cream Cheese and she made all these outrageous gowns. And, you know, I had my college clothes, my little pleats and, you know, my little innocent clothes.

And he sent me over to Suzy Cream Cheese and she outfitted me appropriately. This maybe hard to deal with, but what was the first night like with Elvis? Well, it was a long time I mean, here's this young girl who's a fan of his, who's smitten with him, is obviously in love or certainly something's going on, right? Infatuation might be a better word. You can't be in love, you don't know him that well, right, or were you in love?

He obviously with you. He's trying -- OK, what was it like?

priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

You know, when I first arrived in Las Vegas and he said here's our room, and I said, you know, I really would prefer to have my own room. And he said, honey, you can trust me. We can be here together. We can get to know each other very well, so don't worry about intimacy too quickly.

And you bought that? And rightly so because he was a man of his word. He was not intimate right away? It was months before we became intimate. So, where did you -- how did you sleep that night? Together, but, you know, cuddling. And, you know, he was just -- he was a man of his word.

It took a few months before we Did you begin to wonder? No, not at all. I just knew it was up to me, whenever I said I was ready. And I wanted to establish his feelings for me because that was important to me.

I had obviously maintained my virginity for as many years as I had. And it was important to me So you were still a virgin? So it was important to me to make it right. Where did it happen? Larry, you're getting awfully personal. Was it in Vegas? No, I'm not going to get a description. A presidential suite at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Did you go watch his show every night? Weren't a lot of people, paparazzi, wondering who you were? You know, he dedicated songs to me and Oh, so he went public with it? What was it like to be Elvis' girlfriend? It was like being with Prince Charming on many levels, because he was like Santa Claus every day. He was inordinately generous of spirit. I have heard that. And also of material wealth. He was a big giver, right?


He derived much more pleasure from giving than receiving. You know, his life was lived very biblically. You know, he really followed the bible and he also was on a spiritual quest to find out how other people of other faiths lived their lives.

And he used to wear an Egyptian ankh, a star of David and a crucifix around his neck. And when people would say are you confused, he would say, no, not at all. I just don't want to miss heaven on a technicality. So, he embraced all faiths and he was extraordinarily generous. So, in some ways, it was like living with a saint and being with Prince Charming and Santa Claus every day.

I never met anyone in the business who knew him who didn't like him. And the key there is who knew him. You know, there are a lot of people to say disparaging things about him who didn't really know him, and they might have known just, you know, just a little minuscule little modicum of knowledge about him. And they expound upon that and make it sound as if they did know him. But people who truly knew him and knew his spirit and knew his heart won't have anything bad to say because he was well intended.

Did you live together? We lived together for four-and-a-half years. Now, you're a good Southern girl. This is your first relationship, your first sexual, your first affair, you're in love. Why didn't you get married? We talked about marriage often. We talked about having children too. By the time I reconciled in my mind that this was something that I didn't want to do, he was ready.

I was ready more in the beginning. You wanted to get married earlier? He didn't -- why, because he had been shell shocked? I think when he was going through a divorce. He had been separated for seven months when I met him. Did you get to see his daughter? I met Lisa right away. I have known Lisa since she was four years old. She was a wonderful little girl. She was very embracing and a little shy but I've always loved children and we got on really well. The first time I ever saw her was at the Monovale house and I was out by the pool.

She kind of timidly came around and said hi. We started talking and we became really close. I loved being with her. You know, Elvis had a real childlike spirit and I have too. I like to do childlike things and to sometimes get down to a child's level. She and I became very close. Still know her very well, and she's Did you meet Priscilla, too?

But only a couple of times. Priscilla was really not on the scene as much as people might assume. But Lisa Marie was. Elvis would send his bodyguards to pick her up. Was he a good father? He adored his little girl. If love is any measure, and I believe that it is, I believe that's all there is You wanted to get married?.

priscillas were fun and fantasy meet

And then when he wanted to get married, why didn't you? Because I realized that I didn't want to live my life as a vampire. We were awake all night, sleeping all day. I didn't want to bring more children into the world who would have to compromise their hours and the way they lived. You're smart enough to know that, even though you're smitten? Well, this is after a few years. But up all night? Literally up all night. Well, not just when he was doing shows.

This was back at Graceland. Wherever we were, Palm Springs. Why is it -- what would he do all night? Well, he lived his life out of the public eye, so when everybody else was up going to work and doing whatever they did in the daytime, we were sleeping.

And then we would wake up at 9: And after a few years Have breakfast at 9: Oh, have breakfast at 9: Be up all night, rent movie theaters, watch movies, do whatever we did all night. And the next morning He was loyal to his friends right? Was he going through weight cycles then? Yes, he always battled his weight. I mean, he loved to eat. We structure our social life around that.

Did it bother him when he got heavy? It did bother him. And the criticism bothered him. He was a very sensitive, acutely sensitive person to other people's perceptions of him. And, you know, he just -- it did hurt his feelings a lot. Were you inseparable those four years? Would you say you didn't see other guys, he didn't see other girls?

I certainly didn't see any other guys. Do you think he saw other girls? I know he saw other girls. Not the first year. The first year we were together, I think he broke his world record for having been faithful. How do you know he did after that? I know that he didn't because we were together the first year days for that first year, 24 hours a day.

And after that, you know, word -- he couldn't do much without it being public knowledge. And certainly I was no dummy. Did you have fights? We had arguments about it. And again, I tried to reconcile in my mind, this is Elvis Presley.

I understand that he is secluded from the rest of the world, and it's not all about sex. It's not all about being physically unfaithful to me. He wanted to be surrounded with other people who might bring different ideas into his life. Did he defend it or He apologized for it when he was caught. Most of the time he denied it. Then he apologized profusely and said, you're the only person I love and nobody ever compares to you. And every time I have an indiscretion, it just makes me realize how much more you mean to me.

And you forgave him? And I would always forgive him. First television show he ever did was Tommy Dorsey's summer showthe Jackie Gleason replacement. Gleason told him, you are going to be a major star. Go out to restaurants. Go public, because if you hide, you gonna be the loneliest guy. I never knew that. Intrinsically lonely at heart. Because, yes, he was. And he used to always say, I'm intensely lonely at heart.

He wouldn't go out of his room, right? No, we never went out. I mean, the world came to him, literally. He didn't go out. The Beatles came to him. The Beatleseverybody came to him. You know, everyone came to him. Barbra Streisand came to him, everybody who wanted to have an audience with him came to him. He always gave the public everything, right? He gave a performance. He never threw away shows. He never meant to throw away a show.

There might have been times when he didn't give all he had because he wasn't feeling well, but absolutely he put his heart and soul into it, and he loved his fans, loved his fans. What about the drugs? You know, Elvis fooled himself into thinking he didn't have a drug problem because everything that he took was by prescription. You mean he never did cocaine? Not when he was with me. So like he would take what? He didn't even drink, Larry. He didn't even drink alcohol.

So everything that he took was by prescription. How did you live with that? It was very difficult, because I'm very -- have always been anti-drug and was never So you never got hooked on any of it? You know what's interesting, because people say how could you avoid taking drugs. And I said what was the seduction to watch someone self-destruct was a great lesson in life as to -- I'd never want to do that. I would never have any Did he ever try to stop?

He did a few times. Did he ever go anywhere to get help?