Professor and student romantic relationship poems

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professor and student romantic relationship poems

away from conflicts and crime. At the end of the day, teachers do understand. It takes both tools and love, For our young minds to expand. by A poem that teacher Ivy Sandz submitted, written to her by one of her Trapanese captures this relationship between teacher and student. These poems about teaching really nail what it's like to work in a classroom. We love Poetry Month! that will strike a chord with your students, so we've collected 10 amazing poems about teaching just for you—to inspire, Be the first to know about new giveaways, teacher tips, and laugh-out-loud posts.

Love Tears Down Walls So many of our students come to us with their defenses up, whether from trauma, family dysfunction, negative school experiences, or for countless other reasons.

Yet their attempt to protect themselves actually prevents them from healing. But the more teachers can provide caring classrooms where students experience positive emotions and connections, the more likely those defenses will just melt away. A poem that teacher Ivy Sandz submitted, written to her by one of her teenage students, beautifully illustrates this.

When I first met you The stony wall around my hands Was proud and gray, and Your patience was no small feat.

The perfect poetry lesson: how my teacher brought poems to life

You took that wall down Carrying as many stones with it As you could. The Transformative Power of Love One of the most powerful relationships we can experience as human beings is the one between student and teacher.

When they operate with love, teachers can shape the minds and hearts of their students. To learn, oneself, while teaching another Achieves an educational intent. Students can find their knowledge ascent. Connected in unity with space and time. Compassionate Love Our most challenging students often are crying out to be seen, heard, and accepted for who they are—to be loved compassionately.

And it is at those moments that we, as teachers, become our most human. Giving and receiving this kind of love boosts self-esteem, self-awareness, spirituality, and positive emotions.

Veteran science teacher and educational consultant Tony Manzanares shared his story of one of those classroom moments with a student when the only thing that would suffice was compassionate love: Leo was tall, over six feet, towering head and shoulders above the others.

professor and student romantic relationship poems

He carried so much muscular physical power, and he was bust-the-door-down mad as he burst into my biology class, late, intimidating, and itching for a fight. From shoulder height, he slammed his books down hard upon his desk, standing tall, looking for a target.

You look unhappy or are you upset?

Poems For Teachers - From Their Students

And we wrote it down. Mr Meakin got us to stand in a circle and he read a poem to us: In the Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rossetti, and we talked about the earth being "hard as iron" and the water being "like a stone" and we had a look round to see if it was. We saw that our efforts were part of a continuum, that all the poets who'd ever written were standing behind us as we wrote. And that didn't scare us: Then we went back to the class and we all including Mr Meakin, with his brow furrowed and his pencil in his mouth wrote and rewrote and made books and collages and sculptures until it was time to go to Mrs Hudson for choir practice.

And that morning the reader and writer of poems that I am today was born. I'll campaign for a plaque at the back of the Astoria Ballroom when I've got time.

professor and student romantic relationship poems

The components for that perfect poetry lesson were simple but effective. To start with, there was a culture of artistic endeavour in the school, which was just a standard West Riding Primary in a pit village; poetry was encouraged but it was part of a whole, an attempt to, in Aladsair Gray's ringing phrase "draw all the rays of culture into one".

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String quartets visited termly and every now and then the West Riding Abstract Art Van would trundle into view with paintings for the walls. Low Valley was, like all schools should be, a little arts centre.

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Then there was Mr Meakin's enthusiasm, which bulldozed us into the arms of the muse; when I work with young people, I'm more of an enthusiast-in-residence than a poet-in-residence because more than half the battle, I reckon, is getting people excited about poetry, about the possibility of seeing themselves as poets. We could have stayed in class that chilly morning or gone to the cloakroom to watch yet another NCB Recruiting Film but we didn't; we went into the world to react to it.

Then there were the moments of creation, of drafting and redrafting; Mr Meakin didn't tell us that writing a poem would be easy and he made the rewriting part of the writing. Then there was the fact that the pieces we created would have an audience: We made books and magazines about our morning in the snow; Mr Meakin cleared a space on the wall for our visual poems that would have made Kurt Schwitters proud and while we were singing with Mrs Hudson he came and asked, in a voice loud enough for us to hear, if we could read some of our poems during the carol concert for the parents.