Psycho pass kogama and akane relationship test

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psycho pass kogama and akane relationship test

Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About He is obviously affectionate to Akane and you can't tell me otherwise //ShinKane trash In the prequel manga called Inspector Shinya Kougami, he ogled at Even so, the official profiles said he didn't get into a relationship yet and is most. Akane Tsunemori is an Inspector of the MWPSB in Division 1. Akane is polite and respectful and after spending time with Shinya Kogami, one Relationships. "It's obvious that you are unsure about your relationship with him. Akane knew that she loved Kogami the moment that she heard Ayaka's it was discovered that the newest invention had needed guinea pigs to test it out.

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She was hunched over on a steel contraption in the shape of a crucifix. Her arms spread out and restrained as far from her body as possible, and her feet had been restrained at the bottom where it was all anchored in the floor. It was something he had only encountered once before as an inspector. All of them varied in age, some of them as young as 5 years old, and records showed that they all had problems keeping their psycho pass clear.

Kogami's division had gotten a lead to a psychiatric research facility that was creating new methods to keep Japan safe from latent criminals. When they had apprehended the suspects involved in the disappearance of theit was discovered that the newest invention had needed guinea pigs to test it out.

They had paid someone on the inside of the bureau to access the needed info to choose people with the right qualifications to proceed with the trial.

31 Of The Deepest Psycho Pass Quotes You Won’t Forget

The neck restraint kept the subject's eyes on whatever form of therapy was necessary to help their psycho pass recover. It was also designed with a crucifix shape to keep the hands away from the body to avoid self harm, and so that access was easy for doctors to inject meds intravenously. There was a hinge in the center of the steel the subject's torso rested on, that if released, it broke the subject's back and severed the spinal cord, causing instant death. There were two ways to release it: Remotely by another person, or when the subject's psycho pass became too clouded to save.

The invention with the mix of drug trials made for a lot of dead bodies in the end.

Shinya Kogami

Not a single person was alive when the test lab was raided. Seeing those kids with their backs broken in half like that… That was enough to give Kogami nightmares for the first few years on the job. Even then, he occasionally had a hard time getting those images out of his head when the case was brought up. I deemed it an appropriate way to gain revenge on Sibyl, after what it did to the families of those people that had gone missing.

Akane Tsunemori

She doesn't need to know about it. The world we know is surrounded by scanners constantly monitoring our mental state, and they just happen to misplace living beings as if they were packages!

psycho pass kogama and akane relationship test

Just to die meaningless deaths to enhance the hold this government has on us. This isn't just some statement that your making to defy Sibyl, right? You're not that kind of guy. Do you have any idea what that did to our family? She's a female who deeply loves law and order, and also deeply loved by it. Her expression is just like a prayer to the heavens.

psycho pass kogama and akane relationship test

Because Makishima is a precious research specimen, Tsunemori is willing to bring him in alive in exchange for Kogami's unfettered flight. Her reasons for this are to bring him to mind, though whether for reasons professional, personal or a combination of both, is not revealed. This explains his keen interest in Tsunemori's state of mind and stable emotions. After Ginoza is demoted to Enforcer, [3] the two form a firm partnership based on mutual trust and understanding. Ginoza is greatly concerned for her mental and life safety, reminding her of the dangers of falling into the "abyss" from time to time [15] and serving in a supporting role as one of her Enforcers.

ByGinoza is a staunch ally of Tsunemori, supporting her judgment while adding his own views on cases and even chastising other Inspectors who speak ill of her.

He also persuades her to keep a balanced outlook regarding Shinya Kogami.

psycho pass kogama and akane relationship test

Sakuya Togane As Togane wants to paint Tsunemori "black," he manages to gain Tsunemori's trust by mimicking Kogami's behaviors and agreeing with her from time to time.

Tsunemori is thus duped and begins to rely on him as she did Kogami, never doubting his motives and unaware of his secret schemes. He also carries a traditional gun in a light brown holster. There, he is an Enforcer and subordinate to his childhood best friend, Nobuchika Ginoza who is an Inspector and lead officer.

Although the two often seem at odds, they respect one another's judgment regarding police work. Kogami is cool-headed and detached while working a case with sharp instincts and insight into the criminal mind. The way he deals with investigations leaves even the best Enforcers impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them.

However, despite his mostly serious personality, Kogami has a sense of humor and finds it amusing to tease rookie Inspector, Akane Tsunemori, especially about how she once shot him with a Dominator during her first assignment with Division 1. When Sasayama dies a horrible death while on the job, Kogami's emotional attachment and resulting feelings cause his Crime Coefficient to rise, leading to his demotion to Enforcer rank.