Relationship of diego silang and gabriela

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relationship of diego silang and gabriela

Gabriela met Diego Silang, a man of great intelligence, courage and determination who believed and fought towards the independence of the Filipino people. According to del Vivar, Silang's relations with the secular clergy of. Vigan since his Diego Silang's marriage with Gabriela de Estrada is verified in the. After being widowed by her first husband, Gabriela met insurgent leader Diego Silang and married him.

After Diego was assassinated, Gabriela vowed to avenge his death, and to continue the struggle.

relationship of diego silang and gabriela

She was in great affliction, but had no time to lose. The rebels lost hope after the death of their leader. None of the men stepped up to be the new face of the rebellion. She greatly armed herself and informed the people that the struggle was far from over. She soon gained more followers. Gabriela began to assist people living in other cities. They had never before felt threatened by a Filipina woman. Gabriela and her men then traveled to Pidigan, Abra to establish a new base. In Pidigan, Gabriela was reunited with her mother after being parted since her childhood.

Gabriela and her troops descended on Vigan on September 10, then took lead on several attacks against Spanish forces; some won but others lost with many casualties on both sides. Some ninety of her lieutenants were caught. They fall, however, into the hands of a wild tribe which lives at the coast of Zambales.

They spare the life of Diego only due to his youth. For some months he lives the savages until he is ransomed by a clergyman. A life full of dramas is waiting for the daughter of a farmer and a non-Christian woman from the tribe of the Itneg. Her mother never becomes acquainted with her. The father takes care that she gets a Christian education. Later at the age of twenty he married her. The marriage lasts only three years, then the aged husband passes away.

She decides, however, in favor of Diego Silang. In they both get married. Her second marriage also remains childless, six years of life are still granted to the two. The free and independent Ilocos The Britons have conquered and occupied Manila by now. Silang, who already has some adherents, believes that the attacked Spanish rulers would be more ready for corrections and concessions against assurance of allegiance. He submits a petition in which asks for elimination of certain abuses not covered by the law.

But the Spaniards do not take notice of his petition. Very on the contrary — he is charged with incitement and send to prison. The Ilocos people are very angry about this incident. The priest belongs to the few ones, representing the "white", good Spain in the understanding of the Filipinos.

Back again in Ilocos Silang intensifies and enlarges his demands. He requires that the hated Alcalde Mayor Zabala is removed from his position, that the "intolerable" forced labors and tributes are abolished and all "bad" Spaniards and Mestizos are expelled from Ilocos.

In turn his demands are rejected by the Spaniards. Now Silang proclaims the independence of Ilocos on December 14th, But he still accepts the Spanish king.

The first fights with the Spaniards take place, Diego and his followers are victorious. He succeeds in occupying the city of Vigan and other neighboring towns. His declared opponents, the Alcalde Zabala and the bishop Berandro Ustariz, flee and are later taken captive by Silangs troops. The population demands their execution, but Silang detains them only.

The deeply religious Diego declares Jesus Christ as the general captain of the Filipinos and himself as top chief of the independent Ilocos.

Gabriela Silang

The independence movement still refers to a single province — the Philippine national consciousness still needs time to develop.

Persons from the local old Spanish power elite are now exchanged by natives. By street callers he announces a changed tax system graded after income.

He takes notice of regular school attendances and a religious education. He himself often prays the rosary. His government, however, does not meet the approval of all Ilocos people. In the literature these critical aspects, however, are not put in concrete terms. Province Governor Anda, who organizes the Spanish resistance in the provinces, knows about the hustle and bustle of Diego Silang.

At first he does not stop him, his military is otherwise engaged. But then he asks him to go within nine days to Bacolor to render account for his actions. If he should not follow the instruction, he would be considered as traitor. The announcement causes unrest among the supporters of Diego. Both sides could benefit from this alliance.

relationship of diego silang and gabriela

With the proviso of a far-reaching self-administration of the Ilocanos, Diego is now ready, to pledge alliance to the British flag. Ilocos stands now formally under British reign. Half a year later an English envoy is visiting Ilocos and hands over a letter from the British general governor to Diego Silang. It is worthwhile to quote in part from this letter: Silang bids the envoy welcome but the English do not fulfill their promises.

He has not got any military support from the Englishmen later.

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Bishop Ustariz together with another twelve Augustinian monks remains in the custody of Diego Silang and they are not brought to Manila as initially planned.

Apparently the British shun conflicts with the Roman Catholic clergy. He offers a reward on the head of Diego Silang. His assassination is planned. It is assumed that with his death the rebellion would collapse. The local catholic dignitary is at least informed about the plan of assassination. A bibliographical reference reports that the assassins have been blessed before by bishop Ustariz 3.

Another reference even claims that the local church representatives paid the assassins 4. The motives for the deed are shrouded in mystery.

relationship of diego silang and gabriela

May be — they have been told Silang plans the murder of the bishop and the Augustinian monks. First Diego Silang and his two assassins have a friendly conversation.

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But then Miguel Vicos suddenly shoots into the back of Silang who dies in the arms of his wife. The Spanish troops reconquer the town of Vigan shortly after the deed. By the way - the Spaniards set up later in honor of the murderer a brick monument in the place of Bantay.

On its top there was an illustration of a dog, which should symbolize the faithfulness of the Miguel Vicos to the Spanish royal house.

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