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Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless in the original 'Xena: Warrior Xena and sidekick Gabrielle's 'close' relationship ended up becoming the. Lucy Lawless also had a difficult time adjusting to her role as an action star 16 Writers were required to keep Xena and Gabrielle's relationship ambiguous stunt work from Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, which created problems .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The growing relationship between hot babes Xena and Gabrielle, their cheeky Renee says of her relationship with Lucy Lawless, 'The relationship between Lucy The Official Guide to the Xenaverse by Robert Weisbrot (including photos ).

Hercules is supposed to be the strongest person in the world and a half-god. And here Xena was able to do everything Hercules can do and more They made her a doctor and so many other things.

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And I found it just weird. Sorbo reportedly complained so much about Xena while filming Hercules that people on set would jokingly spit whenever Xena was mentioned. Since the end of the series, there have been multiple rumors and attempts at making a Xena movie. A screenwriter was approached for the project inwith a projected timeline of releasing a movie between and He expected it would happen at some point down the line with other actresses.

Lawless has stated on many occasions that the legality surrounding Xena: Warrior Princess was complicated. Nonetheless, Lawless supports reviving the Xena franchise in whatever form is necessary. Ted Raimi, who played Joxer, explained, "They felt it was a female centric show. It was, like, the only one on TV at the time just about. Most fans eventually warmed up to Joxer. Warrior Princess premiered, many female fans latched onto the strong, smart character of Xena as a feminist icon.

A female character as tough and competent as Xena as the main focus of a show was a rarity, and Xena received a flurry of attention from excited women looking for strong female leads.

At first, Lucy Lawless was not happy about receiving this kind of attention. Lawless elaborated, "I was really weirded out in the first season when they were [calling me] 'a feminist icon.

I had never been described before in print and it horrified me to be reduced down to a few words, less than a tweet. Renee O'Connor was excited about Xena returning to the screen, but expressed trepidation about how it would be done. Javier Grillo-Marxuach was hired as a writer and producer for the series. Do you guys hire real live lesbian consultants for the show?

Seriously, how much of the show's lesbian "subtext" was a response to fans reading into the show? Mostly, the characters started developing and having an intimate friendship which was non-sexual. People looked into it and said, "Oh, this has to be something more than what it seems. That's where the lesbian subtext started, mostly from the strong female following.

Then the writers started playing it up and we did as well. We just said, "Let's just make it as ambiguous as we can. It's such a profound relationship, you know. It's not even about sex at all, it's just about a deep friendship. There are all sorts of rumors that you're not completely happy with some of the choices that Gabrielle makes this season. I'm so glad you asked that. That drives me crazy! At one of the Xena conventions, I said that I didn't always agree with the decisions that Gabrielle made in her life in dealing with her friendship with Xena.

People took that to mean that Lucy and I are upset with what the writers have done with our characters and that we have no control of it whatsoever. She's affected by the world, but is still trying to find who she is as a person.

In the episode that we were referring to, Gabrielle killed someone for the first time. That's completely traumatic, a huge turning point in her life. She went to the other extreme and said, "Nobody should die and no one should be executed, especially by my best friend, if I can stop this. I would never do that to someone I truly loved and cared for.

I think that a relationship comes first. But Gabrielle has such high moral beliefs above anyone I know in real life. She acts for the greater good. The show is distributed and is meeting with success all over the world now - it's not just a "states" phenomenon anymore. You are becoming well-known. Does that affect the input you have? Not so much because of the popularity of the show.

I think it's more because I've developed a relationship with the writers, especially with Rob Tapert. They know my strengths and they play up to them. As a relatively new actress on the scene, do you feel that this character is going to define your career? Will Gabrielle become an albatross for you? In a lot of ways, you know, you may be the sultry Leonard Nimoy [laughter] famous for this one character.

How does that feel, so early on in your career? I try not to think of Gabrielle in such profound dimensions! Spock is a cult character. Everyone knows who Spock is. I don't think of Gabrielle like that. She's just my character.

One day she'll be out of my hands and hopefully, people will remember her. What's the technical definition of a "Hardcase Nutballer"? Is it sort of a Nineties "Trekkie"?

Lucy was at a convention and walked out and said, "You guys are nutballs!

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She meant it very endearingly. When I started watching the show, I went immediately on the Internet and logged on to the Universal site and found maybe two or three other pages, not even really sites. Now, you can't pull up an Internet search without a four-digit figure In terms of copyright encroachment, there are so many sites with pictures that are downloadable Is there a concerted effort by the producers to encourage or monitor the fan base or?

That's completely out of our hands. It's amazing, people just take pictures [screen shots] off the TV show and clip it and put it onto their website. It's not to [the production company's] favor to squash the creativity because the more they discuss the show and the more supportive they are the better off we are in the long run. It'll draw new audience members. It's a great outlet for creative energy. How do your fans behave around you?

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There have been interviews in which you've said that you're happy about certain aspects of anonymity in the first few seasons The show is being aired Down Under; you are becoming as well-known as Lucy. How do you interact with fans and how does that affect you? Are they respectful of your privacy and personal space? Although my life has changed a bit, I still have a sense of privacy I don't think Lucy has anymore.

I can pretty much go anywhere I want and do anything. Maybe one or two people will say "Aren't you Gabrielle? I'd like to ask about the dynamic between you and Lucy and people's perception of you two, versus their concept of the characters. A friend of mine who visited the set and met both of you was impressed by the difference between your handshakes.

She said that Lucy Lawless is very polite and demure, and that you would not imagine that she has such a girly handshake. She is a strong woman. I think she'd be a great person to have in a barroom brawl because she'd be more like Gabrielle. She could probably talk her way out of the situation; she's witty in that respect, but if it didn't work out, she could punch 'em. Actually I'm one to stay away from any sort of conflict whatsoever.

If it happens, I can deal and hold my own, but I would probably let her handle it! When it comes to the physical, the difference between us physically, Lucy's much more feminine. Is there something in the contract that says you can't be more formidable-looking than Xena? Oh, not at all! As soon as they put me in a short skirt, the comment from the L. It was all hidden under the skirt! They questioned the fact that Gabrielle would be muscular.

They're used to young women and actresses who are quite feminine, fragile. I'm not like that and I didn't want Gabrielle to be like that. Do people ever come up to you and challenge you to use the stick or defend yourself? I think it's because they know I'm an actor! I used to use a soft stick. Anyone I fight with is a stuntman who is properly trained. They don't want me to get hurt. I was talking to the stunt coordinator once about fighting on the streets. He warned me never to use the stick or pick up any sort of object as a weapon because the other person can take it off of you and use it against you.

I always keep that in mind. There's a Gabrielle doll coming out. How do you feel about being a doll? Uh, it's kind of strange. At first, I thought, "Oh! You're going to be on someone's bed! Do you get any sort of first refusal for the doll's dimensions?

I do, actually, but I don't care about the body, I'm worried about big feet! I get to see the head sculpture. They show your face, from one edge where the ear meets the face, all the way around to the other edge, then lay it out flat on a computer screen. It's the most grotesque-looking roadkill that you've ever seen. And it's your face, you know? And you think, "Awwww, great, can't wait to see the doll! I just saw the animated feature.

Gabrielle gets turned into a bird. Is that a pun on your initials? A pun on my initials? A "roc" is a big bird of prey I didn't know that!

I think Gabrielle is sort of bird-like and inquisitive. They were looking for some sort of mystical image that we can't do in real life. On a personal note, I don't want to sound tawdry or anything Are you wearing your little Gabrielle outfit? Do you export Texas and Austin music to New Zealand? They have this great music store here called "Real Groovy Records. They go down to SXSW every year. Their best friend is our director of photography on the show.

So he is a die-hard fan.