Rikku and gippal relationship trust

Rikku and Gippal

Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Gippal - Chapters: 13 - Words: 62, - Reviews: 25 And it's so bad you don't even want to know, trust me. I didn't really like FFX-2, as in my opinion, it turns Yuna and Rikku What I cannot accept, however, is where they choose to take Yuna and Tidus' relationship to, post FFX After the events of "Rikku's Story", Rikku and Gippal negotiate the tricky early A trust that grows, and a love that emerges nine months can change everything. that they still have feelings for each other and start a relationship again. Arranged Marriage: Yuna almost has one, although her intended and his father are .. Rikku's is as a result of good friends around her, while Gippal's comes across .. Never Trust a Trailer: One of the early trailers ended with Yuna and Tidus.

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But Rikku tends to put her trust in people very leaniently, and forms relationships with others in one of two ways: But it's not always a bad thing- Rikku tries to help those who're upset, and do whatever she can to brighten their day. Her 'butting in' can be annoying, or it can be welcomed. All her life, Rikku was a cheery girl. But in early teenage years, Rikku did what most did: And although she never truly reinvented herself to every new person she met, she did try to change little aspects of herself, in hopes of being accepted within a group.

She wanted to be what others wanted her to be. However, after a couple of years Rikku realized that only those who accepted her for who she really was could be considered a friend. She passes that advice to others and lives by it, herself. The most defined aspect of this 17 years old blonde is her hyper-activity, which can either be a quality to be admired, or something to groan and shake your head at.

Rikku's physical appearance is always bright, regardless of her true feelings. In Chapter 1, you can choose to hide O'aka from a group of Al Bhed debt collectors on the Celsius, though you are also allowed to turn him over to them.

Then, in Chapter 4, you run a mission in which you pursue Tobli, who is on the run from debt collectors, and he waylays them in a series of increasingly amusing and outrageous incidents. Rikku has overcome her Fear of Thunder from the previous game by camping out in the Thunder Plains for a week. The game is fully aware of how cute and pretty it is, although Yuna's default outfit isn't really more ridiculous than any average FF character.

The alternative outfits are quite racy even for her, though, especially the Thief and Lady Luck dresspheres. Then there's the Hot Springs Episode. And let's not even start on Rikku and that bikini! Averted since the last game: Rikku has gotten over this in the two years between games by camping in the Thunder Plains for a week. Tidus, as seen in The Stinger of X. How Yuna feels about battling the Dark Aeons. When the trio first enters the Via Infinito, they're greeted by an unsent in the early stages of decomposition.

It's pretty obvious that this is Trema, but he refers to himself in the third person.

The Shipper's Manifesto

He's the final bonus boss of the dungeon. Both were the Death Seeker in the previous game, for differing reasons. Nooj merely wanted to die, while Yuna wanted to save the people of Spira. They are both the de-facto leaders of their teams also. These two are clearly affected by their experiences the most. While Paine tries to seek answers on her own, Baralai demands them.

And Paine is able to overcome the trauma thanks to her friendships. However Baralai's despair and bitterness leaves him easy prey for Shuyin to possess him. Obviously both are Al Bhed and the youngest of their trios. Both seem to act as a mediator between the two extremes of the others. Where Rikku succeeds, Gippal fails. Both have happy-go-lucky personalities despite the trauma in their pasts.

Rikku's is as a result of good friends around her, while Gippal's comes across as straight up repression. When Yuna wakes from her nightmare in Chapter 2, Rikku makes the offhand remark "Blame it on your new jammies! Later, we find out that the dressphere has been acting as a conduit for Lenne's memories, and the memory of her death was responsible for the nightmare.

Unfortunately, there are a number of these running around Spira because of Sin having killed off so many of the parents. While some have found other guardians, many of them have had to learn to fend for themselves, so they're even capable in certain cases of fighting off basic fiends. The Lady Luck dressphere. Isaaru now entertains tourists at Zanarkand by getting his Regis Philbin on. That is not a typo. Gameplay and Story Integration: A Nashorn tells you that Save Crystals are particularly popular around Spira for their restorative properties.

Said Nashorn also has a track record of getting teleported across the world by Save Crystals. Oversouling is this as well. Because there are no more sendings or summoners, the dead have nowhere to go or how to be guided.

Doubly so when the dead can't find their way to the farplane due to it's growing instability. As a result, all the dead fiends end up eventually powering up one of their kind, hence the oversoul mechanic. Gameplay and Story Segregation: In Chapter 3, the Gullwings decide to become "Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings, taking out fiends and charging for it.

Justified in Besaid, which is Yuna's hometown, so she doesn't really want to charge them for it. Not so much for Kilika, though. No matter what dressphere the girls are using in battle, if there's a scene right after it, they'll be wearing their default Dresspheres Yuna - Gunner, Rikku - Thief, Paine - Warrioreven if said sphere isn't even on the Garment Grid.

Getting Crap Past the Radar: If Shinra wins the Sphere Break tournament in Chapter 3, he'll refuse to relinquish the Lady Luck dressphere that's the grand prize. Now what does a young boy need with a sphere of women in skimpy dresses? Some of the dresspheres can invoke this. One of the big changes from your normal Final Fantasy game is that you get this at the start and can go pretty much anywhere.

If you were dumb enough to pick this up without playing FFX first, you'll have absolutely no idea where to take your Global Airship, because this game doesn't recap the previous installment's events. Notable for being very hard to get. What's more infuriating is that there is only one extra scene not included in the Good Ending, so completionists won't feel too rewarded.

rikku and gippal relationship trust

Leblanc, Ormi, and Logos. Gosh Dang It to Heck! Yuna, having never cursed in her life, seems incapable of using strong language. Who the heck is Lenne?! But Yuna said to Rikku that she is just copying her.

In the International and HD Remaster versions of the game, YRP will occasionally utter Japanese quotes before the beginning of a battle or while initiating a special ability.

As of writing, there's no real explanation as to why the English VA's did this After the mission to Mt. Gagazet, the party returns to find Brother lying in pain on the floor of the deck of the Celsius airship, injured after having jumped ship because he thought Yuna was in danger.

If you choose the option to comfort it, Yuna thanks him and tells him not to strain himself, but he says that "a leader must be tough" and tries to pull Yuna, who he has a notorious crush on, in for a kiss.

Rikku runs up, kicks him in the groin and calls him a "sicko," leaving him moaning on the floor again. Standout examples include a hidden cutscene in the first chapter that can't be seen again after that chapter, losing completion points for skipping cutscenes, losing completion points for fast-forwarding through a particular cutscene, hidden button prompts in cutscenes, and the decision to side with either the Youth League or New Yevon.

Did you side with New Yevon? To unlock certain features in CC's Fiend Arena and certain creatures for capture, you have to locate and finish the storylines of other creatures throughout all five chapters.

Good luck finding that out because it's not mentioned anywhere. And yes, some of these creatures are missable, most of which occur during Chapter 5. This game is very unforgiving of mistakes. Key items needed for certain side quests can easily be Permanently Missable. There's also a Bonus Dungeon in the Calm Lands that you have no chance of finding without a guide.

For both male and female gamers, but for different reasons. For male gamers, it feels like a game for females due to the dress-up aspect. For female gamers, it feels like a game for males due to the Fanservice. Paine's might count as a BFG. After an unspecified amount of time from the X-2 ending, it seems Tidus and Yuna are separated by the former's devotion to his life as a blitzball player in Luca and the latter's want for a peaceful life on Besaid.

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Hell, I would have preferred a copy of the X. I guess I can accept that sequel, more or less. I can understand, and I agree, that things can't be that easy between them, not after Tidus was away for two years, and not after everything that went down between them, especially since, when you think about it, they never really had the time to really, really get to know one another during the story of the X.

They had other priorities, to say the least. But these two are endgame. No doubt about it. That's why I decided that since Nojima kept disappointing me, I would create my own FFX-3, and try and restore the beauty of Spira and recreate the magic of the story.

So if you are, like me, big fans of Yunie and Tidus, from the X, don't read the book, nor listen to the audio.

rikku and gippal relationship trust

But if you already have, like me again, and you want to think that they have never existed—and even if you haven't and just want a story post FFX-2—read on. So here you go, I am—finally—done rambling and expressing my wrath. It starts right after that last ending scene in Besaid, when Tidus is back and everyone is happy. Your review has been posted.