Ruak and mekong rivers meet

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ruak and mekong rivers meet

The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia. It is the world's twelfth longest river The Mekong then meets the tripoint of China, Myanmar and Laos. This is also the point of confluence between the Ruak River (which follows the . Sop Ruak - the center of the Golden Triangle: The Mekong meets The Ruak River - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Chiang Rai. Golden Triangle, Sop Ruak, Chiang Rai, Thailand You'll then carry onto Sop Ruak, the site where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet, The hilly landscape is divided by the Ruak River which flows into the Mekong river.

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The Cai Mep container terminals can accommodate vessels with a draught of These mother vessels sail directly to Europe or the United States, which means that goods can be shipped internationally to and from Phnom Penh with only a single transshipment at Cai Mep. The most important of these, which address the full length of the river, are: Geology[ edit ] The internal drainage patterns of the Mekong are unusual when compared to those of other large rivers.

These complex drainage systems have developed in a setting where the underlying geological structure is heterogeneous and active, and is the major factor controlling the course of rivers and the landscapes they carve out. Understanding the nature and timing of the elevation of Tibet and the Central Highlands of Vietnam therefore helps explain the provenance of sediment reaching the delta and the Tonle Sap Great Lake today.

Studies of the provenance of sediments in the Mekong delta reveal a major switch in the source of sediments about eight million years ago Ma.

From 8 Ma to the present, however, the contribution from the Three Rivers Area fell to 40 percent, while that from the Central Highlands rose from 11 to 51 percent. One of the most striking conclusions of provenance studies is the small contribution of sediment from the other parts of the Mekong basin, notably the Khorat Plateau, the uplands of northern Laos and northern Thailand, and the mountain ranges south of the Three Rivers area.

The last glacial period came to an abrupt end about 19, years ago 19 ka when sea levels rose rapidly, reaching a maximum of about 4.

ruak and mekong rivers meet

The present river morphology of the Mekong Delta developed over the last 6, years. During this phase of its development the delta was sheltered from the wave action of long-shore currents and was constructed largely through fluvial and tidal processes. For much of its length the Mekong flows through bedrock channels, i. Lots of opium paraphernalia and information on the production process from beginning to end. Go on a boat ride across to a small island named Don Sao, belonging to Laos.

ruak and mekong rivers meet

No visa for Laos is required to make this trip. This is popular among tourists, and many small boats offer this service. The island is in Laosand should you be so inclined you could claim to have visited the country, although you are not allowed to enter into the rest of Laos from there without a visa.

Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] There are a number of scruffy bamboo-built cafes as you come in from the north, and then a chain of largely identical-looking cafes and restaurants along the riverside promenade.

The Mekong meets The Ruak River - Sop Ruak - the center of the Golden Triangle

Sriwan, opposite Imperial Hotel. Clean, friendly and tasty restaurant on the riverbank, offering a wide menu of all the usual Thai and Western Dishes. Noodle and rice dishes start from 40 baht.

ruak and mekong rivers meet

However, better accommodations can be found in Chiang SaenChiang Khong and Chiang Raiand most visitors choose to visit as a day-trip. A multi-award winning Resort and Spa with its own elephant camp and rescue charity working to bring elephants from the streets of Bangkok in a safe and sustainable manner.

ruak and mekong rivers meet

Voted the number one hotel in the world by Conde Naste Traveller, an all inclusive experience with elephant activities and guided tours, also taking part in the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation's rescue programmes www. Up to 50, baht per night. The home is located near the Golden Triangle Point.

ruak and mekong rivers meet

There is Bank, 7 eleven, tourist locations all within walking distance. The town itself is very small with a tight knot friendly community that relies on tourism.

Be a part of the local culture and not just another tourist. You will see and learn so much more that tourists never get to see. Sob ruak is close to Chiengsean and masai which can provide more Assorted opportunities for sight seeing and shopping.