Russia and chechnya relationship

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russia and chechnya relationship

The history of conflict between neighbours since Chechnya declared independence in Russia and ChechnyaThe Caucasian connection. A pact between Vladimir Putin and his Chechen ally suddenly looks fragile. The Kremlin relies on Chechnya's leader as a loyal satrap, but — ominously for The Grozny-Kremlin relationship is calculated, controlled and.

August 24, - Two Russian passenger planes are blown up almost simultaneously, killing August 31, - A female suicide bomber kills nine people and herself, and wounds 51 others, when she detonates a bomb outside a subway station in northeastern Moscow. September- Armed attackers storm a school in Beslanin southern Russia, and take at least 1, people hostage, including children. The hostage takers reportedly demand the release of more than two dozen prisoners and that Russia withdraw all of its forces from Chechnya.

russia and chechnya relationship

Some of the hostage takers are reportedly wearing explosives belts used in suicide bombings. September 2, - Some hostages are released. September 3, - Russian troops end a standoff at the Beslan school in which Chechen rebels had taken several hundred students, teachers and parents hostage. September 5, - The Russian government takes one suspect in custody as the death count stands at least hostages, including children, along with 26 hostage takers and 10 Russian special forces soldiers.

September 17, - In an email message posted on the Chechen rebel website, Kavkazcenter.

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July - Shamil Basayev is killed, but the exact details remain unclear. November - Abu-Khavs, described as the commander of all foreign fighters in the North Caucasus, is killed by security forces.

russia and chechnya relationship

March 29, - Female suicide bombers detonate explosives in two Moscow subway stations during morning rush hour. Russian officials suggest that Chechen separatists are to blame. August 28, - Chechnya announces the deaths of 12 militants and two police officers in a gunfight that saw 30 militants attack the home village of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

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Dagestan and several other provinces in the region became the new hotbeds of radical Islamism. A new generation of Moscow's foes did not want secular separation - instead they are fighting to establish a "Caucasus Emirate" that includes adjacent Russian regions with sizable Muslim populations.

At least people were killed and wounded in North Caucasus inaccording to Kavkazsky Uzel, a Russian web portal that monitors the situation in the region. The confrontation has turned into "Europe's most active armed conflict "according to the International Crisis Group, a conflict-monitoring organisation.

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The insurgency became self-sustaining because of a vicious circle perpetuated by corruption and brutality. Federal forces and police trigger the violence with extra-judicial killings, arrests, kidnappings and other abuses, according to rights groups and critics. They claim young men have no other options but to join the rebels because corrupt officials blacklist their families to extort bribes.

The fighters, in turn, blackmail corrupt officials who embezzle lavish funds from Moscow. The practise involves "sending a flash card" containing a video message in which bearded men demand a "jihad tax".

Storming Grozny again Ramzan Kadyrov was, perhaps, the least attentive man in the crowd of about 1, officials in an opulent Kremlin hall on December 4 during Putin's annual address.

The stocky year-old Chechen leader fidgeted in his seat and constantly checked his phone.


Just hours before the Kremlin ceremony, a dozen Islamist fighters attacked Grozny, Chechnya's newly-rebuilt capital. Shootouts in a publishing house, an empty school, and an office building killed 11 insurgents and 14 law enforcement officers.

A day after the attack, Kadyrov said the attackers' families should be thrown out of Chechnya, their houses destroyed. At least six houses that belonged to relatives of the Grozny attackers have been burned down by masked men, Lokshina of Human Rights Watch said.

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Kadyrov's threats were not new to Chechens. Kadyrov denied involvement in the contract-style killings. Over the years, Kadyrov developed a penchant for luxury - he has a private zoo, race horses, and numerous sports cars.

However, in he was assassinated. The role of the local strong man who should provide stability in Chechnya has been imposed on Ramzan Kadyrov. He helped to pacify the situation in the Chechen republic and guaranteed the loyalty of the Chechen leadership to Moscow.

russia and chechnya relationship

Moreover, Kadyrov de-facto has received permission to govern Chechnya according to his will through practices of suppression of oppositionwhile basic norms of democracy have been neglected. Kadyrov has established a regime of personal dictatorshipwith some elements of a theocratic statecompletely independent from Moscow in terms of the regulation of everyday life in the republic.

Islam has become one of the most visible pillars of his legitimacy in Chechnya. Currently, Kadyrov is loyal to Putin personallybut not to the Russian constitutional order.

russia and chechnya relationship

At the same time, a significant part of the Chechen military formations loyal to Kadyrov consist of former militants who have fought against Russia in the First and Second Chechen Wars. These individuals swapped sides at a later stage, for personal and economic reasons, and thus started to cooperate with Ramzan Kadyrov. Therefore, their loyalty to Russia is highly questionable.