Salamano and meursault relationship with marie

Salamano is Meursaults neighbor The relationship between them is very strange Raymond's friend Masson invites Meursault and Marie to spend the following. A friend of Meursault's, Céleste owns a nearby restaurant which Salamano the two amuse Meursault because of their routine love/hate relationship. is visited by Meursault, Marie and Raymond on the day of the crime. Everything you ever wanted to know about Marie Cardona in The Stranger, she gets nothing from Meursault, but seems satisfied with a relationship that is.

Additionally, their relationship is mostly based on routine, much like Meursault's life.

Salamano and Meursault

Rather than making decisions, Salamano and Meursault both simply continue with the way their lives have been so far. Similarly, this love-hate relationship between Salamano and his dog reflects Meursault's relationship with his mother: Nov 28, Meursault Tells Marie about Salamano Marie laughs when Meursault tells her about the relationship between Salamano and his dog, illustrating the fact that she doesn't understand their relationship the way Meursault does.

He relates to Salamano and his dog, because he too has relationships that he doesn't enjoy being in; some of them are seen as more of a struggle than something positive.

Furthermore, in his relationship with his mother, he was only part of it out of obligation rather than true emotions.

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Nov 28, Meursault and Raymond Run Into Salamano Meursault comforts Salamano after the loss of his dog, conveying the fact that Meursault is capable of being empathetic. Although he attempts to block out his emotions and sever himself from others, his approachable side shows through which allows Salamano to express his grievances to Mersault.

Also, he thinks suddenly of Maman, illustrating that he didn't appreciate his relationship with her until it was too late. Nov 28, Salamano Hits Up Meursault Meursault comforts Salamano again, illustrating his empathy in certain situations.

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This emotional detachment shows some of Albert Camus' ideas of existentialism and life not having any meaning. If we think of his idea before absurdity referenced in his essay The Myth of Sisyphus, we see the idea of this killing nothingness and not accepting that or accepting the absurdity therefore being lifeless.

Another example I found of Meursault's detachment from emotion is when with "his pal", Raymond.

salamano and meursault relationship with marie

As Raymond tells Meursault about the abuse and his very messed up plans about his wife and everything, Meursault shows no real emotion. Camus describes everything of the situation tat Raymond has and has very little of Meursault's thoughts in the elongated paragraphed.

salamano and meursault relationship with marie

Meursault's thoughts of the situation can be summed up from that paragraph by, "I said i didn't think anything but that it was interesting Raymond's situation is very messed up and his idea to get his revenge of spitting on her during sex is very dehumanizing and absurd. Yet Meursault has no documented feelings opposing this idea. And he "doesn't mind" writing this letter, therefore he is indifferent about participating in this emotional messed up drama.

salamano and meursault relationship with marie

This again shows emotional detachment. Meursault experiences all these emotional events and gets involved with very emotional things yet never feels anything.