Scandal olivia and fitz relationship questions

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scandal olivia and fitz relationship questions

Scandal's Fitz and Olivia: Where'd the romance go? “Those are issues that were triggered by that relationship with Fitz but they're issues that. 54 questions and answers about 'Scandal' in our 'Television Q-T' category. Did you know these Abby discovered Olivia and Fitz's relationship from Liz North. However, maybe it's time that we stop ignoring the problems with this relationship being the highlight of the show. First of all, Olitz is not a healthy relationship.

scandal olivia and fitz relationship questions

Makeup 3 season 3, episode 8: After weeks of Olivia ignoring his calls, Fitz sends a chopper to pick her up. The pretense for the trip: Fitz wants to talk about her father, the commander of a deadly mercenary group a real piece of work.

Breakup 4 season 3 finale: Fitz moves forward with the divorce—until Olivia convinces him to stay with Mellie. Makeup 4 season 4 finale: Amazingly, that sticks for a good chunk of season five. The divorce is happening, and the country has somehow accepted his relationship with Olivia. Neither, of course, wants to get married in this way.

Also, it would be way too easy. Breakup 5 season 5, episode 9: Yes, Mellie is running for president! Nothing absurd about that plotline! Who was it that leaked the photos of Olivia and Fitz to Sally? Fitz believed it was Mellie who leaked them, so he had David Rosen investigate her electronic devices. While her password had been used to access the White House servers, no evidence was found she'd downloaded anything onto her computer or other devices.

In the end, it was Abby who put it all together and realized it had been Liz. She forced Liz to admit to it, and then all she asked for in return was equality in the dispensing of White House information. He was out on bail, and accused of murdering his wealthy father. He was guilty, and they did recover him. Jake helped Olivia through her ordeal as America's Mistress, and when she returned home from her case, told the press "yes" when asked if she was the president's mistress.

Quinn finally forgave Huck for his murdering of all of those grand jury members.

scandal olivia and fitz relationship questions

He was relieved by her forgiveness, and they commiserated over how messed up they both had become. You pour a good bourbon, Olivia, but so does the dive bar down the street.

David Rosen David was getting a bit worn out from dealing with Pope and Associates, and offered this not too subtle warning. She had to let him know it was time to back off of Quinn, before he lived to regret it. This was season two's "The Other Woman". Which choice is NOT true about that character? She was Republican The congresswoman made an amusing remark about President Grant's body parts, and the attention gained inspired her into a run for the Democratic party's presidential candidate.

That led to the story about her having a child at age fifteen, whom her mother raised as her sister. Lisa Kudrow played Josephine in four season three episodes.

Sally Pressman played Candace Marcus. Mellie was her nickname, but what was the First Lady's given first name? She was part of the conspiracy to get her husband elected. Though an extremely popular candidate, Fitz was lacking enough support in some Ohio counties. Fitz eventually found out about this from Verna as she lay dying in the hospital.

She also admitted to hiring the hit woman "Becky" to assassinate him. She'd set Hollis up to take the fall for that, but it did not pan out. To prevent Verna from talking to Assistant U. Attorney David Rosen, he went ahead and finished the job that cancer started. The people he'd trusted the most had turned him into a murderer. She auditioned beside Gabrielle Union for the role.

Before "Scandal", she was in many films and Broadway shows.

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Kerry is a graduate of George Washington University, where she was presented with a honorable Doctorate of Fine Arts degree. She is married to a professional football player and had their first child in Mellie was furious about this, but considered it. Who returned to the White House to negotiate Mellie's demands?

Cyrus Mellie didn't even know she had demands, until he showed up, as she was still in shock. When he asked her what she wanted, her first answer was to destroy Olivia Pope. Then, the pair cooked up a ridiculous list of demands, which Fitz agreed to reluctantly. Then Mellie changed her mind and told Cyrus he'd gone soft. Cyrus tried to get his job back from Fitz, which was all he wanted, and Fitz told him to leave.

They lived together for four years and in all that time, he never met her family. After much debate about it, Olivia finally took Edison home to meet her father.

Shortly after that, Olivia broke up with him. We find out later that Edison never got over Olivia and some leftover feelings for our leading lady come bubbling to the surface when they see each other again. Question 14 In the beginning of their relationship, Olivia would bring Huck leftovers from her Sunday night dinners with her father.

True False Huck at the time was homeless and not used to any of life's pleasantries such as bathing or eating home cooked meals or being treated well at all. Olivia would pass him as he laid on the subway platform.

She saw through his rough image and exterior and befriended him and would bring him dinner every Sunday evening after seeing her father. Her kindness to him at that time made him loyal to her forever. He would literally do anything and kill anyone to protect her because he feels like she treated him like a person and gave him back a life worth living.

Question 15 Huck tortures Quinn by burning her with hot irons. True False We never thought we would ever see the day when anyone from Pope and Associates would have to turn on one of their own, least of all, innocent-looking perky Quinn Perkins.

We literally watched with our hands and fingers covering our eyes as Huck sets up to torture Quinn. There is already plastic on the floor as he begins to tie her up with duct tape. Then he proceeded to lay out an array of super rusty tools. True False Imagine thinking your mother was dead for the last 23 years and then one day seeing her again. This is what happened to Olivia and then she also learns that her father is to blame.

Olivia's father put her mother in a prison and she was held captive for all this time for terrible crimes. Olivia believes deeply that her mother had been framed and she uses her powerful connections to help her mother escape. She soon finds out that her mother played her and was guilty the whole time.

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And you thought your family was messed up! Question 17 Sally Langston's husband is murdered by Huck as a favor. True False We all know that Sally Langston is a very conservative and very religious woman.

scandal olivia and fitz relationship questions

She takes pride in her stellar reputation of fervently representing the Christian values of her most conservative and Bible-believing constituents. So when her husband rubs it in her face that he has been having extramarital affairs with several men, she loses it. Murder for hire is just one of the many scandalous things that do down in DC.

Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned. Question 18 The cover up of Douglas Langston's murder is spearheaded by Charley. True False Sally called for help as her beloved husband Daniel Douglas' body lay lifeless at her feet. She didn't call and she didn't call for the White House doctor. She called the one man she knew who would be able to handle this discreetly and help her cover up what she had just done.

He persuades the White House doctor to claim that Daniel's death was the result of a heart attack and also gets him not to perform an autopsy on the body. After hearing the claims about the heart attack Cyrus' husband James becomes suspicious. Question 19 Congresswoman Josephine Marcus' big secret is that she had an abortion earlier in life.

True False Congresswoman Josephine Marcus played by Friends star, Lisa Kudrow, got pregnant when she was very young and rather than have her bring shame to the whole family, her mother sent her away. Congressman Marcus was outraged that Olivia was not able to keep her secret from coming out. After all, she has a stellar reputation as a crisis manager and surely this should have not been that hard to do.

Is this not what we pay her for? This information ruined congresswoman Marcus' political chances and her career never recovered. Question 20 Olivia's father had Fitz's son Jerry killed. True False Jerry Grant Jr. Fitz's son was killed for revenge. His death was meant to punish Fitz for taking his child away from him, which is beyond ridiculous because Olivia is very much still alive. She just was not talking to her father at the time. And with a crazy evil father like him, can you really blame her?

Question 21 Gideon Wallace was killed with a tweezer. True False Quinn's new boyfriend, Gideon Wallace, was a reporter for a tabloid newspaper trying to dig up dirt on powerful people in DC. Unfortunately for him, he pissed off the wrong people and one day when Quinn was out getting bagels for the two of them after a night spent together, Billy Chambers— someone working for VP Sally Langston—snuck into his apartment and killed him with a pair of tweezers.

Quinn was devastated to return and find her boyfriend stabbed and bleeding on the floor. Unfortunately, she pulled the tweezers out of his neck and he died in her arms. He became the lieutenant governor of California and then the Vice President after Sally Langston made her untimely exit. Unknown to Fitz, Andrew was always jealous of him and began an affair with his wife, Mellie.

Mellie confided in Andrew about her rape one night after he found her nearly dead of an overdose of pills and forced her to vomit them up. He stayed with her and they began an affair. Question 23 Olivia's father is just a simple well-regarded Curator at the Smithsonian. True False When we first meet Olivia's father, Eli Pope, he is purported to be a very important man in a very important position at the Smithsonian.

He presents himself as a simple humble paleontologist with excellent taste in expensive wine and great food.