Scrappy doo and scooby relationship

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scrappy doo and scooby relationship

It helps that the original What's New Scooby-Doo theme song is by Simple . on the final episode of The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show. "A Pup Named Scooby Doo" was made specifically to "write off" Scrappy, .. and the person-to-person relationships is one thing that made the realistic Scooby. Scrappy-Doo is a fictional Great Dane puppy created by Hanna-Barbera Productions in , with the catchphrases, "Scrappy Dappy Doo", "Lemme at ' em!" and "Puppy Power!". He is the nephew of Hanna-Barbera cartoon star Scooby-Doo. Mel Blanc was the first choice to voice Scrappy, given his connection to Henery.

He is noted for being quite headstrong and always wanting to face off in a fight against the various villains unlike his uncle. Scooby and Shaggy Rogers were present at Scrappy's birth.

His ears are pointed and slightly bent at the tip.

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He wears the traditional Doo family collar. Personality Scrappy idolized his uncle Scooby and would often assist Scooby and his friends in solving mysteries. With a highly energetic and brave personality, despite his small size, Scrappy was the opposite of his uncle; Scrappy would usually insist on trying to directly fight the various monsters Scooby and his associates encountered.

But, there were times when he showed a little cowardice. He feels great sadness when he feels that the people he loves is gone for good as shown when he thought Scooby was taken to Ancient Arabia with genies and when Daphne fell into an eternal slumber and won't wake up.

scrappy doo and scooby relationship

Powers and abilities He has the ability to speak in English like many members of his family. He's also very strong as he can run while holding Shaggy and Scooby, despite his small size. He's very smart when he figured out the clues Shaggy's uncle left for him to solve. He mostly walks in his hind legs, rarely seen on all fours. History Early life Birth of Scrappy-Doo. Scrappy was born at St. Minutes after he was born, he took off looking for action, unknowingly followed by Shaggy and Scooby.

It seems many of them are younger fans born around the time Scrappy appeared or later, who were not alive or were too young to remember the series when new and the changes leading up to Scrappy. They get all their information from older Scrappy haters, who themselves didn't seem to know what was going on. This would be why they could see a episode as being as good as or even apart of the original "Where Are You?

This age difference would also explain why hatred of Scrappy is so rampant now, yet not reflected in the original ratings when it first aired. The older viewers who didn't mind Scrappy so much are less vocal than today's fans. I grew up through the whole thing, watching from the very beginning, and Scrappy was nothing more than a later cartoon fad.

scrappy doo and scooby relationship

I consider myself a "Scooby purist", favoring the first four seasons like everyone else, but later on, when I saw all the older episodes side by side in syndication, the inferiority of later ones stood out, and it became clear that Scrappy actually helped keep the show going. What's far worse is how this anti-Scrappy thinking had spread to producers, writers and other officials, with Cartoon Network website having a "Scrappy Stinks" game, where you throw slimy stuff at him, and Blair Witch Project style bumpers for a Scrappy Doo marathon picture the gang being more afraid of him than they are of the ghost.

His new voice, by Innes, bore some resemblance to the original Weinrib voice, which made him sound all the more annoying Another Cartoon Network promo had him screaming like a maniac at all the Cartoon Cartoon stars, even making Dexter cry! This was supposedly out of jealousy at all the attention they get, when he was around longer. At the slogan "Cartoon Network, best place for cartoons", he screams "Not for me, man; Not for me!

Innes now sounded a bit more like Messick this time, but also a bit like his Shaggy voice! This was a significant rewriting of the character as if deliberately preparing for the movieto cast him as a megalomaniac who constantly tries to steal attention and prominence, which is nothing more than how people who didn't like him saw him in the series.

In actuality, all he ever tried to do was defend and honor his uncle Scooby. This would figure prominently in upcoming new "cameo's".

Next, the Harvey Birdman episode on Scooby throws Scrappy in at the end as a pot shot to have him abruptly cut in and Avenger carry him away as everyone laughs. If this wasn't enough, they drove it into the ground as a frequent runnign gag, with Avenger carrying a dead Scrappy around. Then, finally, the horribly negative cameos in the live action movie was the culmination of all this. They have for all purposes ruined the integrity character in the film and forever validated the worst connotations people have of him as the worst thing to ever happen to Scooby.

Children were even perplexed by the way he was characterized!

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Scrappy has actually been made into the master villain of the movie!!! The human villain turned out to be a robot duplicate of the amusement park owner played by Rowan Atkinson of "Mr.

Bean" fame with Scrappy inside a compartment controlling him. He had earlier infiltrated the park by auditioning as an "evil elf" and trapped the real owner in a pit.

When exposed, he turns into a huge monster called Scrappy Rex and savagely attacks and tries to KILL Scooby and the gang out of jealousy for not making him the leader. It figures that if the rest of the gang is fighting over who is the "leader", then for Scrappy this would translate into trying to overthrow the gang in this revisionistic recasting.

They defeat him and he turns back to normal, and calls Scooby a "mangy mutt" while still threatening him physically.

scrappy doo and scooby relationship

This is the most alarming part of the whole thing, and was definitely over the top, considering the love and admiration Scrappy always had for his uncle and was definitely the most confusing and bewildering for children. Then when he is arrested, he is the one to utter "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling sons of And considering that it was him disguised as the guy who owned the Amusement Park and called them to the case in the first place, the whole story, then, winds up being Scrappy's attempt to trap and destroy the gang or take over the world!!

It was a total shock, and itself was a gradually unfolding mystery, as through all the posters and trailers and reviews, there wasn't a hint that he was even thought about in the movie! He had been totally forgotten in all the new animation until the "Scooby Doo Project", and that usage was specifically to accompany his portion of that marathon. Otherwise, you'd think they would have just 'written him off as if he never existed' as a person had suggested. That would have been better than this!

Then, a few weeks before the release, rumors began floating that he did have some sort of "gratifying cameo" along with Pamela Anderson. Another big clue was in the soundtrack rap "Land of a Million Drums" which could be played online before the releasewhich has a line that says something like " Scrappy tried to box him, so I sic'ed a pitbull on him It was then evident that the anti-Scrappy sentiment was in the air.

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But I had no idea of the form it would take in the movie. Right before the release, the Scrappy fan-page geocities. As I watched him urinate on Daphne and walk away in the desert ranting, I still thought that was bad enough, and might have been it.

But I was totally unprepared for the end. Once you got into the story after that, and followed the plot in the amusement park, you forgot all about him.

scrappy doo and scooby relationship

Cleverly done, considering the info I had heard about him "becoming a villain", which could have been a potential spoiler! A friend's boy I had brought to the movie was also surprised as were a few other kids. Why would Scrappy do that? I then had to explain to him adults and their pet peeves and how they can distort things. Imagine them getting up in the morning and watching Scrappy attack someone for messing with his uncle Scooby, and then in the afternoon, seeing Scrappy himself attacking and trying to kill his uncle.

A much more logical use of Scrappy would have been when the gang broke up, and then Shaggy told Scooby "well, I guess it's just us now" and took off in the Mystery Machine. Scrappy could have been waiting inside, and they could have said "Oh No! That would have been truer to actual Scooby history. If they wanted to bring back a character to be the villain, why couldn't they use Red Herring? That would have been hilarious, as Fred was always wrong about him being the villain, and now he finally was.

It certainly would have been in character. Originally, Scrappy was not going to be the villain, but rather "Old Man Smithers" aka the Luna Ghost from the beginning of the film! Once again, leading up to this was the CN promo where Scrappy demands prominence and seems particularly offended at Johnny Bravo calling him "Scooby". The real Scrappy would be honored, as he always wanted to be "just like his Uncle Scooby" when he grew up.

His "the name's Scrappy! But this is not the way he acted all the time. Also him being even badder than the Cartoon-Cartoon bad guys. The Scrappy haters have succeeded in rewriting the entire Scooby experience and turning it into a pogrom against this one character! But all of this had nothing to do with the real Scrappy who always helped the gang and defended his uncle Scooby, and is only those who hate him projecting their own personal feelings onto him.

The younger kids seemed to be unpolluted by these biases and apparently liked Scrappy, as is reflected by Kids WB's frequent airing of Scooby and Scrappy during this period, as some have pointed out. In one of the popups in the bumpers on that network, a kid says "my brother acts just like Scrappy" There have been some dark creepy cartoon characters, and megalomaniacal losers, but Scrappy was the total opposite of this.

He was valiant, fighting on the side of good, and this made him a positive figure. It is amazing that people would now turn him into such a negative figure. If all of this wasn't enough, the potshots in other productions continued, with other studios even getting involved!

In Scooby Doo and the Goblin King, a monstrous Mystery Machine changed by an evil magician crashes into a stand containing dolls of Scrappy, and even runs over one of them.

This is precisely the kind of "wish" you used to hear on early Usenet and jumptheshark. I wonder if they must have grown up and become the writers of all these new shows! It's funny how these people despise this character so much, but in doing so, are actually making him into something more than he ever was!

The movie Scooby-Doo! Like all the previous and current direct-to-video movies, Scrappy never made an appearance.

Scrappy-Doo and Yabba-Doo

DVD, Fred mentions a sixth member of the gang, to the gang's shock and dismay. Shaggy mentions they were not supposed to talk about Scrappy. Freddy was talking about the Mystery Machine. In the Scooby-Doo! Daphne remarks she has never seen his statue before.