Sheldon cooper and penny relationship memes

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sheldon cooper and penny relationship memes

The brainiest of the bunch is, hands down, Sheldon Cooper. If he needs Penny to drive him to the mall, he simply gives her a box of In this meme we clearly see Sheldon unfazed by love, remind us all that love is . Amy started making up lies about her and Sheldon's relationship to get people talking. Have some TBBT memes while we wait for season 11! Big Bang Theory has so much in to offer; smart jokes, uncommon situations, relationship successes and failures, the works! In the TV show, we're used to seeing Penny as the hottest girl on screen. Sheldon Cooper doesn't always make jokes. Sheldon And Penny Have The Cutest Relationship Bigbang · Big Bang Theory Show, Big Bang Theory Quotes, Big Bang Theory Funny, Tv Lol Sheldon Cooper Funny, Bad Grammar Humor, Funny Grammar Mistakes, Grammar Book.

At least Raj has made the best of his situation, though, as even he has gone out on a couple of dates and engaged in a few relationships. Not bad for a guy who literally struggles to utter a single syllable in the presence of the opposite gender. Plus, his wife, Bernadette, has a higher-ranking degree than he does, which must be a constant source of familial embarrassment given how prying and doubting his mother tends to be.

Wolowitz is an unsuccessful man, though his propensity for living with his mother for his entire life serves as a mark against him. Come to think of it, he is likely so backward in this regard that he might not even know what a meme is. Sheldon is the focus of a ton of memes, but he might lack the capacity to understand them. Few people understand him, and he understands few people.

sheldon cooper and penny relationship memes

Famous for his rational, exacting nature, Dr. Sheldon Cooper has become the face of cringey, eye-rolling Facebook posts and ill-conceived attempts at humor courtesy of your out of the loop aunt. Much like the minions from Despicable Me, a lot of people who genuinely find The Big Bang Theory to be some kind of comedic gold tend to be the same people who think Two and a Half Men is still funny.

sheldon cooper and penny relationship memes

This is sort of like that, albeit it just a little bit more esoteric. Well, I suppose he was pretty buddy-buddy with Stephen Hawking for a while, and he might have gotten along well enough with Albert Einstein were he around to hang out with him. He is, one some level, totally neurotic, and you would think that someone would have picked up on that.

Either way, this is another great moment in the history of The Big Bang Theory. You do you, Sheldon. It kind of makes you want to rent a few books and get brush up on some astrophysics or something.

20 Big Bang Theory Memes That Show The Show Make No Sense

The super smart guys from TBBT are the perfect motivation for you to get into physics, neuroscience, microbiology, or pretty much any other scientific field, and find out how the world around you actually functions. Who said TV can't be educational and fun at the same time? Moreover, since Sheldon and Co. Pinterest In the TV show, we're used to seeing Penny as the hottest girl on screen. Bernadette and Amy are, on the other hand, are represented very differently.

Both Bernie and Amy are beautiful in their own right, but Penny is viewed as the prettiest character in the show. Bernie is brilliant but tends to wear a lot of cardigans and dresses that are not so sexy. Amy on the other hand, doesn't care much for fashion and would rather let her brain do all the talkin' than her body.

Power to the three of them! They're all uniquely beautiful in their own way and it's fun to see each character come into their own. Twitter Sheldon Cooper doesn't always make jokes. But when he does, they're usually related to science. Do you remember his joke about a neutron walking into a bar and asking how much it was for a drink?

The librarian looked puzzled and pointed him towards the kids section. Why is making friends just for kids? We need those kids books for adults, people! I thought Texas men were supposed to be gentleman? As we all know, Sheldon is from a small town in West Texas.

His mother still lives there and brings up his Texas culture and traditions quite frequently. We kind of love that this brainiac has a bit of southern charm to him.

However, Sheldon also brings up some dark memories of his father when they all lived in Texas. And though his past seems dark, we can't help but laugh at some of the lies his father told him. Or should we say "comparisons. Carleton If there's one thing we can learn from this article, it's that Sheldon Lee Cooper drops a lot of truth bombs. He is as honest as it gets—there is no lying. Probably because Sheldon can't tell a lie, but that's for another day.

After the gang invites Amy and Sheldon out, instead of saying he has laundry or needs to get up early the next morning, he tells it how it is; "Thank you, for the invitation but I have to decline because it doesn't sound like something I'll enjoy.

But when we really think about it—what's more rude: She did start taking a few classes here and there through seasons, but we never really heard what happened with it once she got her job as a salesperson. One would think that Penny getting a career and an actual salary would make the gang lay off a bit.

Knock knock knock Penny! - The Big Bang Theory Bloopers HD ft Sheldon and Penny

Maybe for most of them, but not from Sheldon. No matter what career Penny has or how much money she's making, he'll never drop the fact that she attended community college.