Sheryl cruz and romnick sarmenta relationship questions

Romnick Sarmenta spotted with a new woman - Manila Flash

sheryl cruz and romnick sarmenta relationship questions

Romnick Sarmenta explains why he accepted a kontrabida role in the an offer to do a reunion project with Sheryl Cruz but he turned it down. Bukas naman daw si Romnick na maktrabaho ulit ang dating kapareha. –H. Jackson Brown, Jr. • REUNION WITH ROMNICK: Before flying to Tokyo recently for an activity, Sheryl Cruz informed me that she recently got an offer to co-star with former love team partner Romnick Sarmenta in a project. that Romnick and wife Harlene Bautista have officially ended their marriage. Karla Estrada admitted her past with fellow artist Romnick Sarmenta. Fellow members of Karla among the group were Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine.

He had a girlfriend, who at that time was somewhere in Manila. He hanged out with my friends and I during our pool parties and night outs at a local club, and I spent some time with his family at his house during Christmas Day. His family and classmates from highschool thought I was his girlfriend, even my own classmates thought he was my boyfriend.

Even if it might have looked that way to other people, truth be told, we were never really a couple, just very very very good friends. But unless you back me up into a corner and tell me right out to my face that you love me, then, I will never make the mistake of assuming that you do.

sheryl cruz and romnick sarmenta relationship questions

Anyway, somewhere along the line, I realized that I might have been inlove with him, but somehow, because I felt like he was taking two steps back for every step I make forward, I moved on and had a boyfriend.

He too eventually broke up with his girlfriend in Manila and had a relationship with someone else.

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We remained good friends still, even when either of us were in or in-between relationships. It is incredibly easy to assume that this boy and that girl are boyfriend-girlfriend. What if the source of the rumor is the third party herself, in this case, Anne?

It is after all tiring to love someone if you have to put up with so much, when you know very well you can get that love easily from someone else, without even making so much of an effort. With all the things that Romnick had to put up with for the past five years, most guys would have moved on to another girl, a long long time ago. Sheryl and Romnick live in a really small city.

What should happen next? Romnick should, at all costs, make Sheryl listen to him. That includes finding actual evidence that will prove to her that he and Anne are just friends, even if he had to force Sheryl to talk to Anne herself.

Never take no for an answer, no matter what Sheryl tells him. For once he should learn to read between the lines. And if it was true?

Romnick Sarmenta spotted with a new woman

They should still talk. One week of no communications, to let the anger of the moment tide down, and then, they should talk.

sheryl cruz and romnick sarmenta relationship questions

For the last time. A lot of questions are still left unanswered and years from now, despite each of them moving on to other relationships, when by some strange twist of fate, their paths might pass, these questions will crop up and the emotions will burst with issues being left unsolved. Better to give Romnick that chance to explain why he had to cheat and Sheryl to finally tell him how she feels, than to let a lot of things unsaid between them.

Every broken relationship deserves closure. Every broken relationship deserves that last goodbye. Is it forgiveable if a guy cheats on you by having sexual relations with commercial sex workers? This is an issue that I have to thread carefully in. For one, a lot of my own female friends are very idealistic. It is a disgusting part of themselves that only other men are aware about. It is a combination of his double-standard-ness, jealousy, his need to be in control, his need to belong to a group and his need to assure that he still has his cojones.

In a female point of view, we see it as disgusting but most men will tell you that for some of them, it is a rite of passage from boyhood to manhood and for their less unfortunate physically-deprived brothers, the only way that they can get laid. In other words, if a group of ten guys walk into a strip club, and half of the guys in the group decides to pay for sex, it takes very little convincing for the rest of the group to do the same thing themselves.

The peer pressure and his need to belong will easily persuade a man to do the same thing, no matter how morally degrading he personally feels about it. In the company of other men, most men generally lose tract of their own conscience.

Romnick Sarmenta INAMIN ang Dahilan Kung Bakit Nasabing AYAW nyang Maka-trabaho si Sheryl Cruz Dati

The stench of testosterone floods their senses, competitive bones go into overdrive and it becomes a battle of who can prove that he has bigger and better balls.

Going to a feminine perspective, personally, if I found out my boyfriend or husband had sex with a CSW, it would have to depend on the status of our relationship if I would ever forgive him.

Karla Estrada Reveals Past Romance With Romnick Sarmenta

There are certain conditions that have to be met for me to actually forgive him, and it would take a lot of his convincing powers to make me do so. In reality, relationships are not black and white, there will always be those gray areas, and it is those gray areas that would need a lot of communication for the whole thing to work. We, as women, have no choice but to accept that as they grow old, the men that we love are still the same little boys who have a constant need to prove that they are no longer boys, but men.

They are not perfect and so are women. We all need to believe that love still works, if not for us, if not for now, at least, it works for other people. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo They are the perfect example that fans, while not giving up on their hope that their idols would end up with each other in real life, can still support them even if they are in relationship with other people in real life.

All their movies together were mega box-office hits, and their television series had pretty good ratings. One of my all-time favorite movies is One More Chance, which I have watched not less than five times already.

So far, I don't see the two retiring their love team in the near future. Sure, they do separate projects, but once in a while, they please their fans with movies and soaps here and there, so we shan't forget the magic that they have weaved together. Ross Geller and Rachel Greene Technically, these are television characters, but they're still a couple, right? The unrequited love finally being returned, except that the other had already attempted to move on?

Please, I want to know how this would pan out. Ten years the NBC sitcom ran, and we saw how Ross and Rachel's "will-they, won't they" relationship unfold in an unusual course, as though it was told in a non-linear way ala the movie Days of Summer. They got together in Season 2, separated in Season 3, got married in Vegas in a drunken state in Season 5 finale, divorced in Season 6, had a child in Season 8, and eventually got back together in time for the series ending in Season I still get excited when I hear rumors that Friends is going back to television, but every single time, they were false alarms.

I guess I would have to do with re-watching the ten-years' worth of Friends episodes to get a dose of Ross and Rachel again. Nick Miller and Jess Day Ross and Rachel are probably not coming back to the small screen, but it's all good. I found another couple to love anyway. It could be because I miss Friends, and that I have watched Friends too much in the past to the point that I have committed to heart most of its running gags and storylines.

You see, both have roommates, both had ensemble casts add another one to New Girl's 5-ensemble cast, seat them in a couch - oh wait, they have promo pics that the 5 of them were sitting on a couch - and voila, a Friends reduxand some New Girl gags I have already seen in Friends, although in a different form. But I'm giving New Girl a break, because Friends had ten years-worth of material.

I'm guessing they have done almost all gags that were possible in that span of time!

sheryl cruz and romnick sarmenta relationship questions

But I'm digressing already. So Nick and Jess are my new favorite couple. New Girl is yet on its sophomore season, and so far, they've only aired 46 episodes from the pilot so it's easy for me to watch and re-watch every episode.

I just can't get enough of Nick and Jess. The way the writers developed their character from being strangers to being the best of friends, and then to possibly being lovers as of this writing, they are not yet officially a couple. Unlike in Friends where we've known from Day 1 that Ross likes Rachel, Nick and Jess had a perfectly platonic relationship. Or so they thought. They supported each other in their relationships with other people probably in an attempt to repress their subconscious attraction to each other that it was fun seeing them finally realize and acknowledge that attraction.

We are still at this point of their story and, admit it, the most wonderful part of a love story is that part where the couple realizes they are in love, and then culminating into their first kiss. Though in this instance, it took a kiss before they realized they had feelings for each other. Props to the writers for taking their time in developing their story. When they kissed, it set the twitterbuzz alive. Not a few called it one of the best first kisses in television, which could very well rival Ross and Rachel's first kiss.

Being a fan of both, my pick is Nick and Jess's hot kiss because it was unexpected - well, at least to Jess. And I think even Nick was surprised that he even had the guts to kiss Jess when he has yet to come to terms with his attraction to her that he kept denying. If you haven't seen the kiss everyone is raving about, then be the judge. The ensuing episodes when the two tried to deal with what happened and their feelings for each other were all my shipping heart could take.