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shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction archive

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project by Osamu else from having to go through themselves to find these. . one of the few EVA fanfics that does a Rei x Shinji relationship proper justice. This C2 is a collection of the best ShinjiAsuka romance storys. I would like to thank all the authors of these storys. The vas amount of plots and creativity is very . My psychological profile. Personal view: I agree that Asuka is a proud, strong individual. If whoever wrote that was talking about the kiss in EoE, (1) the most common interpretation seems to be .. In Evangelion fanfiction, Asuka and Shinji are often paired as a couple, despite the conflicts their personality disorders cause.

And there will be kids. He has one last chance to set things right, to unravel everything and save what matters. A retelling or altering of the series, an altered version of Shinji with an altered past.

Life takes a different path, but do all paths lead to the same destination? Is Shinji doomed to never know happiness? If you can hear me, please answer this prayer. I know I've complained constantly about my time at home.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction archive

But I never wanted to end up here! I want this all to be a bad dream. I want to see my brother again! So please, send me home! I don't belong here. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Rated T upon suggestion. Will change it back to M if needed Rated: With a best friend to rely upon, Shinji is a vastly different young man to what he could have been. Along the way he must learn to work together with his fellow pilots. Along the way they will have to deal with intrigue, mysterious laptops, their own fragile mental states, death, angelic talk show hosts and more.

Will they manage to get to the bottom what what's actually going on? This doesn't mean all will be smiles and giggles. While this isn't a fix that veers far away from canon, it'ill subvert tropes, have some sweet moments, and match the tone of the show.

I'll polish the first few chapters eventually. Advice and Trust by Panther2G reviews Shinji takes just the slightest different action when Asuka offers a kiss Suddenly, they're no longer alone, and begin becoming stronger than they've ever been before.

And from their new bond changes start to ripple out. T - English - Angst - Chapters: Soon, she is in strange, but welcome company of Yui Ikari. The strangeness does not end there. This story contains giant robots and afternoon tea. Not only you're making things up, but this is utterly irrelevant to the character or the show. Asuka's native language is German, and in both the series and the manga she tends to curse in German.

We can't know if she "feels" German. But we know she was raised there and often speaks german. Going further than that is ORish, and worst, it means adopting an in-universe point of view ie relying on what we think a fictional character feels instead of relying on what is shown to the viewer. So I have explained, step by step, why this whole section was unneeded. It was redundant and contained a lot of pointless speculations. That's why I decided to remove it entirely and to sum up the official answer about Asuka's origins in the introduction.

Then, the "character overview" section contains enough explanations about her her actions in show related to her backstory.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction archive

I'll also add that "information" means something that we know for a fact, because it was shown in the series or explained in a official document. Speculations and guesswork are not "information". Considering I have placed elsewhere what little info was contained in the section I removed, and that the said section was primarily dedicated to guesswork as I have proved it step by stepthe accusation that I would be "cutting info" by removing this section is completely unsubstanciated.

And in any case, it cannot be accepted as a reason to revert my edit. As for "actual work", yes, correcting other wikipedians' mistakes, or modifying questionable edits, is an integral part of the work that has to be done here. So no, VVVVV, you won't prevent me to edit article just on the basis that you don't like anyone to remove your edits, or that you just think your edits are perfect. If you want to keep going that way, then before reverting anything you will have to prove the validity of what you're saying.

Just writing "you cut info" and "I want my edits to stay" are not valid reasons to revert others' edits. Next time you do that ie reverting my edits for no apparent reasonthen I will have to report you to the admin board, because I cannot let you disturb the WP as you do. Folken de Fanel talk Yet he's the one who, only weeks ago, accused me to "push people around" and "not actually trying to discuss things". And now he's just blindly reverting, just because he wants to have in own way on articles, not accepting that anyone could remove his holy contributions, all that without even bothering to justify his actions.

If that's not "pushing people around" Now let's see what are his excuses, this time OR is defined as "unpublished facts, arguments, speculation, and ideas; and any unpublished analysis or synthesis of published material that serves to advance a position. This means that Wikipedia is not the place to publish your own opinions, experiences, or arguments". What is not in the show and never stated in any official document is guesswork. Asuka has mixed origins, she is an American citizen, yet she was raised in Germany, speaks German, and thus she's contrasting in the japanese context of the show.

That's all there is to it at least, that all we see in the show, VVVVV's fanfiction is a whole different topicand I can't see what could be added, or even why more would be added. Run this through a translation program if you want it. If you really consider it is not "proper english", then rewrite it in what you think is proper english instead of trying to remove it. If you just want to remove it without finding anything to correct, then it means there is nothing to correct, that it is already proper english, and that you're just looking for lame pretexts to remove it.

It states in japanese: We go back to what I said yesterday, that is, we stick to what is written in reliable sources and we don't add our own deductions to it. The official sources don't state from who Asuka go which nationality. While these are easy guesses, let's just proceed with care and stick to what is officially said.

Talk:Asuka Langley Soryu/Archive 1

If you have problems with the formulation, then reformulate instead of reverting. Last warning, if you revert again without consensus and without even taking part to the discussion, you're in for the admin board. Now let's focus on article content. Asuka's been dropped down to a 'start class' article? We really need to do something to change this I'm going to try and find some reliable secondary sources tomorrow that we could use, and I think that we should try and include more "real world" information, for instance expanding sections about her creation as a character.

If someone could get some more quotes from Sadamoto and Anno regarding the character specifically, that would be great. Even more quotes from her seiyuu. Does anyone know of an anime character whose page is a featured article? We could use that as a possible guidline while re-structuring Asuka's page. We'll never meet Featured Article standards. That might be a good starting point.

I don't know why you are concerning yourself with not meeting FA, many very good pages aren't FA ready, but that doesn't mean they are bad articles. However this article has several major issues all of which are clearly tagged and the only quality level that matters right now is fixing the problems stated in the tags.

Get those fixed, and you've got a starting point for a good C class. Certainly don't look for an A rated character page, you need to build up gradually through to C first. Dandy Sephy talk The problem is that if I, or Willybr, or Gwern, etc. My answer is to do nothing, and let it rot, until such time as the whiners realize "alright, people who are actually card-carrying members of the Eva WorkGroup probably take this seriously and know what they're talking about more than I do".

So if anyone else thinks they can do a better job, this is their opportunity. Don't worry about the complainers; if they had been interested in being part of the process, they would already be working on it. Theres nothing inherently wrong with rewriting a page to bring it up to scratch, that's not ownership or "dominating" - that's improving a page.

Most people simply don't care about page standards or to be fair simply don't know or understand so they are unlikely to be improving the page themselves. If people take issue with it direct them here or to Wp: I would complain, however, and I would accuse him of "dominating it", if, as usual, he reworked the article only in order to put his own views and theories into the article or if he adopted a non-encyclopedical style, only to start yet another edit-war if anyone dared to touch his holy contributions.

Single-handedly reworking an article is not ownership, however excluding all the others from the process of editing and automatically rejecting any criticism, and revert-warring each time anyone removes obvious violations of policy, is article ownership. So he can touch whatever article he wants, but any violations of the rules will be reverted, and I'm tired of seeing him throw tantrums everywhere about "people destroying his work", when he's obviously determined to have his own way on WP and to ignore every existing guideline and policy, and to attack everyone reminding him that articles about Evangelion don't belong to him.

So until he actually does what he claims he can do ie improving according to the WP standards the article I won't believe he actually cares about the articles, I'll only believe what my eyes saw, that he's only seeing Wikipedia as a medium for his own ideas. Sorry, V, nothing personal, but I have to correct your lies. Namely improve, discuss and following proper procedure and quality policy such as Wp: ORwhile maintaining good faith and avoiding conflicting interests.

Although I've no plans to overhaul the page myself I've got enough on going projects to do myselfI'm going to be watching the page anyway for vandalism and messing about. I suggest people keep it civil and work towards the benefit of the page, franchise and wikipedia in general Dandy Sephy talk I and the other EvaWorkgroup people were trying to at least get a rought consensus on things. I told you either seriously start making an effort to work with the rest of us on the Eva articles, otherwise, if "Wikipedia" is just a game where you log into your computer and get to order people around, I said to go and do that on the Dragonball articles or something.

If you can't handle people editing your contributions, you need to stop editing. Not even the Eva workgroup is above others on that. Both of you need to cut the shit and get on with that. If you can't do that, theres another good reason to save yourself the hassle of not editing at all.

I'm not an admin at all either, but it's clear that there is some degree of animosity bewtween the two of you and talk pages for articles isn't the place to deal with it - stop it or take it somewhere else before you end up at the admin noticeboard. Rather then fighting between yourselves, some discussion of the page in question is what should be happening here. It's a matter of that Folken here is reverting any changes made by anyone, even though he barely works on this.

Folken's some hothead who pops into Eva workgroup articles from time to time and likes to yell at us, hoping we'll assume he has the authority to push us around, and it hasn't been working. Well if Willybr's under time constraints, I'll see what can be done.

Otherwise, why would you edit-war in order to include content that violates the rules more particularly about OR and that happens to be written by you?

A lot of OR has already been removed many times from many articles by many editors, including me. However you created conflicts only when your contributions were concerned, because you just cannot accept the idea that your holy edits wouldn't stay on WP.

I'm not reverting "any change made by anyone", I am removing content that has nothing to do on Wikipedia, such as unsourced opinions and original research. Each time I'm removing something, it is always perfectly justified according to the WP policies and guidelines. However, each time you start an edit war, you're just unable to find anything to substanciate it, other than personal attacks.

By the way, contributing to an article in any way, either by actually writing quality content ie content that meet the requirements from various policies or by removing the content that doesn't correspond to the WP standards, is work.

So yes, I have worked on Eva articles. So, you are the hothead who throws childish trantrums each time someone "dares" to touch your Holy Writings, and who yell at me instead of trying to discuss with civility and to actually try to justify your edits.

Concerning your nonesense about "authority", as Dandy Sephy reminded you, "consensus isn't require to write things, and things being changed is what wikipedia is about".

Moreover, there is no need of consensus to remove obvious policy violations either such as original research, unsourced opinions, etc.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction archive

That is, everything I have removed from your contribs. On the contrary, as it is stated in WP: V"Any material lacking a reliable source may be removed". I know very well what the next part of the sentence recommands, but it only highlights the fact that there is no need of discussion, only that the editor wanting to re-include the content has the duty to find a source, and not endlessly argue that editors should be allowed to write unsourced OR.

There is also the Jimmy Wales quote: There seems to be a terrible bias among some editors that some sort of random speculative 'I heard it somewhere' pseudo information is to be tagged with a 'needs a cite' tag. It should be removed, aggressively, unless it can be sourced. What you're saying is indeed utter nonesense. Nowhere in WP is it stated that I would need your approval before removing your contribs whether I'd just be wanting to replace them with something entirely different, or they'd be blatant policy violationsand indeed Wikipedia is not going to tolerate policy violations just so that some contributors could maintain their grasps on articles and their pride.

When I remove content, it is always according to the most basic rules of WP so there's no discussing it. It is not authority, it is applying the rules of WP, and I can't see why they wouldn't apply to you. By the way, you're reproaching me a so-called "authority", but it doesn't seem to bother you to reinsert your content back into the article without any discussion of without any justification concerning the various policies and guidelines.

You should not give lessons about authority in these circumstances. In conclusion, your multiple and failed attempts at article ownership have only slowed down improvements, as your silly argument is doing now.

You'd better either start showing you can write the actual quality content that you're boasting about, or stop whining. Instead, I have had to make the recent set of major changes alone Gwern says he'll be starting shortely.

Folken, you are rapidly proving my point that you're not doing any actual work but just spend all your time berating other people. If you want to prove me wrong, do actual work on the article. And yes, I maintain what I said earlier, removing poor content is the same as writing new content, so yes, I have done actual work on articles, and no, writing OR is not work but disrupting the Wiki.

The changes I have initiated about Asuka's ethnicity which was unsourced and needed to go are already something that you won't have to do now, so I've saved you some troubles and yes, I have improved the article.

Your rants won't change it and your "berating" thing is utter nonesense. It's not my fault if you couldn't stick to the rules in the past, and it is great if you've finally learned to do so. As I've said, I only remove policy violations, so work as you want within the frame of what WP allows, but don't complain all over the place about what had or will have, but I hope it won't be the case to be removed. To conclude, if you claim you're here to improve the article, I advice you to do it instead of spending all your time insulting me remember personal attacks are not tolerated.

I just don't really have any right now. There are a few good hits on Google Scholar, but those are mostly useful if we wanted to mention that among the much merchandising of Asuka, pocky is prominent and stuff like that. Read the paper and find out. I didn't realize that "Susan Napier" is the one who wrote "From Akira to Princess Mononoke", which is ironic given the number of times I've met this woman. The article itself is utter crap. Let us discuss it on the Talk page for WikiProject Eva See Rei and Kaworu's articles for examples.

The problem is that we need to, as Willybr points out, properly cite what information comes from what episode specifically, using footnotes. We'll get to Secondary Sources later. Which parts are TOO speculative and unsourced?

Ikari Shinji/Souryuu Asuka Langley - Works | Archive of Our Own

Really, the tags do say it all, but: Theres 8 references for text which should have at least Edward Elric has 46 references for a roughly similar amount of text. If something is being stated or claimed, it requires a reference. You simply won't get past a C class without doing so to every single claim.

If something happens in the manga, reference it to the volume and page. If something happens in the anime, reference the episode. If something is unreferenced, consider it speculative and come back to it later or let someone else decide. You also need to try and find some reliable third party sources. It needs rewriting because the tone is all wrong. However this should probably be done after references in this case as it will be easier to rephrase existing content rather then write it from scratch like I'm having to do elsewhere.

It may be wise recruiting someone who is familiar with the series and has a history of writing or heavily contributing to quality articles. Anime as a example of what a B class character article should be. That doesn't mean you should try to go straight from Start to B, it's not going to happen. However, theres no reason not to gradually build the page up to a similar standard over time.

This isn't a five minute job, but needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing or someone willing to put the time in and learn as they go. First things first - reference, reference, reference. If necessary I can add hidden comments to the article about things that need improving, but I will want to see some improvement before doing so as it will be time consuming and most of the issues are fairly obvious.

The Elric article handles this well; but I have seen many articles that take this to an extreme. The matter here is not to question Wikipedia principles, it is to apply them to make the article better according to WP standards. I wouldn't be wary of referencing become some pages reference almost every word. And please, stop taking shots at eachother It's another vessel of the same destroyer class as the "Ayanami" that Rei was named after We need to await further confirmation on this in the coming days I move that instead of creating two separate pages, we create a subsection as on the other pages "Asuka in Rebuild" etc.