Shion and nezumi relationship quizzes

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shion and nezumi relationship quizzes

But the relationship they have is not sexual at all. It's only platonic in . Shion went outside, and Nezumi had thought: A good night kiss, huh? You're such a liar . Not very many people have heard of the anime No.6, but it is seriously one of my top favorite shows ever. Knowledge is power. The Japanese educational system is one of the most efficient and successful among the industrialized countries.

And the last time we slept in the same bed she kicked me twice: P I feel ya Shion. Ah, and the big one. When Shion kissed Nezumi when he thought that they would never see each other again even I was thinking ''goodnight kiss' my left boot'. I personally sensed more of that unnamable thing between them than romance.

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I will admit that it's just a personal feeling, but I'll elaborate on my thoughts. At the time they were living in the same room, eating the same meals, reading the same books, sharing the same twin-size bed, etc. I think that the kiss was Shion's airheaded way of an intimate goodbye. Nezumi said that he had the "vocabulary of a chimpanzee" and I gathered from the light novels that something similar could be said about his interpersonal skills.

(Yaoi) Nezumi x Shion-´´Kiss´´

I don't know how to word it other than Shion is an airhead who thought that Nezumi would buy the "goodnight kiss" lie. And about Nezumi's "promise kiss," I believe that their relationship was so complex and unnamable at that point that you can hardly declare, "that's proof!

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They are in love! I probably have been overthinking this because of the similarities between Shion and Nezumi's relationship and the relationship between Skarlath and Sunflash the Mace in The Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques.

All is remedied by a quick peck on the lips from Nezumi who smiles and promises they will meet again. Also, because things are not dramatic enough, Shion gets a baby.

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Bonus Messages From Hamlet: Is thing thing working? Jesus, Skype is so hard to use… Inukashi learned to use a gun the same way Shion did. He is so grounded when he comes home …little did the audience know, their reunion was only like 4 hours after this scene.

shion and nezumi relationship quizzes

Although the ending would have been a lot better if episode 10 and 11 were watched back to back, I actually quite liked the ending. The reason I say watching the last two together would be better is because episode 11 just jumps right into all kinds of craziness without much warning. It needs some of the build-up from the previous episode to really work. They covered all the main points, but left a few things unexplained.

shion and nezumi relationship quizzes

Are we just supposed to assume Safu is inexplicably a child of the forest? I guess conjuring golden tornadoes of wasps and then reviving someone takes up too much power for her to get it all. They covered all the bases they needed to and finished things with flashy explosions, dramatic near-death experiences, and a kiss to seal the deal.

shion and nezumi relationship quizzes

It was everything I could have wanted for an end to No. In Noir, we follow the two young assassins as they go on a journey to find out about their mysterious past and lost memories. They know that they are somewhat related to each other, but eventually find out that a secret organization created them both and used to control them for terrorist purposes.

shion and nezumi relationship quizzes

One could argue that the fantastic character development for each character and subsequent unbreakable friendship that they form is nothing more than a passionate platonic relationship. However, there were plenty of scenes that seemed to transcend platonic friendships. These two badass ladies made this list because their relationship was one of the healthiest around.

Despite being ultra-deadly assassins, they both leaned on each other and protected each other on their missions and had an unbreakable trust between them. She begins to question her life and where's she's headed, and ends up encountering a group of fashion students who have created their own clothing label called "Paradise Kiss".

He's pretty encouraging to Yukari as she tries to figure out her identity as an adult. It is also worth noting that ParaKiss's mother figure in the group of fashion designers is the elegant Isabella Yamamoto, a transgender woman that's as classy as she is inspiring.

But what relationship doesn't have its moments? Ryouma is under the belief that the dress-clad Izumi is a girl and falls immediately, obsessively in love. He attempts to reconnect with his "dream girl" for nearly ten years and finds his "girl" on the set of the commercial's sequel. He professes his love for Izumi, and is told that Izumi is actually a boy. All that internalized homophobia really got to Ryouma, and not only does he scream at Izumi and accuse him of "lying" to him, but later on convinced him to strip in order to completely turn him off.

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That obviously doesn't work, and Ryouma ends up apologizing to Izumi and admits he still loves him anyway. They develop a friendship that becomes more over time, and their heartfelt confession is really sweet.