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My perception of the Skulduggery/Valkyrie relationship shifted hugely after man but I'm still rooting for team Valkyrie Cain-Fletcher Renn. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Skulduggery Pleasant is a book that is constantly aware of its genre, and of the reader's scepticism. Meet Valkyrie Cain, also known as Stephanie Edgley. her life's goals, she pesters, annoys and frustrates Skulduggery into taking The relationship between Skulduggery and Stephanie (later Valkyrie).

The humour especially was lacking in the last few books because of the whole end of the world thing that was happening. The relationship between Skulduggery and Valkyrie is never going to be the same as what it was at the start of the series but you can see their relationship strengthening again.

Resurrection is a return to the good old days of Skulduggery and Valkyrie, even though so much has changed in their world. Valkyrie has been out of Ireland for 5 years, hiding away in a cabin in the wilds of America. She had a lot to deal with after Darquesse took her over and she killed hundreds of people in Roarhaven.

As she is settling in her old pal Skulduggery turns up and asks her to come back into the fold and join him, just for 24 hours. Omen is a kid who fades into the background, not just at school but also at home, as his parents give all their attention to Auger. When Omen gets the chance to join his idols, Skulduggery and Valkyrie, he thinks all his dreams have come true. After a run in with a nasty piece of work called Smoke, Skulduggery has been corrupted and will do anything he can to kill Valkyrie.

This is one action-packed story! I really enjoyed this introduction of Omen Darkly. He is going to play an important part in the coming books and you know that he will grow up fast, just as Valkyrie had to do. Resurrection made me want to go right back to the start of the series and enjoy them all over again. I feel like you would still have to have read the other books in the series to fully understand what is happening in Resurrection. At the last moment, Valkyrie is saved by the vampire Caelan before Fletcher could do her any more damage.

At the end of the book, he teleports to Australia with Valkyrie, who tells him she loves him whilst they are there. In Death Bringer, Fletcher and Valkyrie break up when Valkyrie cheats on him with Caelan, leaving him feeling hurt and betrayed.

Fletcher realizes that the reason why Valkyrie grew bored of him was because of his complete devotion to her. He tells Valkyrie that he is less angry with her, however he is now bitter. He also says that he will be moving to Australia, another cradle of magic, so he can continue to learn magic and start living his life. At the end of the book, he returns just in time to save Valkyrie from Calean, who is trying to turn her into a vampire.

After the battle, the two reconcile, but do not start a relationship. Instead, Fletcher tells Valkyrie to take him off her speed-dial, as he goes back to Australia. In Kingdom of the Wicked he comes back to help Valkyrie and Skulduggery but it turns out he has a new girlfriend, Myra a mortal and he introduces her to Valkyrie.

China Sorrows[ edit ] An enchantingly beautiful but dangerous sorceress who has a charm on her that makes anyone who sees her fall in love with her, regardless of age or gender, even affecting Valkyrie the effect wears down slightly every time one meets her.

China Sorrows owns a library of rare magical devices which she collects by ruthless and somewhat corrupt means. As mysterious as her brother, Mr Bliss, she is a cunning and insidious character whom Skulduggery does not trust.

The two of them know each other well and appear to have mutual respect. In book 1, China is first introduced when, after being attacked at Gordon's house, Stephanie convinces Skulduggery to let her accompany him to see China. She later goes on to control Stephanie, using her name until she chooses her taken name of Valkyrie and China loses power over her.

Later in the book China saves Skulduggery, Tanith and Valkyrie by helping them escape from Serpine after he recovers the Sceptre of the Ancients. In Book 2, Skulduggery seems to still be in love with China. In Book 2 the Echo Stone Gordon Edgley says he also loved her, saying our love was stronger and true.

It is also revealed that China, not only belonged to a cult with Baron Vengeous that worshipped the Faceless Ones, founded a group called the Diablerie who were "dangerous by a zealots standards". Vengeous attempts to convince her to join him in Playing With Fire but when she rejects his offer, he vows to destroy her.

She is also a formidable sorceress and quite a skilled fighter through the use of magical "Symbols" which appear in the form of tattoos on her body. These symbols also appear on most of her possessions, allowing her to magically manipulate them in various ways, e. In Book 3, Jaron Gallow also came to her to ask her to lead the Diablerie to victory when the Faceless Ones came through the portal saying that "Batu was a great leader but he wasn't her.

He could never be her. She heals herself, but is left injured in the rest of the book. During the Requiem ball Skulduggery and China dance together and have a whispered conversation. Dexter Vex claims to have taught Skulduggery all he knows about dancing and that before he helped him he was uncoordinated as a turnip.

Disgraced sanctuary detective Remus Crux reveals that she was involved in Skulduggery's family's murder, stating that "Everyone knows what you did. China Sorrows, China Sorrows, she's the one, they're saying. China also becomes less passive at the end of Book 3 and throughout Book 4, actively assisting Skulduggery and Valkyrie instead of merely passing information to them. China's friendship towards Skulduggery and Valkyrie is broken when Eliza Scorn tells them of China's involvement in the killing of Skulduggery's wife and child.

She does appear in Book 7 but only in a parallel dimension after Valkyrie Cain "shunted" into the dimension. She is the Resistance's leader against Mevolent employing Anton Shudder as her bodyguard. When Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain request China's help in retrieving the Sceptre of the Ancients although she double-crosses them when the duo retrieve it and keeps it for herself. Strangely, in the normal dimension China has disappeared, possibly in fear of what Skulduggery Pleasant and the others would do to her after her secret was revealed.

Last Stand of Dead Men she is hunted down by a group of mercenaries. She kills Madame Mist by setting off a symbol which turns her into a human furnace, boiling herself as well as Madame Mist. Darquesse heals her, saving her life.

By the end of the book, she is made Grand Mage, after she took advantage of the confusion created by the War of the Sanctuaries and the violence and turmoil since.

On an amusing sidenote China also states that she has attempted to kill her brother several times and failed, most likely due to their shared tendency to double-cross people, or as she puts it '"he just won't stay down'". China also tends to become more reliable in the last few books.

She is more trustworthy and helps Skulduggery and his gang a lot more. In book 6 she apparently thinks of Skulduggery and Valkyrie as friends, and tries to protect her secret from them. Bliss[ edit ] The strongest man on Earth, Mr. Bliss is a sinister and enigmatic man who works for the Elders. He later betrays them in favour of Serpine who he believes is too powerful to defeat. He is later revealed to be a double-agent for the Elders and assists in defeating Serpine.

And he became an elder in Book 2. He is China Sorrows' brother. In addition to his alarming strength, Mr. Bliss is also described as being very difficult to kill, with his sister admitting "I've tried to kill him several times already. He just won't stay down".

He and China were brought up to worship the Faceless Ones but neither worships them anymore, although they continue to believe in their existence and so assist Skulduggery in preventing Serpine from resurrecting them in Book 1 and Baron Vengeous from doing so in Book 2 and Batu and the Diablerie in Book 3. Both he and China mistrust and apparently despise each other, However, in the third book after Gruesome Krav attempts to kill China, Bliss fights him yelling "My sister?

You tried to kill my sister? My sister is the only family I have left! He appears to be a perfectionist and is entrusted with the task of dismembering the Grotesquery once Skulduggery and Valkyrie steal it; however the Grotesquery wakes up and kills two of Kenspeckle's assistants. Kenspeckle later bemoans their deaths saying "They were good lads they didn't deserve to die like that. He vehemently refuses to take part in any violence though he did use some kind of magic to defend himself in an attackand constantly admonishes Skulduggery for putting Valkyrie in danger with such alarming regularity.

He seems to have the ability to take away or to give pain. Grouse only appears in the second, third, fourth and fifth books, although a reference is made to a "cantankerous old man" that heals wounds in the end of the first book, presumably Grouse.

In Book 4 Grouse is kidnapped by the Revengers Club because he had the ability to repair the Desolation Engine, and was possessed by an evil spirit called a Remnant. Whilst in Grouse's body, the Remnant tortures Tanith by nailing her to a chair.

Tanith later states that though it was not Grouse who hurt her, she cannot help but hate him for it. Grouse is also shown to blame himself, though he in fact has no recollection of torturing Tanith at all. He was the creator of the Desolation Engine; a bomb which destroyed the Irish Sanctuary in the end of the 4th book. In the fifth book, he was told to cure Vaurien Scapegrace and Thrasher Geraldbut ended up not doing so.

Kenspeckle dies at the last part of the book, he was killed by his remnant occupied assistant Clarabelle. Billy-Ray Sanguine[ edit ] William Raymond Sanguine or Billy-Ray in short is a Texan assassin he calls himself a hitman deluxe with the ability to melt into the ground and travel under it like a mole. He was introduced a little way through Book 2. Sanguine dresses like a stereotypical cowboygiving him similarities to the Stephen King character, Randall Flagg.

He has no eyes but is capable of sight and he can see very well in the dark. He covers his empty eye-sockets with a pair of sun-glasses. He is described as being rather attractive, though this was mentioned before it was revealed that he has no eyes. Skulduggery and Tanith Low speculate that he may be a clinical psychopath however he appears to be somewhat cowardly in contrast to the reckless fearlessness of most clinically diagnosed psychopaths However, as demonstrated near the end of the climax, this could be simply an act.

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Nevertheless, Sanguine himself admits to being psychopathic and also exhibits misogynistic tendencies. He has an obsession with his razor an enchanted blade, scars from which never heal which he uses to commit his murders and becomes enraged when it is taken from him by Valkyrie Cain twice.

Sanguine, like Dusk, has an obsession with killing people and, like Scapegrace, despises Valkyrie though for different reasons. Sanguine was the one who freed Baron Vengeous from prison with the help of a vampire called Dusk although he is actually working for Batu, the leader of the Diablerie.

Ain't it time we met, face to face? Strangely enough, despite his reputation as a worldwide feared mercenary and murderer, Sanguine appears remarkably inept at his profession; apart from killing Vaurien Scapegrace and turning him into a zombie, he has never actually killed someone in the course of the books, and appears to only offer a physical threat to the surprised, the helpless and those without combat training, and is mainly used as a mode of transportation rather than a fighter by his employers.

In Book 4, he picks up his father after being released 2 days early from a high security prison in Arizona. His father is revealed to be Dreylan Scarab.

The wound given him by Valkyrie Cain at the end of Book 3 is shown to seriously damage his magical powers in the book. He makes an appearance late in the fifth book, Mortal Coil, working for the Roarhaven sorcerers, and aids Valkyrie, Skulduggery and the others in their war with the Remnants. He has developed a perverse crush on Tanith, which Valkyrie Stephanie describes as "disgusting" after she is possessed by the final Remnant, they abscond together.

In book 7, Dr Nye treats him and he can use his magic freely again. He is hired, along with Tanith, to prevent Valkyrie's assassination. Dusk[ edit ] An enigmatic and powerful vampire, introduced in Book 2.

Dusk is a freelancer who works for Vengeous and Billy-Ray Sanguine. He is obviously highly treacherous as Vengeous was not surprised that he did not attempt to free him from prison and so did not take it upon himself to punish the vampire.

Like all vampires Dusk is eerily elegant and graceful.

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Valkyrie describes him as "oddly beautiful. He curbs his vampire nature through the use of a syringe. Dusk dedicated himself to punishing Valkyrie for this and later captured her and threatened to turn her into a vampire and set her loose on her parents while in her bloodlust. As he was transforming however Valkyrie stabbed him in the leg with his syringe that he had thrown away beforehand, wanting the monster within to have free rein, leaving him trapped between human and vampire.

Springheeled Jack later defeated him and threw him into the sea which knocked him unconscious. He was later taken into custody by Mr Bliss.

He succeeds in biting Valkyrie Cain, but she is cured by Kenspeckle Grouse before she turns into a vampire. He then gets revenge on Springheeled Jack by leaving him to defend on his own against Anton Shudder and Ghastly Bespoke. He also states he knows a secret about Valkyrie that even she does not know, however it is never stated what the secret is.

Vaurien Scapegrace[ edit ] Book 2 opens with a fight scene between Valkyrie and Scapegrace. An incompetent aspiring serial-killer, Scapegrace seeks to make a name for himself in the world by becoming the greatest murderer of all time, "The Killer Supreme" by the use of his to-be title; however he proves to be utterly inept at killing people.

He claims to make murder into a form of art.


He is easily apprehended by Valkyrie and Skulduggery at the start of Book Two and imprisoned in the Sanctuary. He is later called upon by Skulduggery and Valkyrie who force him to assist in their investigation, where he helps them find the Torment. Scapegrace appears to be emotionally immature. He is easily frightened and has a tendency to cry when he is hurt. He despises Skulduggery and Valkyrie for capturing him, the latter in particular but is more of a nuisance that a threat.

In "Dark Days" he is killed by Billy-Ray Sanguine, after Sanguine discovers that he hasn't actually killed anyone, and becomes a zombie. He then calls himself the Zombie King. In this state, he begins infecting people and builds up an army. However, all but one Thrasher are disobedient to him and he leaves defeated once again. In "Mortal Coil" he seeks out a cure for being a zombie as bits of his body keep falling off like his ear, while he tries to glue it back on.

In this search, he finds out where Skulduggery lives, and is forced to give the information to Tesseract. Valkyrie and Skulduggery bring him and Thrasher to Kenspeckle to be cured, but are forgotten about during the Remnant invasion. After Kenspeckle's death, he, along with Thrasher are forgotten by everyone else so they stayed locked in the medical facility. Caelan discovers them and sets them free, still uncured.

He makes another horde of Zombies and leads them into the secret passages underneath Gordon Edgley's house. However, all of his minions except Thrasher are eaten by the monsters that reside there and, while attempting to flee the tunnels from Valkyrie, he is beheaded by the White Cleaver and taken away by Thrasher. However Nye gives Scapergrace a women's body. Gordon Edgley[ edit ] Valkyrie's uncle, Gordon was a wealthy author of magical fiction who based his bestselling novels on adventures he had with Skulduggery.

Skulduggery describes Gordon as "sharp-tongued, strong-willed, intelligent, doesn't suffer fools gladly " traits Valkyrie herself possesses. Gordon was a cultured and sophisticated gentleman with a childish playful demeanor who had a great fondness for Valkyrie although he didn't have children of his own.

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He and Valkyrie's mother dated for a while until she met Gordon's brother who later became Valkyrie's father. Gordon chivalrously stepped aside and allowed his girlfriend to marry his brother although he later complained that he had never had anything more than a peck on the cheek.

He did however go on to have numerous torrid affairs with many beautiful women. Gordon died whilst putting the finishing touches to his novel And the Darkness Rained Upon Them before being killed by Nefarian Serpine.

Secretly he had the Sceptre of the Ancients concealed in a maze of catacombs beneath his mansion and left the Key to it disguised as a brooch to his greedy brother Fergus and his grasping wife Beryl. He left his fortune and mansion to Valkyrie. Valkyrie found the stone in a secret room in Gordon's mansion and later took it to the family reunion with her in a pocket.

When taking refuge from her disagreeable cousins in an adjourning room, Valkyrie took the Echo-Stone out of her pocket and had a conversation with the living memory of Gordon. While being a separate entity from the real Gordon, the living memory in the Echo-Stone was essentially a perfect copy of the real Gordon. After learning that Gordon was dead, the "Echo-Gordon" had something of an existential crisis but did not lose his sense of humour, dryly remarking that being taken to the family reunion with Valkyrie reminded him that he didn't miss his family at all.

Gordon was once genuinely in love with China Sorrows and liked to think that she reciprocated his feelings. In Mortal Coil when Valkyrie finally reveals the existence of the Echo Stone to the group China refers to him as "my darling dear.

Gordon played a very small role in The Faceless Ones, though he does assist Valkyrie in finding a new crystal to power the Sceptre of the Ancients, and points her in the direction of Anathem Mire's house in the tunnels underneath his house.

It is also revealed that Tanith Low is a fan of his books. In the fifth book, Mortal Coil, Gordon is finally revealed to the others in the group by Valkyrie Cain, only to find out that the skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant, knew the whole time but didn't say anything because he figured that Gordon would be a little sensitive.

Gordon then assists the group to capture the remnants. In the ninth book, Gordon's Echo Stone is wiped by Darquesse, which puts an end to his existence. This causes Valkyrie no small degree of distress and she states that it's like losing him again. Erskine Ravel[ edit ] Erskine Ravel is an Elemental who was first introduced in the fifth book.

During the War, Ravel was part of the group the Dead Men. In the 5th book, at the Great Chamber, after Corrival Deuce is elected as Grand Mage, Ravel, along with Skulduggery, is nominated as an Elder by Corrival, despite not wanting to become one. He fights Tessaract, sustaining only some broken ribs.

He leaves the medical bay early to report to Deuce, despite Kenspeckles orders. Ravel likes Tanith, but Skulduggery tells him to keep away from her as Ghastly is also interested in her. The three are attacked by Deuce, Shudder and Wreath who are all possessed by Remnants.

He joins the possessed Remnants that attack the Hibernian and later has the Remnant ripped from him at MacGillycuddy's Reeks. In the 6th book, he begins his job as Grand Mage, attending the Requiem Ball. In the 7th book, Ravel is forced to deal with the attempted invasion of the Supreme Council, and the questioning of his ability as a leader.

After the assassination of Strom, in Book 8, Ravel again has to contend with the Supreme Council, alongside the issues from within Ireland. He sets of to France with the Dead Men, rescuing the Engineer, before hearing of trouble in Ireland and returning with Ghastly and Shudder. Once there, Ravel stands by as the Black Cleaver kills Shudder, before killing Ghastly, although with regret, revealing himself as the traitorous man with the golden eyes.

Video footage of the murder is broadcast to the other Sanctuaries, making Ravel the enemy. He is involved in the battle with the warlocks, before being cursed by Darquesse, so that for 23 hours of each day he is in crippling agony. At the end of the book he is imprisoned, with there currently being no cure for the curse. When he is shunted back, he is used as bait to lure in Darquesse, as Skulduggery knows that she will want to keep punishing Ravel out of anger.

It is said that she took Ghastly Bespoke's murder personally. Ravel is later given the God-Killer spear recovered in The Maleficent Seven and taken from Billy-Ray Sanguine by Skulduggery and Valkyrie and sent to be part of the team that attempts to take down Darquesse. Upon being approached by her he drops the spear and runs off.

Valkyrie encounters him in the Sanctuary afterwards and wants to take him back into custody, but he threatens her and she lets him go. Near the end, Ravel is seen again, this time in the Accelerator room on the floor in handcuffs. According to China and the Engineer, he had used it to bolster his power, but China was able to subdue and handcuff him. At the very end of The Dying of the Light, it is stated by Valkyrie that Skulduggery had picked him up and thrown him into the Accelerator for his soul to be used to shut it down.

He's described as having light brown hair and a 'chiselled look' by Valkyrie, who has a crush on him for a short period of time. Vex first appears in Death Bringer at the Requiem Ball, during which he meets Valkyrie and participates in the telling of the story known as "Shudder's Birthday" a small and favourite tale of the Dead Men. He isn't seen again up until Kingdom of the Wicked, where an alternate version of himself meets Valkyrie in an alternate dimension ruled by Mevolent and aids in the effort to free her, her reflection Stephanie, and other prisoners from Mevolent's dungeon.

This alternate-dimension Vex is last seen in the midst of battle directly before Valkyrie shunts back to her dimension, and does not reappear.

He plays a major role in Last Stand of Dead Men, and Dexter is first seen being brought to prison in America due to his nationality Irish. He is witness to the death of a colleague he was working with, Caius Caviler, by Grim, an American guard. Caius protested their arrest and Grim was looking for a fight, resulting in a very short confrontation in which Grim choked Caius to death. Vex is next seen in prison again, and is approached by American Elder Zafira Kerias.

Elder Kerias asks him to appear in a message to the Irish asking them to end the conflict. Dexter refuses, and instead adds that he had been tracking down reports of Faceless Ones followers killing mortals before his arrest. Zafira leaves him to be taken to a high security prison; however, before this can be done Tanith Low still possessed by a Remnant frees him during his transport.

As a member of the Dead Men Dexter goes on several missions, including one to find the town of Wolfsong and recover the Engineer from the French Sanctuary, and another to get a portion of the Engineer's prototype brain from the English Sanctuary. He is also present for the battle of the Keep, between the Irish Sanctuary and the Supreme Council's forces.

His reaction is hurt and angry, and he is all for Ravel's death. A member of the Dead Men and a seemingly amiable person, he appears to have a good sense of humour and a liking for designer suits. His ability is Adept and repeatedly stated as not Sensitive; however, other than that he refuses to say anything more about it other than "I know things.

Caelan[ edit ] Caelan is a vampire, who offers his services to Valkyrie when she tries to retrieve the skull from a dealer named Chabon. When questioned about his motives, Caelan says he holds a grudge against Dusk, and was a lot better off when he was imprisoned.

He is described as relatively young and quite attractive, with sleek black hair. He died when he was Caelan seems to be the only vampire who tries to control his condition- sealing himself in a cage which only unlocks at dawn.

He is not well liked by many of the characters, aside from Valkyrie- most of the vampires hate him because he killed another vampire the one forbidden rule among them - when asked why he simply says that the other vampire had it coming.

Skulduggery states upon meeting him that he neither likes nor trusts him. When Caelan leads Skulduggery and Valkyrie to Moloch's lair, he is exiled and targeted by the other vampires, who destroy his cage, forcing him to turn to Anton Shudder for new dwellings.

Caelan appears in the final fight scene and fights with Dusk, but is easily outmatched. Many suspect that he has certain feelings for Valkyrie- much to Fletcher's jealousy.

In book 5, Caelan confesses to Valkyrie that he loves her, and kisses her. This causes Valkyrie to get confused with her feelings towards the vampire. She stays quiet about this to the others except Tanith Low. Meanwhile, Caelan watches over her in secret and becomes her 'guardian angel'. Towards the end of the book Valkyrie meets up with him and Caelan reveals to her that he has been taking Dusk's serum so that he will not turn into a monster every night, telling her that "For her, he could be human".

In book 6, it is revealed that Valkyrie is cheating on Fletcher with Caelan, eventually leading to Fletcher getting dumped. Valkyrie then tries to dump Caelan but he goes all crazy and tries to turn her into a vampire too.

Fletcher had not been removed as Val's emergency contact so he is forced to come to her aid where he and Valkyrie push Caelan into the sea. Due to the large amount of sea water which is deadly to vampires he ingests, his throat swells up and he dies. In book 6 he also reveals why he has a grudge against Dusk. When he was a young vampire he fell in love with a 'mortal' woman. However, Dusk and his friend Hrishi told him this was an unhealthy habit, and that he should be more careful. Later that night Caelan kills Hrishi causing him to become an outcast among vampires.

Thrasher Gerald [ edit ] After Scapegrace was turned into a zombie he had orders to create a zombie army. Thrasher was his first infection, all the other zombies died after a while but because Thrasher was the first infected he had some magic in him and this is what kept him from decomposing. Thrasher is the zombie servant of Vaurien Scapegrace before he became a zombie his name was 'Gerald'.

He was the only zombie to listen to his masters orders, although annoys him with his loyalty and nervous disposition he begins to cry when the other zombies refuse to listen to him.

Thrasher often tries to correct Scapegrace, such as his name for the Revengers Club Vengeance Brigadeagreeing with Valkyrie's suggestion, Vengeance Squad. He also admits to Valkyrie that the reason he burns so well is probably the creams he uses.

Thrasher is portrayed as being dim-witted and is known to disrupt conversations, much to the annoyance of his master Vaurien Scapecrage also a zombie. In Mortal Coil, Thrasher assists his master in his plan to be embalmed. This is unsuccessful and Thrasher and Scapegrace end up becoming test subjects for Kenspeckle whom wanted to make them human again.

Eventually, they're set free by Caelan and escape. The White Cleaver[ edit ] A Cleaver that was abducted by Serpine and turned invincible through the use of Necromancy, he was the cause of Ghastly Bespoke turning himself into a statue.

He was about to kill Tanith, but suddenly left. At the time it was presumed that he had actually formed his own mind, and betrayed Serpine on his own initiative. The White Cleaver reappears in The Faceless Ones, where it is revealed that the "Necromancer contingent" who "created" the White Cleaver dictated that, since he was created using their own Necromancy, he would obey any order from the Necromancers.

Therefore, when Serpine commanded him to kill Skulduggery and Valkyrie, they ordered him to stop. The White Cleaver aids the good guys along with the Necromancers in The Faceless Ones, The White Cleaver also attempts to kill a Faceless One but fails and the Faceless one punches him in the chest, that removes him from the battle.

He appears briefly in Mortal Coil with the Necromancers during their meetings. The White Cleaver is an extremely strong fighter, being able to heal any wounds immediately. He fights and defeats Tanith Low nearly killing her by impaling her on his scytheand even defeats Murder Rose in the third book.

In the first book he proves more than a match for Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Tanith and Ghastly put together, and in the end they are forced to retreat from him, during this fight Ghastly is forced to use the power of earth and turn himself into a statue. The White Cleaver does not appear in the fourth book.