Spiderman and wolverine relationship

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spiderman and wolverine relationship

Wolverine and Spider-Man have one of the best relationships in Marvel comics. ~ Savage Wolverine #6–8 Like Deadpool and Spider-Man, Deadpool and. It's the time when Peter punched Wolverine off the top of Avengers Tower makes LOgans relationship he made it seem like Logan cares enough to hold back. SpiderManWolverine_cover Wolverine has always been a complicated character for me to have a reader-relationship with – and that's just par.

Concerned for his well-being, Spider-Man decides to take Reed Richards up on his previous offer to check out the costume to see if anything about it is amiss.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

The costume turns out to be an alien symbiote that is attempting to permanently bond to Peter as its host. When he is unable to remove the costume himself, Reed lends a helping hand and blasts it with a sonic gun while Human Torch surrounds it with a ring of fire.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

As for the symbiote … it found a way to escape from the Baxter Building, bonded to a former newspaper reporter named Eddie Brock who had a major grudge against Spider-Man, giving birth to the monstrosity known as Venom.

Slott does a phenomenal job drawing parallels between the two characters while also dissecting what makes them so different — i.

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In the ultimate kicker, Slott scripts a killer scene where Spidey reveals his identity to Johnny. Still, there was never a clear-cut explanation as to how friends and family who once knew that Peter was Spider-Man suddenly had their minds wiped.

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Over the course of the storyline, Johnny becomes enraged by the fact that he can no longer remember the identity of his good buddy. When Johnny attempts to force the issue and unmask Spider-Man, Sue and Reed step in so as not to betray their comrades trust.

Spider-Man explains that Mephisto created a "psychic block" that could only be undone by Spidey manually unmasking for someone. But by doing so, he risks letting others know his identity.


Jonathan Hickman scripted the series. One of the best issues of this underappreciated run took place shortly after Amazing Spider-Man 17 aka, the issue where Spidey finds out Aunt May is sick and he runs out on a fight with the Green Goblin, being labeled a coward. It's hilarious to read, but for the characters in the scene, it must be excruciating.

Now, this isn't to say that any of these heroes want to see anything bad happen to Spidey, and whenever they need to, they're always ready to team up with him or get his back. It's just that once the fight is over, they're not looking for any reasons to keep hanging out with the wall crawler. They might respect him, but they can't stand him.

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Here are 15 heroes who hate Spider-Man! In fact, in the example this entry is based on, Peter never met Rocket.

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That didn't stop him from making a really bad impression, however. Being fiercely loyal to Spider-Man, Thompson forces the Guardians to help rescue him, despite knowing that the Skrulls set a trap.


Something about this mission really ticked off Rocket, because the next time he finds himself on Earth, he specifically calls out Spider-Man as one of the reasons why he hates the place. During this adventure, however, it was clear that Red Hulk really didn't like Spider-Man that much. First, he got stuck giving Spider-Man a "ride" from an Avengers mission back to NYC on his back, during which he manhandled the wall crawler and then insulted him about his fighting abilities.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

Then, when confronted by the Molans, the two spend the entire time arguing about whether or not things need to be smashed guess which side Red Hulk was on. While the two have been able to serve on the same team together many times, it's clear that Spider-Woman doesn't appreciate Pete's sense of humor.

Taking place at the start of the Siege storyline, the two Spider-heroes are watching the Dark Avengers from a distance and trying to have a conversation. Spider-Woman is obviously irritated by Pete, especially when he brings up the Skrull invasion, and she's concerned that Peter is hitting on her and is not happy about it. DeMatteis and Mark Bagley, when a doctor tried to reform both Carnage and the Joker by implanting chips in their brains.

Carnage's symbiote deactivated his own chip, and then freed the Joker as well.