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One of the most memorable songs from the first Guardians of the Galaxy was “ Hooked On A Feeling” by About a man who becomes bored in his relationship. Coming on during a scene between Star-Lord and Gamora. A series of mini-stories, one-shots, poems and drabbles about Peter and Rated : Fiction T - English - Romance - [Gamora, Peter Quill/Star-Lord] - Chapters: 16 Gamora was pregant again, so it was up to him to go and meet the And now that Peter thought about it so was his relationship with Gamora. Peter Jason Quill, the legendary Star-lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, They managed to have a sappy relationship talk and they didn't kill each other. Gamora frowns at him from where she is preparing her tea.

While she worries that Peter will not be able to get back, it was either out of worry or because they needed him because he had the orb with him. While Quill had a crush on Gamora, she would not be swayed with his "sorcery" unaware that it was a device that allowed you to listen to music. However, after Quill saved Gamora's life, and they were both caught by the Ravengers, Gamora immediately tries to go against her captors to stop them from killing Peter, but is held back when Gamora attempts to rescue him.

By the end of the film, Gamora immediately raced to his side, demanding he take her hand and ultimately saved his life. After Ravengers had escaped after Quill gave Yondu the wrong orb, Gamora tells Quill that Udonta would have killed him.

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Peter says he knows and says that he was the only family that he had. However, she tells him that they are his new family. Peter and Gamora dancing to a Sam Cooke song on Ego's Planet By the second film, Gamora and Quill are closer than the original and are best friends but both keep their attractions toward each other a secret. She shows a hint of jealousy when she sees Quill flirting with Ayesha the High Priestess, but says nothing about it.

However, she does interrupt their exchange before the conversation grows any closer. Gamora is also protective over Peter when he is nearly killed by Ego and willing to kill Ego just to protect him. Possibility as to why Gamora didn't orginally want to commit into a relationship with Peter Quill is be cause they are constantly saving the galaxy and because her father might hurt someone Gamora is close to.

She eventually rolls her eyes and nods. But you have to wear something nice. His heart is still racing embarrassingly fast. Oh well, he thinks, as he heads to his bunk. At least one of them is prepared for this…date. Gamora is not prepared for this. It is ridiculous, really-they have already kissed, already openly talked about their relationship already worried to death over each other -so there is no reason that something so simple as a date should terrify her, especially if it is going to go by the milder Terran standards she has heard about.

She very much cares for Peter-he is her best friend, for star's sakes. They have sat in the cockpit of the Milano and talked for countless hours before.

Why should talking in some unfamiliar restaurant be any different? Because this is a date, and this is an open declaration, her mind traitorously whispers. She has no problem with that, of course. Just, her pulse is slightly elevated when she thinks about it. Oh, this is humiliating. She can blame it on her incredibly messed-up childhood, she supposes. Thanos wasn't exactly the enthusiastic parent who gushed over his child's romantic relationships.

The idea itself is hilarious to imagine. And then there was Nebula, who, while less awful than Thanos, was still awful but so was she, so she cannot judgeand there was little sisterly affection lost between them, much less talk of love. So that leaves her with zero experience and a bunk strewn with every clothing item she owns which is an obscene amount of black, she is just realizingand no idea what she is going to wear.

What is she supposed to do with her hair? Wearing it down is acceptable, right? Oh no no no- her train of thought is pathetic, listen to her, she sounds like a love-stricken youth- "Friend Gamora?

Oh, this is the lowest of the low. Groot flinches back, but Drax merely scoffs. She is about to hiss that she can kill him twenty-seven different ways, with her bare hands, thank you very much, when his words stop her dead.

Gamora resists the urge to bury her head in her hands. May I die from the shame," she mutters, legs giving out as she thunks onto the bed. Gamora tries not to think of the words 'romantic' and 'engagement'.

What Drax actually says, though, stops her in her thoughts. She stares at him, trying to decide whether or not he is joking. I may not be able to offer you proficient help, but I am familiar with what women wear on such occasions, at least.

There is a tight burning behind her eyes as she stares at the two of them, and she wonders what she has done that is so good that she has been given such friends. Six o'clock comes far, far faster than it has any right too, and before he can even psych himself up Peter has left the Milano with Gamora to find the restaurant that neither of them picked out their friends took care of that, all loudly arguing that neither he nor Gamora had any taste at alland he honestly doesn't think he is going to survive this night.

To start with, he is wearing nice clothes well, nice for him, anywayswhich consists of the nicest and whitest shirt he owns, his normal black pants and boots combo, and a blue jacket that Rocket like, freaking ironed with some incredibly complex device he built in two minutes-so not fairand his hair isn't sticking in every direction only like three nowso while he looks better, he is also massively uncomfortable.

Gamora, of course, is gorgeous-well, she always is, but she's extra gorgeous tonight-dressed in this floaty white top that contrasts attractively with her green skin, skin-tight black pants and her minimally deadly-looking boots, and her hair is intricately braided with a tiny white flower pinned in the side, and the fact that he is lucky enough to be even seen with a woman like this is blowing his mind.

But then again, everything about this is blowing his mind, which is bad, because he really can't afford the blown brain cells. They make their way through the busy city streets to the address Rocket scrawled down for them. Thankfully, it's not very far. Un-thankfully, the moment he steps inside he gets a very, very bad feeling. The restaurant their friends have picked out is nice. Like, really, super, upper-class-rich-snobs-only nice. There is fancy live music live music what the heckimmaculate white tablecloths, and a bunch of people wearing incredibly expensive looking jewelry.

There are freaking floating chandeliers, for star's sakes. And is that a waterfall?! Peter is freaking dead. Gamora looks comfortable, though except she always looks comfortable, even when she has a knife to her throat, so that doesn't mean anything and a blue-skinned waiter is seating them at a table in the corner, so he sucks it up and sits down. Or at least he tries to. The waiter places glasses of water and two menus on the table and leaves them, assuring them he will be back soon to take their order.

They sit there, amidst the glittering rich people and floating chandeliers and waterfalls and gentle music. It's really, really awkward. Which is ridiculous, because this is Gamora, and she is his best friend, and they never run out of things to say to each other, they just don't do awkward, they know each other better than anyone.

He loves this woman. So why, in the name of everything in the galaxy that breathes, can't he find anything to say? In his defense, Gamora isn't really helping, either.

She's determinedly staring at the menu as if it contains the secrets of the universe, occasionally biting her lip as she frowns at the page. She looks up and their eyes meet, and it's embarrassing how fast they both look away, diving back to the safety of their menus. This is really, really bad. They sit like that until the waiter returns, and Gamora orders something that sounds completely foreign to Peter even with his translator implant.

He stutters through his own order and to be honest he doesn't even know what he's asked for. The waiter walks away and they sit there, staring at anything and everything but each other.

Peter's mouth has decided to become a desert in the last few minutes and his heart rate should really not be this high for a setting this tame, but seriously, this is the most horrendously and awkwardly freaked out he's ever been in his life.

What the heck is he supposed to do? He reaches for his water, desperately trying to think of something to say, except he's too busy freaking out to notice that he's overshot the glass by an inch or two so his hand ends up colliding with the side.

And splish, there is his water all over the table, spilling over the sides and pooling into stupid little puddles on the table cloth.

Gamora and Peter Quill

And he's two seconds from cursing the ever-living hell out of those damn little pools when Gamora snorts. Her eyes go wide and she immediately covers her mouth, but the damage is done and her shoulders are shaking, little gasps of laughter escaping her lips.

He guesses it is kinda hilarious. And then he's cracking up too and Gamora is full-out giggling hysterically with him because his water is all over the table and the other diners around them are staring at them like they've lost their minds but it's so completely stupid, because this is Gamora and he is Peter and they've been sitting at this stupid fancy table for the last ten minutes in total silence because they were too scared to talk to each other.

I feel like a fool," Gamora echoes, shaking her head.

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Is that really necessary? Now I fit in. Peter adopts a wounded expression. And you love my dancing. Gamora stares at him for a minute, then bursts out laughing. That's twice in one evening. That may have been an exaggeration," she says with a grin as their waiter returns with their food. It's revolting, but Gamora is laughing for the third time this evening, and the awkwardness is completely gone, so he can take the probably disgusting food-this date is officially going awesomely.

It's just his luck, of course, that the gun starts firing then. Gamora is, to put it in Peter's favorite phrasing, pissed right now.

Righteously and intensely pissed. The date was going so well, and Peter was looking so perfectly wonderful, and she was laughing and that food actually looked really good, and these idiot krutacking terrorists just had to step in and ruin it all. She has no love for the universe right now.

Peter apparently has none either, because his head is buried in his hands on the table, and she can just hear his dark mutterings of —damn it all I knew it, damn galaxy and damn luck nothing ever goes right-but she has no time to listen, unfortunately, because there are terrorists in the restaurant with, slightly concerning, very large guns, yelling about the end of oppression and the beginning of a new era, built on the, to quote "corpses of the old sinners".

She hates these kind of people-they remind her far too much of Ronan. The other patrons of the restaurant are screaming hysterically, of course, and she supposes she may as well fulfill her role as a Guardian of the Galaxy. At least to avenge her ruined date. She is just standing up, planning on using her fortunately sharp eating knife to put a hole in the first terrorist's head when Peter yanks her down with a panicked "Get down!

There is a deafening explosion, but it seems to be a relatively low-powered bomb, because only half the restaurant is blown to bits instead of, say, half the city. The restaurant is going to need a new waterfall, at any rate. Her ears are still ringing and she is blinking dust from her eyes when she remembers that Peter, complete idiot that he is, probably took the brunt of the blast for her.

Her heart seizes in panic and she pushes her way through the rubble of the collapsed ceiling wildly. She shoves the debris to the side while he pushes himself up from underneath, rubbing his head and blinking blearily, flashing her a grin. Our first date is literally the bomb. She also has to resist the urge to slap him. That's quality bonding, there. Gamora rolls her eyes and vaults over the table, eyes narrowing on the terrorist who threw the bomb.

She does pride herself on being rather terrifying. Kick, slash, hit, stab-the motions are all too familiar as she ducks and whirls around the ruined restaurant, eliminating the remaining terrorists while carefully avoiding the cowering restaurant patrons scattered around the grounds. She tries to limit herself to hitting and kicking-while killing would be more efficient, it is good to have prisoners to question she is working on the preserve-all-life thingand she would rather not decorate the already-destroyed restaurant with the bloodied corpses of anyone, even if they are terrorists bent on destroying things.

She has relatively little trouble-she is not called the most dangerous woman in the galaxy for nothing.