Stem and fem relationship goals instagram

Queer Scientists: Changing the Game & Pushing Us Forward

stem and fem relationship goals instagram

Images from Black Lesbian Love on instagram. I prefer stems, but fems I got love for you however if you're prettier than me we scrapping Tv. My perfect date is a picnic under the stars ✨ talking about our goals and life. Beautiful Couple!. Followers, 18 Following, 24 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lesbian Relationship Goals (@lesbianrelationshipgoals_). Hanging out as a butch-femme couple makes a big, bold, unequivocal statement. It's brave and it's not what most people expect to see when.

I also do research in science, technology, and society studies, with a focus on black feminism-grounded social epistemology, which explores impact of the presence of minoritized people in STEM. I do a lot of advocacy for marginalized people in the sciences and have been an active member of the National Society of Black Physicists for nearly 15 years.

stem and fem relationship goals instagram

I'm also an active critic of the way diversity discourse has been mainstreamed as a move away from equal-rights struggles, and I think scientists need to talk about colorism more. I did my Ph.

stem and fem relationship goals instagram

I am Irish and live in London, and work at the University of Roehampton. My Twitter ID is amcell. In my team, we develop, refine, and apply new microscopy tools to optically resolve the building-blocks of life: A highlight among the proteins that we study are the arrays of giant calcium channels called the ryanodine receptors, which orchestrate the heartbeat. Building new technologies and scientific tools has been a way of self-discovery for me since childhood and a way of connecting with queer scientists who have influenced my career path toward academia.

I first came out as a trans woman to two of my colleagues 10 years ago. Seven years ago, I came out to my partner, also an academic, who inspired me to be my full authentic self. I currently work in a faculty that is home to a number of LGBT scientists.

Like all of them, I am well supported by my employer and find it an academic environment in which I can thrive. I am currently a graduate research assistant in the DeBoer Lab at Purdue University, where I use a mix of quantitative and qualitative approches to better understand and predict underrepresented students' behaviors in online learning.

We're here and we're queer!

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Despite positive contributions to society, livestock farming is currently facing changes in socio-cultural values related to its land use and climate impacts, animal welfare, and knowledge of food origin.

My work aims to promote ways of reconciling natural resource management and food production in the long term, as part of the necessary transition of agriculture. In doing this, I try to contribute to an ecologically and socially fair world. Being openly gay to my work colleagues has made me feel more self-confident and probably helped me becoming a better person and a better scientist. Being part of the Queer Scientists campaign is just another way to contribute to a more equitable and fair world.

This passion took me to Rio where I am currently a Ph. Working on different areas such as microbial ecology, applied microbiology, and biotechnology, I hope to learn more about the bacterial and archaeal communities inhabiting Brazilian marine sponges, how they are important to their hosts, and, perhaps, use what they produce in our favor. For me, a fundamental part of being a scientist is to share your knowledge and stimulate the discussion about science with everyone.

And speaking our truth is a beautiful and powerful way to do that! It's important to me to be out in my professional life — and to be vocal about social and racial justice in every setting — to show that science isn't divorced from social issues and that we can only do our best work after we have confronted the inequality and biases that remain pervasive in our field. I have also worked with the Office of Research and Diversity Training at Penn to recruit, increase and retain the number of diversity trainees.

Twitter, Instagram and FB page: We all navigate the world in different ways, using different strategies and learning more efficient routes over time. As queer people, many variables make the world hard to navigate. As a step toward making the world easier to navigate for everyone, I study the neural correlates of spatial navigation and memory.

The brain is thought to generate a cognitive map of well-known areas, which helps us navigate and form memories. My current projects examine how specific regions of our brain represent different aspects of our environment in different ways, such as using allocentric world-centered or egocentric self-centered reference frames.

I grew up in Utah, finished undergraduate work in Indiana, then moved to Boston in Twitter doofuslucas, Instagram doofuslucas I am genderqueer transmasculine and I am a master's student in mechanical engineering. I am specifically working with protonic ceramics being run in reverse to store renewable energy as liquid ammonia. I have been able to design and fabricate a high-temperature, high-pressure, test stand for experimentation using planar proton-conducting cells.

I am not yet sure what the future holds after graduation, but I am excited to see! Instagram maxpisciotta I am queer and I am a PhD trained pharmacologist in science policy.

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I just wanted to learn more about pharmacology. I studied molecular pharmacology and cancer biology in graduate school. I chose to do a postdoc not to move toward a faculty position, but to learn more about an area of interest: I then took a Program Manager position for a small academic research center to learn more about the administrative and compliance of doing clinical trials.

I am now in my first fellowship year at the National Institutes of Health. I am learning about the different facets of science policy and how many different careers are possible for scientists.

My research focuses on evaluating pain-related patient outcomes and the interplay of the opioid crisis policies with pain management at the population level. Fierce advocate for evidence-based policy making.

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Being out in extremely remote communities is interesting, but I think it's important for children to see confident queer people excelling in STEM - especially if I'm the first out queer person they've ever met!

Teaching STEM wasn't what I originally intended to do with my degree, but it is the most rewarding thing I've ever done and I've come to see teaching as my form of activism.

Working for a national STEM organization also allows me to create gender equity protocols that will reach hundreds of thousands of youth, which is amazing. Science is a powerful tool that isn't offered to all equally, and by working hard to create STEM opportunities that are intersectional and targeted for those who have previously been excluded is meaningful work.

Plus there's a ton of cute puppies up north! Instagram percypaters I am queer and I am a psychophysiology PhD student. QEEG is multiple electroencephalography, EEG, sensors placed over the head to pick up the brain's electrical patterns.

When medication or supplements are taken, brain presentation changes. In my study, I am exploring the outcomes of how testosterone presents for these individuals. In my field there are other queer people, but not enough. I hope to add to the literature and help bring more light to an area that needs more research and understanding. In addition, I aim to help educate my field about the queer community. My research centres on understanding the social life and evolution of primates through the study of vocal, visual, and olfactory communication.

I am currently working on cataloguing the vocal repertoire of a subspecies of Angolan colobus so that later projects can examine group movement and leadership dynamics. I am queer and I am an epidemiologist. My research interests are substance use, harm reduction and overdose prevention. In addition to conducting research I help to create content for a website that houses plain-language overdose prevention materials for people in Rhode Island PreventOverdoseRI.

I have always been interested in health and realized that a career epidemiology and public health generally would enable me to think about broad, structural ways to improve population health. I study the interaction of humans and their environments. I work at archaeological sites and study soil, water, and artifacts to understand paleoenvironments, resource use, and how sites have changed over time. I'm a bi ciswoman and I take special pride in supporting and empowering all my students to be their best person and find their inner scientist!

Twitter cyntillation I am queer and I am a researcher. So I did what any scientist would do and chose UAB as my learning platform. It was here that I gained the courage to come out to my friends and family.

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Until then, me and my queer partner in crime will continue our quest to solve all the problems in the world starting with cancer research!

I am gay and I am a PhD student in polar marine biology. I have been involved with plastics-related research throughout my undergrad and masters but am interested in any research which mitigates the negative impacts of anthropogenic activities upon the marine world. Platforms like this are a great idea- go QS! I am interested in using microbes to experimentally model the evolution of community dynamics!

At Ole Miss, I studied biology and chemistry and defended an honors thesis on organometallic synthesis. Also at Ole Miss I started coming out to friends and family. When I was accepted to the biomedical sciences PhD program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, one of the questions I asked the program directors was how well I would fit in as an out gay man. I joined an affirming lab with a lesbian tech on possibly the gayest floor in the med school, and that's where I am as I type this.

I am interested in the effects of poor nutrition on aquatic invertebrates and I work on identifying nutritional indicators which can help us with the long term monitoring of freshwater bodies.


As a woman in STEM, I have had people to look up to and have seen most institutions at least make an effort to encourage women into STEM albeit not always successfully but I feel like queer scientists are a bit more hidden and there is less effort to discuss our presence and struggles, hence posting my story - there's a lot of us!! I am trans and I am a paleoecologist researcher. I look at adaptive vs non adaptive responses of desert rodents in the American Great Basin in the face of anthropogenic and natural environmental change.

Specifically I research how morphological shape and dietary flexibility work in accord to buffer species in a changing landscape through space and time. I moved to Oregon from Grapevine, TX, largely in part so that I could transition in a more progressive region of the country.

stem and fem relationship goals instagram

Growing up in Texas wasn't easy and like many fellow trans people, I felt the need to hide who I was. Since moving to Oregon I have still had my fair share of obstacles, but despite it all I have persevered. Lately however, I have noticed a growing wave of support and inclusivity from many STEM fields, spearheaded by the trans and queer scientists before me.

stem and fem relationship goals instagram

My lab in particular, is cognizant of my unique story and wholeheartedly supports me. As more and more queer scientists are respected for their work and given support, we can continue to break down barriers and challenge the single story of who can be a scientist. Instagram junipergrimes I am a gay man, of trans experience and I am a postdoctoral fellow in computational medicine and bioinformatics. I am an advocate for queer and trans folks within the STEM fields, and am interested in connecting with and supporting fellow transgender STEM professionals.

Twitter anwoodphd I am a lesbian and I am a planetary scientist. Born and raised in Massachusetts, I received my Ph. My research interests broadly lie in the area of planetary science with an emphasis on geochemistry and experimental petrology. My research focuses on examining the thermal and magmatic evolution of rocky planetary bodies in our Solar System.

Although my favorite planet to study is Mercury given its low abundance of oxygen and therefore unconventional behavior of elements, my research extends across all rocky bodies in the inner Solar System including planets and asteroids. I am extremely passionate about educating the next generation of STEM majors and have led an extensive education and public outreach program since starting graduate school in Since becoming comfortable in my own skin, I have made it a mission to be the role model to younger generations that I needed growing up.

My mom knew I would go into life science of some kind from when I was 3 years old. And while her life's happenings are filled with some A-list moments, Philipps' style—speaking straight to camera in a conspiratorial tone and often playing with her hair—means she manages to come off somehow relatable. While the average person doesn't get the chance to attend the premiere of Broadway's Mean Girls or a screening of Williams' latest Oscar vehicle, Manchester By the Sea, if they did, they'd probably report on celeb sightings and lament how they managed to end up with a tray full of mini crab cakes on their dress.

The appearances are not, as one might think, to help build up her pal's following because Philipps is doing that just fine on her own, thank you very much. Rather, speculates the I Feel Pretty actress, "I think it's fascinating to her, because it's so outside of what she would normally do or project.

I think she's very curious about the immediate feedback of fans and people you know, giving you reinforcement. Having followed in the footsteps of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox and Tina Fey and Amy Poehlerthey have made the seamless leap from coworkers to cohorts. And Williams insists their year friendship is just as fun as it looks on camera.

Being a solid companion is something the mom of Birdie, 9, and Cricket, 4, "puts a lot of time and energy into," explains Williams.