Stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

Homework: Read Chapters 2*5; Use study guide; 3-point reading quiz Pav #2 Class: Trace the route of the train which Stephen Kumalo takes from his home to Johannesburg. 2. Chapter 2: Describe the relationship between “mother” and umfundisi. Chapter How is the policeman wrong about James Jarvis on p. James Jarvis - The novel's other protagonist, a white landowner whose farm overlooks Ndotsheni. where he begins to rethink his opinions and his relationship to the villagers that live below his farm. Theophilus Msimangu - Stephen Kumalo's host and guide in Johannesburg. A tall . Take the Character List Quick Quiz. Compare and Contrast James Jarvis with Stephen Kumalo essaysAlan Paton wrote Cry, the Beloved Country to show a view of South Africa's problems in which.

Movement of blacks from rural to urban C. Racial differences and discrimination 3. Students will be required to write frequent journal assignments to stimulate discussion and improve composition skills through writing practice.

Learn the skill of precis writing by making chapter synopsis and learn MLA notecard form. Students will write a Bill of Rights 4. Students will be required to take notes of class discussions and various other teaching elides. Test Tsldnff Skills; Frennent reading quizzes and a final unit test. After reading three documents related to human rights, students will generate a basic Bill of Rights for the new Republic of South Africa as they understand current and future needs.

Background information on author Journal: Write for five minutes about a landscape which is important to you. Describe how a landscape helps determine who we are as a culture or people. Share and discuss above. Read the first chapter of Cry, the Beloved Country; Discuss and connect it to the journal assignment and discussion.

Reading quiz at the beginning or after the discussion. Trace the route of the train which Stephen Kumalo takes from his home to Johannesburg. Examine the area of Johannesburg and find the area which would have been Sophiatown and locate Alexandra. Read descriptions of both townships. Transparencies can be used to demonstrate and show the township locations to demonstrate how races were separted. Examine the basic elements of the major characters.

Read chapters Dav 3 Class: Read and discuss two poems: Connect to the novel Study Guides: Use for large class discussion or group work Homework: Read Chapters ; Write a one-sentence synopsis for each chapter.

Check chapter synopis which was the homework assignment. If the students are not familiar With this concept, prior instruction may be necessary before the assignment is given. Discuss chapters; check paragraph synopsis.

Begin to identify common motifs in the novel. Read Chapters ; Reading quizzes. Short reading quizzes can be given periodically to serve as a check for comprehension and to insure that homework is being completed. Group Work on study guides or students may read a scene from Lost in the Stars Slides if available Homework: Read chapters Pav 6 Class: Review the structure and language of the novel- Three books: Read chapters 5 page 5 Dav 7 Class: In-class writing on characterization and theme- See addendum Discussion Homework: Read Chapters P f W ffg Class: Read Chapters Pav 9 Class: Write an interior monologue for one of the characters at any point of the novel thus far.

Present tense, feelings, stay in character Share HW: Read Chapters Pav 10 Class: Discuss theme of Book III: Read Chapters PayJ. Check the "List of Words" in vour novel on pages Although it is not required.

A dd a brief description; make additions as the novel progresses.

Cry The Beloved Country Project

Reverend Stephen Kumalo, Umfundisi: Gertrude, sister of Stephen Kumalo 25 years youngerhas a young son: Absalom, son of Stephen Kumalo: Lithebe, landlady of a Johannesburg boarding house: Chanter Study Questions Chapter 1: What are the key emotions of this chapter.

What images produce them? What do you learn about the society and families in this chapter? A major theme of the novel is described in this chapter. Write a full sentence indicating what you think is one of the central ideas of the novel thus far.

What is the crime of the white man against the tribe, p. What does Msimangu mean on page 70? Studu guide, page 3 Study Guide: Chapters Chapter 8: Why is Msimangu bitter towards the young girl? What is the irony in this chapter? Why is the anecdote on p. What white attitude is depicted on p. A lyrical passage Chapter Why do black militants despise Msimangu end of chapter? Why is the young white man angry p. Does Absalom show repentence in his conversation with Stephen Kumalo?

What is the positive outcome of this scene? Describe the relationship between the two women. What is ironic about Arthur Jarvis being killed by a black? ERjt Studu gujdgt gage 5 Chapter How convincing is the justification of capitalism on pp. How is the policeman wrong about James Jarvis on p. An example of dramatic irony.


Why is Msimangu glad that John Kumalo is corrupt p. Do you think that Msimangu speaks for the author here? What does the last sentence of the chapter mean? Why does Gertrude want to become a nun? Evaluate the verdict and sentence: Has Absalom grown spiritually? Book in Chapter Explain the following quotes: Give examples of the upward turn from despair that we see in Book Three. Use caoital letters onlv.

Son of John Kumalo 6. Biblical rebellious son counsel I. Enclosure for cattle J. Place of execution L. Open grass country M. Answer each question in a sentence or two.

stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

The setting of the novel are the years. Why did Absalom come to Johannesburg: The bus boycott was begun because D. Name two techniques the agricultural demonstrator intended to teach the villagers: I have heard that they are watching you, that they will arrest you when they think it is time. And for a moment he cautht his breath in astonishment, for it was a small white boy on a red horse, a small white boy as like to another who had riden here as any could be.

At the church door he spoke to Kumalo and said gravely. When Stephen Kualo returns from Johannesburg he is suddenly made aware of many inherent problems with the tribal system in Ndotsheni. Specifically, what are these problems? Use capital letters only. Sir; title of respect 9. Village of Stephen Kumalo First martyr of the Christian I. Enclosure for cattle Church J. Principle of separation of races L. Of what tribe was Kumalo a member: Why did Gertrude come to Johannesburg: Shanty Town was built because D.

Name two techniques which the agricultural demonstrator intended to teach the villagers: But they say you must hear him at a meeting. I have the permission of the Church to give this to you, my friend And for a moment he caught his breath in astonishment, for it was a small white boy on a red horse, a small white boy as like to another who had ridden here as any could be. The rosy cheeked priest was there, and they talked about the place where Kumalo lived and worked. And the white man in his turn spoke about his country.

You know the kind of thing. Native crime and more native schools, and he kicked up a hell of a dust in the papers about the conditions of the non-European hospital. If you see no growth, say so andjustify. Who is the biblical Absalom?

What is the relationship between Stephen Kumalo and Gertrude? Who is the biblical Stephen?

Socratic Seminar: Cry, the Beloved Country | Katie Hornung's Classes

Why does Stephen Kumalo journey to Johannesburg? What is a post office book? Stephen Kumalo discovers how Gertrude has been leading her life. Who is John Kumalo? Why did Gertrude go to Johannesburg? What did the letter to Stephen Kumalo say? Where did Stephen Kumalo get the money to take his trip?

Chapters 10 points 1. A post office book is. Msimangu, power corrupts unless it is the power of 5. Name one actual historical event that is depicted in the novel: In two or three sentences, identify a major motif in the novel and give a specific example: Name the language which is the native tongue of Stephen Kumalo.

Why is so little attention paid to the trial in Johannesburg? What is the name of the video you will watch on Thursday and Friday?

stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

How is the beginning of chapter 18 similar to and different from the beginning of chapter 1? Cry, the Beloved Country Quiz B: James Jarvis had wished that his son would leave the farm and the area to make a life of his own rather than continue at High Place. Which historical figure seemed to have the most influence on Arthur Jarvis, using the number of books he had as a guide. On your assignment sheet there are five title of books about Africa. In the space below respond to the assignment.

Please keep in mind all the elements of good writing: Centred focus, topic sentence scomplete, well-structured sentences, and logical development and organization.

You might consider making notes before you begin. Pick one of these voices and write a brief characterization sketch as you imagine the character. Could this character live in your community?

stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

Select one of the characters listed below and answer the question in each category. Make 7 notecards standard size to be checked the next day.

Use the MLA Style for notecards: See note below under Day 1, 1 regarding notecard format. Furthermore, he is braver than he used to be. He no longer accepts the chief's word; he insists that something be done even though ultimately Kumalo realizes that the chief will do nothing. Then he goes to the headmaster, but he is again disappointed because the headmaster tells him that the school will be able to do nothing.

His vision of a great new society is dimmed as he encounters one obstacle after another. Once more Paton shows what one man can do if he is willing to learn and to act on the basis of what he has learned.

Jarvis, rather than giving in to hatred and a desire for revenge after the murder of his son, was brought by his own innate goodness and the prodding of his son's words to rethink all his old opinions about his country and himself — or perhaps to think about these things for the first time in his life. Now his thoughts have begun to bear fruit, for earlier he gave money to the African Boys' Club, and now he provides milk for the village's children.

His grandson, too, has begun to learn and to understand the Africans, both their language and their problems. With the example of his grandfather and the deeds of his father, it seems likely that he will grow up with a new set of principles; what Arthur Jarvis started is beginning to show results.

The letters Kumalo receives contrast to the events transpiring in his own home town. The letters bring distressing news of death, but in contrast the valley is presently receiving help from Mr. The uselessness of the chief is shown by the fact that when he sees the surveyor planting sticks in the ground, he orders his men to also plant some sticks.

They are rather comic figures in comparison with the good Jarvis and Kumalo. While Jarvis is in the valley, it begins to rain. As noted in an earlier commentary, the beginning of the rain can be seen as a symbol of the renewed hopes and rebirth of the valley.

Jarvis is trapped in the rain and must ask Kumalo for permission to leave his saddle on the parson's porch and to take refuge in the church. The building leaks so much that they have to move constantly in order to find better protection. Ultimately, Jarvis will build a new church for the village. During their wait, Jarvis learns that Absalom's plea for clemency has not been granted and that his son's murderer will soon be hanged.

Thus the two fathers are left with only the memories of their sons. Arthur's son comes to Kumalo to learn more Zulu. Kumalo sees the brightness of the father shining in the son. As the boy leaves, Kumalo hopes that he will see the valley reborn before he dies because during his lifetime he has seen so much disintegration.

Jarvis is not just giving gifts or charity to the people of the valley. Following his son's advice, he is providing the means for the people to help themselves. He provides them with the agricultural demonstrator so that the people themselves can learn how to preserve the land and turn it into a productive valley again.

In these last chapters, there are strong indications of communication and understanding between Mr.

stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

As soon as he hears of Mrs. Jarvis' death, Kumalo would like to speak to Jarvis, but custom forbids; he must content himself with writing a letter of condolence. Jarvis answers, explaining that Mrs. Jarvis had been ill for some time. He writes this explanation so that Kumalo will not think that Arthur's murder caused Mrs. Jarvis to die, thus indicating that Mr.

stephen kumalo and james jarvis relationship quiz

Jarvis has developed a deeper sympathy and compassion for the feeling of the blacks. At the same time, Jarvis promises Kumalo a new church.