Stockton and malone relationship questions

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stockton and malone relationship questions

John Stockton touches on his career, relationships with the Jazz and Utah; thoughts the fact that John Stockton invited media members to ask him questions at a press . Q: Did you have to edit the foreword by Karl Malone?. John Stockton and Karl Malone were known for being painfully boring during their playing days with the Utah Jazz. This story will not dispel that. unable to handle questions about his decision to retire another Sentiment dictated that it almost had to be delivered to Karl Malone, who had The relationship with Green provided a rare window into both Stockton's.

Have any reached out or razzed you? My kids wanted to call the foreword, "The Power Foreword," by the way. I thought that was kind of catchy. But I get a call, mostly texts now, "Hey, I liked it. Did you have to edit the foreword by Karl Malone? I had nothing to do with the foreword other than ask if he'd be willing to do it.

I was surprised by his enthusiasm towards it, and then he did it. He handed it in to Coach Pickett. It was pretty nice to hear. Did you get everything out that you wanted to in the book, or will there be more books? You guys are already razzing me about telling everything.

What did Frank Layden do to help bring you along and shape your career? Every time I speak to Frank Layden, even today, wisdom just kind of oozes out everywhere.

It was very important to him that he makes his players better people when they were done with them. I remember many conversations I had with him before we even started bounding the balls in training camp my rookie season that impacted the rest of my life. I think that helps you. It gives you confidence. Can you talk about Jerry Sloan and how he impacted your career?

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He's really worn a lot of hats for me personally. What did you think about how Sloan tried to extend your playing career by restricting your minutes? That was one of the things we fought about. I wanted to try to win this whole thing and then go off into the sunset, so to speak. He felt like he had a duty to the organization to preserve us and have us around for a longer time. He felt like then you bring a mesh of young guys in and you're viable for longer.

We argued about it, but he won. Outside of Utah, who were some people who influenced you early on? My brother Steve Stockton. My brother thundered me in everything most of my life.

He was a great carrot out in front of me. All I wanted to do ever was beat him at anything. One of the guys basketball-wise was Coach Pickett, who helped me write the book. He caught me at a very impressionable time, taught me the fundamentals.

He gave me the foundation it took to build on it so that my love for the game could expand because I could build on something. He came in at a great time in my life, especially as far as basketball goes.

What does the support from the Utah community mean to you? This has been home for me. One of the hardest things I ever did was move myself and my family back home to Spokane, Wash. For me, it was my mom and dad were there. My brothers and sisters, the community I grew up inwas there. But this is also home. Probably my parents being there was the turning point for us. Utah welcomed me with opened arms.

I still feel very much at home here as I do with the Jazz and here in this building the former Delta Center. This was a special time in my life. I feel very connected still.

Your son, Michael, has had opportunities with Utah working out, playing summer league. What was that like to see him wearing the Jazz jersey?

It was very neat to see Michael wearing the Jazz gear and practicing — even more so to see the pride in which he held doing it.

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That was a great thrill for him, for me, for us. Do you see yourself having more involvement with the Jazz organization in a formal capacity going forward? There's so much of that still ahead of me. My kids that are older than her are playing. My daughter Lindsay is playing at Montana state. David is playing at Gonzaga. My son Michael, who you mentioned, is in Germany playing. What do you think about the state of the current NBA and the point guard position?

Almost every point guard you see out there now is a scorer.

stockton and malone relationship questions

The NBA has always gone through patterns, if you will. I remember when I first came in everybody was looking for the Magic Johnson clone.

And like Isiah Thomasguys like him really succeeded, and they said, "Hey, maybe we can succeed with little guys. I think it's always in flux and probably always will be in trying to figure out that secret formula that wins the title. You wrote about the undercurrent on the team in your last season. How much does that tarnish your career? I think the whole purpose of that point in the story was not even the undercurrent.

It was to show how I handled it and how I handled a lot of things in that last year. I took that very internal on what I needed to do rather than what was going on there.

Many fans wanted you to score more. Any regrets about not shooting more? I figured the coaches would tell me if they wanted something different. We had Karl Malone, arguably the best scorer in the history of the game. It would be foolish to sit there and take too many outside shots when you can get the ball into him close. The foul pressure it puts on teams, the high percentage he shot, the ability to shoot free throws and all those things with him.

My decisions on the court were based on the types of guys around at the time and what was the necessary play, I think. What was the most enjoyable part of writing the book and what do you hope people will take away? The most enjoyable part was the walk down memory lane, whether it be my childhood or high school and college, professional days. And to recollect stories. I even found myself chuckling in the chair sometimes thinking about things. What I hope people get out of it is so many people impact others' lives.

Normal everyday people that go to work every day, that hand a kid a basketball or hand him a football or hand him, whatever, a book. It changes their lives, and they go on without any credit for it.

So many people impacted my life positively and it's an unlikely story. Did you take it upon yourself to take over the final minutes of the Game 6 win in the Western Conference Finals that sent you to the NBA Finals for the first time in ? I think even in the book I mentioned that.

stockton and malone relationship questions

I remember Greg Ostertag being impactful in the latter minutes of that. In fact, I made a point not to go back and research. I wanted to go by memory, so I guess it's a freer story or something. I didn't want to be limited by details like"That was two points, not three points. Malone used words like proud, happy and honored to describe his feelings about working with the Jazz again for the first time since he left Utah to join the Lakers in I'll be looking forward — time and schedule permitting — to working with the big guys.

He travels to Utah a couple of times a month and hopes to work with the post players during those periods this summer. Miller said the Jazz and Malone are in somewhat of an experimental mode, which is similar to Hornacek's previous role from as the team's shooting coach. Neither party is sure if this could lead to a more permanent position on the bench.

He's also met with Kanter, who continues to rehab from his April shoulder surgery and won't be able to go percent until later this summer.

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Malone said he has and will keep in close contact with Corbin to shape the sessions and strategy. He also has a statue in front of EnergySolutions Arena and a street next to the building named after him. Even so, Malone has grumbled in the past about how the team hadn't reached out to have him be more involved after he retired from the NBA. Miller and the vocal 6-foot-9 behemoth got into a public feud in before resolving their issues and, ironically, beginning the framework for his return to the organization.

Miller was impressed when he recently saw Malone work with the year-old Favors. He could tell Malone had put in a lot of prep work, asked a lot of valid questions and effectively ran the workout. I was absolutely excited.