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Was Debjani Mukopadhyay, who was arrested in Kashmir along with On the evening of Monday, April 22, her lawyer Abhishek Mukherjee Little is known about her relationship with Sen, but she reportedly had a Sudipta Sen is rumoured to have gifted Ms Mukhopadhyay an apartment worth about Rs. On April 23, when the long arm of the law caught up with West Bengal chit fund scam kingpin Sudipta Sen, it was the veiled young woman with. Sudipta Sen (in blue shirt) being brought down from a police van on Sudipta Sen, chairman and Debjani Mukherjee, executive director of.

He did not get any severe punishment. Warnings Ignored Dec 6, RBI Governor Subbarao warns state governments against chit funds. The responsibility of checking and prosecuting them is with the state government, RBI does not regulate chit fund firms, he says. WB chit fund scam: In this TMC regime we are seeing the same repetition. Muslim culprits are always get a special treatment in every sphere including this Cheat Fund sector also.

Actually Govt is the protector of these class of Mafia Culprits and Financial looters. The Political parties in the Govt survive with this huge unaccounted, fraudulent black money. Without closing these companies, Govt should make arrangements to refund the claim of the investors under making an regulatory provisions.

Govt can not deny his responsibility and investors should start calming refunds from all cheat funds keeping keen vigil upon the prospective flee-men. According to RBI, there could be at least 80 such entities in the state, which are collecting deposits from the public. Saradha is in the news due to the scale of its operations and the resulting impact when it failed to repay its depositors following a run on it.

The petition urges the court to appoint a receiver to seize properties of chit fund companies to auction them and pay back depositors. But, what was doing this Sudipta Sen in Kashmir Valley?

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How and when did the ugly duckling turn into a seductive swan? Debjani was always a bright student, her teachers point out: She had passed her school-leaving exams in with flying colours.

But it's hard not to notice when a plump, dark girl, with a moon face and jacked-up teeth-she couldn't close her mouth over her teeth, they say-becomes a curvy beauty, with gleaming skin, pouty lips, enormous eyes and the longest lashes.

Is it plastic surgery, as her old school mates-none of whom she keeps in touch with-speculate? After all, her boss is rumoured to have gone under the knife, too. Debjani's journey had begun in Despite good grades, she was tempted by glamour and trained as an air-hostess. Jobs were not forthcoming and she joined Saradha Realty India Ltd as a receptionist-cum-telephone operator.

In just three years, she became executive director of all the companies of the Group: She looked after banking and HR verticals, was the only person, besides chairman Sen, with the authority to sign company cheques, vetted visitors to him and shared the corner office with him. No one could get a call though to Sen without it being routed through Debjani.

From a quiet girl to Sudipta Sen's queen bee, Debjani Mukherjee and the worlds she's traversed

To those who did not know her past, it was evident that Debjani knew the power of being polished. Some say, make-up made the woman. And it was not just the five-minute eyeliner-foundation-blush combo. Clad in gaudy silk saris, high heels and her signature electric blue eyeshadow, it was obvious to all that she was no ordinary employee.

Ironically, her fashion sense matched Sen's, who was often seen in shiny white suits, teamed with bright blue shirts and red ties. Money was the other axis around which their lives found meaning. Those who worked for Shokal Bela, the Bangla newspaper published from New Delhi sinceremember hearing Debjani's oft-repeated catch-phrase: Sen, too, gave the impression that he expected people to ask him for money.

A mental wreck, Saradha boss needs psychiatric help

A journalist who had met him in Delhi, to inform him about a work issue in the daily, still recalls Sen's sudden interjection: Officially, her salary was to the tune of Rs 1 lakh per month in cheque and another Rs 1 lakh in cash apart from other perks and privileges.

Sen had gifted her a brand new flat in the upcoming south Kolkata neighbourhood of Kasba and a couple of luxury cars, including a Scorpio and a Maruti Swift. According to reports from Bangla channels, Rs 30 crore has been traced to her bank accounts.