Superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship problems

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superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship problems

Superman Managed to Retcon His Romance With Wonder Woman Out of Existence Over the years in the New 52 Clark and Lois never really got together, Clark and Diana's relationship wiped off the timeline altogether. The pair started up a relationship at the end of the first year of The New 52 era, and it lasted until the death of the New 52 Superman. During. One of the biggest, and most common reasons why many Wonder Woman How was Wonder Woman and Superman friendship/ relationship before the New 52? So poor and bland I had to wait for all the issues to come out first and then .

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Superman & Wonder Woman vs General Zod (New 52 Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 1: Power Couple)

I quite like seeing Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple, more than I originally thought I would actually. What the New 52 allowed As you can see above, the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship has been explored in a few 'Elseworld' stories and 'one off' stories before, but never in any real depth because of the narrative constraints that come with 'Elseworld' stories and 'one off' stories.

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship problems

DC knows that a lot of people want to see Superman and Wonder Woman get together, but what's the best way to legitimately approach it? If they decided to kill off Lois Lane just to allow for Wonder Woman, readers would be pissed, and if the Wonder Woman relationship didn't stick, then they're screwed. DC would have to come up with some contrived scenario to bring Lois back from the dead, and the whole scenario would turn into one of those failed experiments in comic books that never should have happened in the first place.

This is what the New 52 allowed, a fresh start. I know that's a pretty obvious statement to make, but think about it. If DC really wanted to explore a Superman and Wonder Woman relationship over a considerable amount of time, then doing so within the foundations of a new universe allows exactly that. The New 52 reboot eliminates the potential risk of putting Superman and Wonder Woman together at the expense of Lois Lane, because Lois Lane is still there in the New 52 and Superman hasn't dumped her for Wonder Woman.

If Superman and Wonder Woman didn't click with the readers, then DC can scratch their relationship and begin building up his romantic relationship with Lois Lane again, but thankfully the Superman and Wonder Woman romance has been selling very well.

Superman and Wonder Woman's New 52 Romance Erased From Continuity

While Superman is in a relationship with Wonder Woman, this also allows DC to explore different aspects of the Lois and Clark relationship as well, aspects that haven't really been explored for decades, if at all, and I enjoy seeing how they interact with each other, professionally. I also feel like Lois Lane has become a much more developed, individualized and independent character in the New I like how Jimmy Olsen has been developed as more of a legitimate reporter as well, he isn't as childish as he used to be.

While Lois and Clark aren't romantically involved with each other, they are still very much a part of each others lives. As their working relationship is explored in the New 52, it adds another dimension to their interactions that I haven't seen in a long time, unpredictability.

Lois and Clark often clash and butt heads as the passionate and obstinate journalists that they are.

They argue and they fight, but they still respect each other as colleagues. Is there a future for Superman and Wonder Woman? Cynics and pessimists will say that Superman and Wonder Woman will never last as a couple and they might be right because there's no guarantees when it comes to love, especially in comics.

How would the world react to the new power couple? A group of individual superheroes uniting for a cause is one thing, but when the two most powerful beings on the planet fall in love, that raises an entirely different set of concerns because rational thinking often goes out the window when it comes to matters of the heart.

If Superman and Wonder Woman do break up, then all the platonic development that's been going on between Lois and Clark will suddenly make their romance seem much more organic and earned.

Lois Lane will become Clark's girlfriend because of what they've been through as competitors, as colleagues and as friends. Lois Lane and Clark Kent weren't an item for a long time in the original comics, so why would Lois Lane and Clark Kent be an item immediately in the New 52? I hope Superman and Wonder Woman do stay together, but I expect something catastrophic will happen, they'll break up and Clark will probably end up with Lois Lane anyway, and that will be fine because like I said, I'll just be glad that DC devoted a significant amount of time to explore what would happen if Superman and Wonder Woman were actually in a committed relationship with each other.

Superman and Wonder Woman's New 52 Romance Erased From Continuity

We are the ones buying these comic books after all. A relationship feels much more powerful when it is earned, after all. And the right kind of conflict can be just the thing to bring a couple closer together. In his first collection Casualties of War, Superman and Wonder Woman are suddenly reduced to parodies of themselves: The supportive, adult relationship I enjoyed so much from Power Couple has vanished.

As the two fall apart, more often then not, it feels less like natural development of the characters we were introduced to in Power Couple, and more something foisted upon them by the expectations of the higher ups at DC. I found myself shaking my head.

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship problems

Who were these self-sabotaging strangers, and what had they done with the mature Diana and Clark from Power Couple? The more their relationship broke down, the more I considered just dropping the book all together. Had I not been getting the graphic novels for free from my library, I would have. No Happily Ever Afters: The Cyclical Nature of Comics When it comes to love stories, the big moments — the proposals, the marriages — often but not always come at the end of the story.

These powerful symbols of commitments are natural points of resolution, so it makes sense to end on them — whether that be the final chapter of a book, the closing scene of a play, or the last lines of a fairy tale — a happily ever after. Only, can you truly have a happily ever after if you never have an end? At the end, he decides against it, determining that his commitment to being a superhero means that he can never have the type of happy marriage that his parents did. People of all walks of life can find lasting, committed relationships.

In fact, most of us do. Why are superheroes any different?