Survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

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survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

are responsible for collecting the data for the Survey of Child Support Awards. .. As Figure 1 indicates, the divorce process begins with marriage breakdown. our online survey 'Child Support System: Survey for Stepfamilies'. and strains that are reflected by the high family breakdown rate of stepfamilies which is nearly the primary parents have had a longer relationship with their children than. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Kazimirski, Anne; Format: Book, Online; v, 25 p.: ill. ; 30 cm.

A unique survey gaining a sample of over non-resident fathers. To date, it remains the only study to achieve a large representative sample of non-resident fathers from among the general population i.

survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

It also included in-depth study which developed a conceptual and theoretical framework around fathers' willingness to pay. The article reports the findings of an unfunded secondary analysis of the Families and Children Study.

survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

Peer reviewed at publication stage. Corporate Document Services, pp. Only the second study of its kind and the largest, comparing systems across 14 countries. Skinner was one of two non NatCen employees on the research consortium.

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She advised on aspects of design, survey instruments, analytical framework, data analysis, interpretation of findings and writing of the final report. A unique survey in UK, cited in many policy documents. Further variation to contract: Wikeley and Dr C. This information demonstrates the extent of the grant and the importance of the investment in this research area. Details of the impact By when the Labour Government came to power it was clear that the Act was failing.

survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

We had been writing about it1. But initially they sought to simplify the old system.

survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

However their new system was delayed and then failed to deliver. The Work and Pensions Select Committee published a series of reports. So the Secretary of State announced Hansard 9 February that there would be a review by Sir David Henshaw to completely redesign the child support system, to report by the summer recess.

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Our research contributed to the Henshaw review3. The White Paper that followed also referred to our work4.

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Between the White Paper and the Act Bradshaw and Skinner were active in a series of private, high level, policy seminars involving key ministers Lord Hunt, Lord Kirkwood. Skinner presented a paper5 at a Nuffield Foundation seminar.

A paper6 presented by Bradshaw at a seminar run jointly by The Nuffield Foundation and One Parent Families was vital in influencing the commissioning of the international comparative study conducted at York Skinner et al the findings of which were fed directly to the Director of the Child Support Division for the operational redesign.

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There was a consultation that referred directly to the results of our research7. Child maintenance obligations are now recognised by policy makers as being intimately interlinked with family relationships; this has been the consistent message from our research. The move to private agreements and the delivery of new support services under both Acts will have a vital impact on improving parental relationships in separated families and for increasing child well-being.

survey of relationship breakdown and child maintenance

Skinner, helped set the key recommendations of the enquiry, which included calling on the government to introduce holistic support services dealing with all aspects of parenting in separated families, not just child maintenance obligations.

The findings from these studies were key in developing Child Maintenance Options in which offered holistic information and support services to all separating parents not just CSA clients to help them make private agreements. Skinner's research9 developed the evidence base further to help policy makers understand how more parents could be encouraged to make private agreements; i.

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It confirmed our earlier work at York showing the vital importance of parental and child relationships to willingness to pay. Taken together, our research has shifted the policy rhetoric towards a more nuanced understanding of parental behaviour which recognises the importance of relationship factors to willingness to pay The scheme is still being piloted but we believe it is a much better policy thanks partly to our persistent research, scholarship and policy engagement since PhD supervision I have supervised many PhD's covering a broad range of topics mostly related to family policy and to aspects of social and family change at both national and international levels.

Divorce in contemporary Korea: Individualisation, Intimacy and Gender. Young women talk about relationships and love.

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Child Labour in Indonesia, PhD awarded Lone parents' transition to work and the impact on family well-being. PhD awarded July Coordinating childcare and work-life balance in Korea. Awaiting Viva November Interventions with couples facing child maintenance difficulties in Malta: An action research project.

The one-child policy's lost children: China's responsibility to compensate bereaved parents. Supervision interests Family policy; national and international child maintenance child support policies; non-resident fathers; seperated families; lone mothers; symbolic meanings of money; child well-being; childcare, early-education and 'foundation years' policy; marriage, cohabitation relationship formation and dissolution; parenting and work-life balance.