Tatsumi and mine relationship tips

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tatsumi and mine relationship tips

How will this change their relationship and Night Raid plans in the near future? I really appreciate all your reviews, suggestions and tips. Mine tightly hugged Tatsumi's right arm while her cheeks were colored with a light. a fellow gder the other day spoiled for me that mine will die shortly after being in a romantic relationship with Tatsumi, I think the writers should. Explore AutumnPawz 's board "Tatsumi x Mine" on Pinterest. | See more See more. Anime: Akame ga kill Killing Quotes, Anime Qoutes, Akame Ga Kill, Me .. For some reason,in the beginning I found their relationship funny. VogelFrei.

How will this change their relationship and Night Raid plans in the near future? I decided to write a Mine x Tatsumi fanfic because it's one of my favorite canon pairings. I hope they get a happy ending in the manga unlike the anime, because i think they deserve it after all they have been through. However that's Takahiro's decision.

Any type of constructive criticism like comments, suggestions and tips are welcome in reviews and private messages.

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It's my first fanfic so please go easy on me, okay?. Chapter 1 Kill the Unexpected News "Congratulations! You two are going to become parents! A mid-height boy in his mid to late teens with messy brown hair and emerald green eyes.

He came from a little village that was located in the cold southern region of the Empire, far away from the Imperial Capital.

One day, Tatsumi alongside his dear childhood friends traveled to said place in order to get a get a job and earn money to help their poor village. However, after a series of unfortunate events, the young man ended up joing the infamous group of assassins known as "Night Raid" and fighting against the cruel and corrupt Empire. She was wearing a frilled light pink dress that matched her hair and the big expressive eyes of hers, albeit from a darker tone.

The girl's name was Mine and she was about the same age as Tatsumi. The two of them have been dating since Mine confessed her love to Tatsumi some months ago, the two agreed to go out at first and see if their relationship worked out.


The country boy fell in love with her after a short time due to her being sweet and loving with him, the complete opposite of how she treated him after he joined Night Raid. She was rude and bossy with him at first, however she slowly begun to see the young man in different light as they went through a lot of missions together and how he became stronger both in body and mind, even after the death of several comrades, including his friend and mentor, Bulat.

Mine finally fell in love with Tatsumi since the day he saved her from a certain death against Jaegers member Seryuu Ubiquitous. For the past few days, Mine experienced symptoms like nausea and dizziness, her belly started to become more prominent as well. The pinkette thought that her sickness was related to eating something spoiled that Akame cooked, so Tatsumi accompanied her to the nearest doctor to a town close to Night Raid current hideout.

After having analyzed the medical tests and the series of questions she made to the supposedly sick girl. The short haired doctor gave them the shocking results that caught the couple off guard. Tatsumi reacted with a small blush on his cheeks at the woman's compliment, while the pink haired had a tense face. That's something very rare to happen, but it's still possible to occur during the first weeks of pregnancy. You were the one who wanted to do 'this and that' that night, remember!?

We did it because both of us agreed to! I guess you're right about that The young couple got back at Night Raid's headquarters by nightfall. Both were greeted by a relieved Akame, who was wearing an apron above her usual clothes and cooking the dinner that included grilled meat, favorite dish of the girl in her late teens who had very long black hair and red crimson eyes. Meanwhile, a hungry Leone was sniffing and salivating at the delicious meal that her friend was preparing for everyone.

I really appreciate all your reviews, suggestions and tips. This chapter is gonna be a build-up for an action packed one that i'm already writing. Chapter 3 Kill the Return to Action A couple of days following the shocking news about Mine expecting a child from Tatsumi.

Najenda, leader of the fearsome group of assassins know as 'Night Raid', went to the Revolutionary Army main headquarters to give a full explanation to her superiors about the situation about Mine's pregnancy. They were reluctant at first, but the former imperial convinced them that she and Tatsumi were going to take the responsability of Mine's pregnancy.

The RA leaders agreed to overlook this matter with two conditions. The first one was that the ownership and usage of Pumpkin was going to be passed to her; the second condition consisted on Tatsumi taking part of more missions to compensate for Mine's absence. The former general of the empire also managed to persuade the revolutionary leaders to gave their permission to Mine to give birth at one of the RA hospitals, the hospitalization expenses were going to be covered by Tatsumi. The young man was in disbelief after hearing those news, because he was going to pay with all the money he was going to earn for the upcoming missions.

However, he was very happy and relieved to hear that his beloved one was going to receive good medical attention during and after the delivery of their child.

tatsumi and mine relationship tips

With renewed spirits all the members continued to improve their combat abilities in order to prepare for an important mission, with some of them taking part in minor missions to keep themselves on the shadows, because the empire was still trying to locate them to no avail. One day, Najenda summomed her subordinates on the morning of the next day at the living room to give them some news about the ongoing war.

She told them that the RA contacted her to assign them a new mission.

tatsumi and mine relationship tips

Tatsumi woke up early in the morning due to the anxiety of taking part in an important mission after several months since the last one.

On said mission at the Church of the Path of Peace the group fought against the Jaegers, led by Esdeath who literally stomped them. Although Night Raid managed to kill Boric; they lost Susanoo, who sacrified himself to let them escape from the fearsome ice general. On his way to the living room where the meeting was going to take place, Tatsumi was joined by an effusive Mine who greeted him with a sudden kiss on the lips that surprised him.

Her first symptoms almost disappeared but new ones appeared. The young couple then walked down the corridor while holding hands. Mine tightly hugged Tatsumi's right arm while her cheeks were colored with a light pink tone.


Meanwhile, Tatsumi looked a bit uncomfortable by his lover action. Both of them then reunited with Lubbock and Leone, who were already waiting for Akame and Najenda.

As soon as they entered the living room the two lovers were greeted by their fellow comrades. Lubbock said to the couple. The two teenagers greeted their friends. While their were waiting for their first and second in-command, Mine got aware that Tatsumi was feeling somewhat uneasy.

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The young girl looked a bit sad. It's just that's embarrassing for me!