Taurus and aquarius love relationship

Taurus and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

taurus and aquarius love relationship

The Taurus and Aquarius compatibility requires a lot of work for these two have different needs and expectations from life but there is also a. 3 days ago With these two signs, it's a matter of timing. If Aquarius is ready to drop anchor in a committed relationship, that will satisfy Taurus' need for. Are you a Taurus man in love with an Aquarius woman, or, article throws light on the relationship compatibility between this zodiac couple.

How do these two get along, then? They may appear to have few common interests, but they share a very strong desire to succeed — which means they may make better business partners than lovers. Since these two can both be extremely opinionated, they must take care not to get into arguments, especially because of their dissimilar reactions to tension: They like to do things their way with as little fuss as possible.

Despite their differences, however, they do have something to offer one another.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

Venus is a warm, feminine energy and Saturn a cold masculine energy. Uranus is about all things strange and unusual. They are very stubborn and will not change their opinion on things unless they are truly convinced otherwise. Aquarius is the second last sign of the zodiac and is known for its progressive thought process. Those born under this sun sign are sharp, focused and determined. The water-bearer is a real sucker for intellectual conversations and poignant discussions. They know how to achieve the highest of heights in their chosen field and once they set their mind to accomplish something, they are prone to get to it more often than not.

Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility In theory, the Taurus Aquarius compatibility looks weak and their love match seems to be filled with problems to the brim. They have two distinctly different approaches to life and it is difficult for the duo to find middle ground amidst such stark dissimilarity.

However, if Aquarius and Taurus really love each other and want to make their relationship work, there are a few things they can take care of to avoid unnecessary conflict and tension between them. Aquarius is a cerebral sign and Taurus is also admired for its sharp and steady intellect. This is why, conversations between these two signs is always interesting and stimulating for both the parties involved.

taurus and aquarius love relationship

Pros and Cons of Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: A lot of people do, and this moves too far away from the complex, and beautiful, emotional nature of the Aquarius.

Aquarius needs help with the spark happening in this relationship. Taurus offers a great deal for Aquarius; it comes from the variety of spring -- rain, snow, flowers, wind, sunshine, dark days, pollen. Taurus is highly interesting, but often doesn't want to open itself up to the variety it naturally has.

Taurus gets lost in how much it can take charge -- because it automatically is like a charged battery from its nature. Taurus needs to dive into what makes it interesting, and not just the physical reality it can help offer.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover

Spring is a symbol of the physical manifestations the world can offer and provide for the species living here. Taurus needs to offer that beauty to Aquarius to attract them. How in the world can a Taurus get boring when they have this power?

Because they'll forget it, or because they won't believe it is important in the grand scheme of life. A weird paradox indeed. There is a beautiful gift in Taurus -- it can make the world green, fruitful, and be a blessing, if not miracle. Aquarius will be attracted to this because it houses the cold, the snow, the winter representing both the early stages of life and the later stages -- death, aging, and illness. Of course, that can be threatening to Taurus, but it needs to accept this part of the cycle that comes before it.

Aquarius is odd in this way because they are both old souls and childlike. They think forward into the future, with the past forwarding this. You can't have spring without the vision of the Aquarius -- which does include death, cleansing, and age. Are we starting to see how beautiful the two energies are here? Taurus needs to come out of its shell.

taurus and aquarius love relationship

An Aquarius is a gift to it that can enlighten it, bring out that spring energy, and allow them to go much further than they originally thought. A Taurus can be threatened by an Aquarius if a Taurus isn't willing to see its own self. An Aquarius desires for the Taurus to show off its creative energy.

taurus and aquarius love relationship

If a Taurus shows this, an Aquarius will be more attracted to it than the Scorpio -- which they often get hung up on. Why does the Taurus have this potential? Because ultimately spring overpowers autumn.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Life has greater value than death. But Taurus often buries its head -- you're not just a seed to be planted in spring. You are already blooming when it gets to spring. There's a certain youthful energy the first few zodiacs receives because they are related to this spring energy. This cane make the early zodiacs somewhat arrogant, leader like, and brazen. This is where it is important to listen to the older soul that is Aquarius, so that you can harness your energy and make an impact, and learn how to spread it without fear.

Yes, the Taurus realizes that it can't make every space on this planet green -- and it fear putting its flowers in places where it cannot grow, but Aquarius has the eyes to see where the Taurus is missing those chances.

taurus and aquarius love relationship

Aquarius and Taurus have the capacity to have a great flow of energy in their relationship. Aquarius helps bring life into Taurus, and Taurus helps Aquarius find ground.

taurus and aquarius love relationship

In nature, these two already have a cause and effect relationship -- meaning this is incredibly natural. It is Aquarius nature that makes the flowers grow in Taurus.

It is Taurus nature that gives Aquarius' vision the chance to grow.