Taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

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taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman will have to make some efforts if they want their relationship to last. He is a homeboy, and she likes to party. You will agree. Sagittarius likes to do things quickly and on the go while Taurus needs time to act and likes to be settled at one place. At first they can get well together but. Taurus and Sagittarius are two of the most beneficent signs in the zodiac. Taurus Compatibility With Sagittarius in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship.

Usually loss of trust here simply breaks up the relationship and they both go their separate ways with no regret.

taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

Taurus and Sagittarius both have this joy about them that can be awaken by their relationship. With the Moon exalted in Taurus and Jupiter exalted in Cancer ruled by the Moonthere is a certain feel, a soul, a tenderness to share between them.

taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

Their approaches to life are different, their characters incomparable, but the joy they can feel toward some things is completely the same. Sagittarius will want to jump out of their skin while waiting for Taurus to finish the sentence, as much as Taurus will look at their Sagittarius partner as a source of all stupidity.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Taurus is your countryside and Sagittarius is the world, so their problems could easily include disrespect because of their origin or their goals. If Taurus was a bit more prone to temporary infatuations or platonic relationships, they could fall in love with a Sagittarius enough to overcome the differences between them. Sagittarius on the other hand, is often infatuated and temporarily in love. Their pace is off and they rarely get in sync with their emotions. Most relationships between a Taurus and a Sagittarius partner that manage to last, are those that started as a friendship and had a chance to develop emotionally for years without them actually being in a romantic relationship.

There is too much love and happiness in the world if they start sharing opinions and this can become like a drug to both of them. The practicality of Taurus will usually break this pattern and hit a counter-attack with their reality checks and material issues so they can both remember where their values part ways — to security and utter lack of it. That is mostly what they both would share.


Taurus might not actually share food with joy, but they will certainly like to share the activity of eating. It could be quite easy for them to find other things to do together, too. Taurus needs earthly pleasures in their relationships and as a fixed, Earth sign it is the slowest of all signs. Share Tweet Are you an adventurous Sagittarius woman who is considering getting involved with a Taurus man?

Whatever the case may be; this information may be useful for you. At first sight… The Taurus man will be intrigued by the mysterious aura the Sagittarius woman gives off.

Taurus Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility In Love Match Relationship

He will want to get near her to find out more about her. You may never truly know who she is at the core. He will love that she is adventurous and loves the outdoors as much as he does if not more.

Initially, her confidence and love for life will appeal to him. It will be a turn on. Often times Sagittarius women are orators in whatever business they are involved in.

taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

Sitting and having an intellectual conversation will not be a problem for the Sagittarius woman and thus appealing very much to the Taurus need for brain stimulation. Taurus men crave stability and the Sagittarius woman may give him a run for his money. Sagittarius is a natural flirt and pretty much will flirt with anyone even if only friends or acquaintances. She just is a personable person and easily gets along well with others. Sagittarius woman has a natural ability to make other people feel good.

taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

She, in turn, feels better about herself at the same time. The Taurus man wants stability while the Sagittarius woman wants to feel understood and cared for.

Taurus Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

There is the middle ground between these two if they want to work at finding where it is. Perhaps if Taurus can come out of his den to go do things with his Sagittarius woman; she would appreciate his need to stay home a little more. If they both give; they can both feel good about the possibility of a real relationship. While there is the possibility of a long-lasting love here; they have to look at every angle.

taurus man and sagittarius woman love relationship

They will both have to really work at trying to make this something they can both be happy with. It may not be easy but it IS possible.

Again, there are always exceptions.