Tea cake and janies relationship with logan

Ananlysis of There Eyes Were Watching God

tea cake and janies relationship with logan

Free Essay: Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie had three marriages. Logan , Jody, and Tea Cake in Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God She wanted to find her own voice while in a relationship, but she also witnessed hate, pain. She learned from her marriage to Logan Killicks that she could not learn to love When Janie married Tea Cake, she realized true love could be found. Janie. Twelve years younger than Janie, Tea Cake impresses her with his quick wit and Nanny arranges Janie's marriage to Logan because she values financial.

She took her time and made sure he was the right person for her. She knew she wanted someone she was going to love on her own, not forced, and someone that was going to treat her as an equal. Tea Cake treated her as an equal. He allowed her to do things Jody never would have like shooting and playing checkers.

Janie loved Tea Cake, their marriage was like a pear tree and its surroundings, a perfect harmony.

tea cake and janies relationship with logan

Tea Cake, with the sun for a shawl. He could never be dead until she herself finished feeling and thinking. The kiss of his memory made pictures of love and light against the wall.

tea cake and janies relationship with logan

The perfect harmony between the pear tree and its surroundings was what she thought love was. However we soon find out that this is not the case.

Tea Cake wants to take care of Janie.

Their Eyes Were Watching God: Marriages & Analysis

He even went so far as to take dollars of her money and gamble with it, but he wins it back and repays her telling her that she will never need any of her money again. At first Tea Cake went out every day and worked in the fields while Janie stayed home. Tea Cake could not stand to be away from her, however, so he eventually asks her to come and work with him. At first this sounds similar to what happened to Janie when she was married to Logan Killicks, but Janie is now happy to go to work.

Tea Cake does not make her work by herself, but instead works right beside her. They have fun in the fields together.

tea cake and janies relationship with logan

In a way, working together brings them even closer as a couple despite their age difference. Then, one day while they are working in the fields Janie notices that a younger girl, Nunkie, flirting with her Tea Cake. This angers Janie and soon she confronts him about it. He lets her know that all he wants is her and the age difference does not matter to him.

This shows how strong their love is. Their love takes them through many trials and tribulations. The last and most defining one is the hurricane.

Their eyes were watching god

Tea Cake is the driving force when the water starts to rise. He gets Janie and Motor Boat to higher land, but the water just keeps rising. Chapter 13 is important as it shows readers that her final marriage with Tea Cake is something special and unique from her previous marriages because her marriage with Tea Cake involves love; consisting of happiness, jealousy, affection, communication, and understanding.

It is with Tea Cake that Janie discovers true love. With Tea Cake, she is actually having fun and is truly happy. In her previous marriage with Joe, he isolates her from participating in fun activities such as the mule funeral.

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There is much enthusiasm, joy and spontaneity in this marriage that makes Janie and Tea Cake carry on like a young couple in love, whereas in her previous marriage she lacks happiness. This chapter also reveals that Janie honestly cares for Tea Cake. After she finds that Tea Cake has been gone for a long time she prays to God for his return. This quote is saying the obvious that she has been waiting for Tea Cake to return for two days, but it is also saying that she has been waiting a long time to find someone like Tea Cake who she genuinely loves.

She is praying to God for him not to take Tea Cake away from her because he fills the loneliness that she feels in her past relationships and she does not want to lose that.

Jealousy and fear of losing him to another woman is also shown in this quote which are normal reactions that a women has when she loves a man.