The last boy scout ending a relationship

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the last boy scout ending a relationship

The Last Boy Scout () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Things move so quickly that only towards the end does one of our characters actually . he needs to be, but yet is vulnerable in his relationships with his wife and daughter. I was 12 when The Last Boy Scout hit the video shop shelves and after seeing Die Hard as a youngster I just had to see . The atmosphere is so thick and the buddy relationship is pretty unique to today. That jig at the end. Damon Wayons and Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout . Chelsea Field ended up with the thankless, much-reduced role. . obviously used to big-personality producers, but found his relationship with Silver very different.

the last boy scout ending a relationship

Time passed and eventually I sat down and transformed some of that bitterness into a character, the central focus of a private eye story which became The Last Boy Scout.

I spent so much time alone working on that. Three, four days where I maybe said a couple words. Although they play buddies in the film, Willis and Damon Wayans hated working with each other.

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Bruce was at the height of his stardom, so was Joel, so was Tony and so was Shane. There were a lot of people who had a lot of opinions about what to do. There were some heated, early-Nineties, testosterone charged personalities on the line. There was tremendous pressure from the studio to get Bruce Willis and have this be a follow-up to Die Hard.

He was reluctant, and rightly so: I just did that in Die Hard.

''how was my wife''-The Last Boy Scout

Editor Mark Helfrich described sorting through "mountains of raw material" to edit the first cut: The extras were not informed of the decision and arrived expecting a day of work. They were refused pay by the production, and as discontent grew, they began to surge against the barrier that surrounded the set.

the last boy scout ending a relationship

Riot police were called in to disperse the crowd. What Could Have Been: In the original script, the entire third act was set on water. Also, Hallenbeck's grudge with senator Baynard was completely different from the movie. In the script, Hallenbeck was working security for the Baynard family when Louis Baynard, President Baynard's son, kills a mother and her child in a drunken car accident.

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When Hallenbeck refuses to cover for the president's son, they plant half a kilo of crack cocaine in his house. Louis Baynard was also a villain in the script, and in the end both he and his father die. Shane Black 's original draft was very different than the final film.

Besides having a darker tone with more violence, almost the entire second half of the script was completely different.

the last boy scout ending a relationship

Besides many differences with the plot and characters, Black's script also included more focus on the two villains Milo and Shelly Marcone. Milo, for example, was an even nastier villain than he is in the film. In the script, besides being a hit man for Marcone, he also had a job as director of snuff films in which his men would kill kidnapped women in very violent ways.

There was also a scene in the script where he brutally kills an entire family who accidentally showed up near the place where a meeting between his and Baynard's men took place. Other parts that were changed include: Jack Nicholson was the first choice for Joe Hallenbeck.

the last boy scout ending a relationship