The relationship code darin hufford heresy

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the relationship code darin hufford heresy

The God's Honest Truth [Darin Hufford] on He is the author of two popular books; The God's Honest Truth and The Relationship Code, and has . a great deal of resistance from other Christians and be looked at as a heretic to. Darin Hufford is the founder and director of The Free Believers Network. and two popular books: The God's Honest Truth and The Relationship Code, The topic of "a personal relationship" with Jesus is brought up, and what God is husband/pastor suddenly start preaching heresy in the very church she grew up in. I have checked out the above video, and I like Darin Hufford's sharing about how God might look differently to different people, as each person's.

Almost every church in America promotes "Corporate Worship" as though it's a Scriptural principal that we all must adhere to. This is simply not found in the New Testament Church. Every mention of Worship in the New Testament was in reference to it being a private intimate matter between each individual believer and God. Paul said to "sing and make music in your hearts".

Ironically, even worship leaders know that this is true. They will almost always tell everyone in the room to "forget about everyone around them and get alone with God" before the service even starts.

They know this, however they insist that everyone meet together to do it. Where in the Bible do we find "Youth Leaders" who are specifically paid to lead the younger people in the church? For that matter, where in the New Testament did they EVER separate families the moment they walked through the door of a church?

The fact that we do this in modern day institutions is absolutely flabbergasting! This practice entirely defeats the purpose and picture of what Church is all about. Separating those families before church begins is not only unbiblical, but it's down right destructive.

Did the New Testament Church have a stage? Of course they didn't. The Church experience in the Bible times was not a spectator sport. It was about participation, interaction and fellowship. Today, fellowship is that block of five minutes you might get to say hello or goodbye in the foyer once the show is over. Church in the New Testament was never a play.

There was no stage with lights, video and sound systems. It has become so much of a "show mentality" that when we now start a new ministry within the church we call it a "Program". That alone should cause us to stop and think about what we're doing. The things we promote and encourage are also nowhere to be found in the Bible. When did the New Testament Christians do "Outreaches"?

We have built an entire religion around the infamous "Sinners Prayer" that we try with all our might to get people to recite, however there is no "Sinners Prayer" anywhere in Scripture.

Believe it or not, the word "Trinity" isn't there either. Most, if not all Christian churches today won't even acknowledge your salvation unless you believe in that one. Many churches have "Alter Calls" at the end of their service where they push and push everyone to come to the alter and meet God about their problem.

You guessed it; it's not in the Bible! What New Testament church had a "Board" that the Pastor had to answer to? Did the Pastors in the Bible preach a sermon every week? Though I could go on and on, I'll finish this section with the big one: At what point did Sunday become "God's Day"?

If anything, the Sabbath day was Saturday. I am not saying that any of these things are wrong. In fact, I personally don't have a problem with most of them. I don't think God does either. My point is this: Very little of what we do in modern day Church has anything at all to do with the Bible.

the relationship code darin hufford heresy

The New Testament Church didn't even have a Bible. Just before we left the house I used "Map Quest" to get directions. After typing in my home address and the address of Disneyland I was printing out step by step directions that even a monkey could follow. Together my wife and I followed the map to a "T" and in just six hours we were standing at the entrance of Disneyland with four ecstatic little girls. Now I want you to read this next part slowly and think about it. If you were to come looking for my family inside of Disneyland about an hour after we entered the park, what are the chances you would find us all sitting on a bench by the Dumbo ride, studying the map?

This is exactly what the Christian world looks like today. It's a day at Disneyland were thousands of people have filled the park. However, all the rides are empty, there are no lines at the restaurants, no one is paying attention to the characters walking around and the light parade goes unnoticed. Because everyone is sitting around in clusters studying the map and going over how they got there.

The purpose of the Bible is to lead us to Christ. For some reason however, we have gotten the idea that once we have found Christ, we must continue to study the map.

To take it a step further, we have even taught people that their entire relationship with Christ is now lived out through reading the Bible! Why didn't the Apostle Paul tell the Churches he wrote letter to that they had to read and re-read and study and meditate on those letters over and over for the rest of their lives in order to grow in the Lord?

If our daily Bible reading were as important as we have been told it is today; why wasn't it mentioned even once by one of the authors in the New Testament? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Jude, James, Paul, never once told us that we had to make the reading of their letters a daily religious ritual.

You would think that someone would have written about it if it was really as important as we teach today. What did all those Christians after Paul's time do to have a relationship with God?

After Christ returned to heaven there was almost fifteen hundred years of Christians who didn't have a Bible in their home. How in the world did they keep their heads above water without a Bible to study every day? Why would God send His only Son into the world to live a perfect life, die for our sins and be raised to life again almost fifteen hundred years before the printing press was invented if the Bible was the rout we humans were to take to have relationship with God?

How is that a better covenant than what Moses had? God spoke with Moses face to face and now, after Jesus was crucified, we have to relate to Him through a book.

Does that sound right to you? It's interesting to me that we tell people that the way they get close to God is by reading their Bible regularly. The Pharisees not only did this, but they went on to memorize large portions of Scripture and even wore articles of clothing to remind them daily of what they had read. However, when God stood right in front of them in the flesh, they didn't recognize Him from Adam. Jesus later told the people that the two most important commandments were to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul" and He said "the second commandment is like the first Love your neighbor as yourself".

Then he said, "All of the law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments". You can put it down and walk away from it forever because LOVE is the embodiment of the entire Bible. Love in the flesh! I do not need a "post it note" on my refrigerator reminding me not to murder my wife and kids.

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Because I love them and that law is so far beneath me, it doesn't even apply to me. The law is for people who don't love. The Consequences of the Trade Our teachings about the Bible and its purpose in our lives have basically made us a generation of dead people. Since we don't believe we can hear God on our own without the Bible, we find ourselves searching the Scriptures to find out whether something is right or wrong and we don't even stop to look into our own heart and ask ourselves.

I honestly believe that out of this zombie and lifeless belief system, we have no other option but to blindly stumble throughout life clinging to our WWJD bracelet in hopes that we can survive yet another day. It's a very depressing time we live in when we have to stop everything and analyze what Jesus would do in this situation or that before we act. It's scripted and from the head.

Even Charles Manson can do that. Do you think that Satan worshipers need to wear a WWSD bracelet so they'll know how to act in certain situations? If you cut a Satan worshiper off on the freeway, he doesn't need to ponder how Satan would react.

He's a character in the Bible that they've been told to do their best to study and mimic. Because there is no real relationship established beyond what they read in the book, they can only quote the book to the Author in hopes that He will recognize the passage and honor what He said. I personally know hundreds of Christians who spend their entire life standing on this Scripture or that in an effort to get what they want. It's all they have. There is nothing bey ond the words they read in the book.

Their relationship is not with God; it's with their Bible. This teaching about the Bible ultimately causes people to retreat from relationship with God. If you think it through you'll find that a personal relationship with Him isn't even needed anymore. In fact, if some people could have their way, they would just have God pack up and leave Heaven altogether.

the relationship code darin hufford heresy

The Bible is basically "Auto Pilot" for Heaven. God doesn't even have to think anymore.

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If it's in the Bible He has no choice but to do it. And He has covered everything in the Bible so Heaven should pretty much run itself from this point on. And we wonder why people today have no real intimacy with the Father.

Listening to many Christians witnessing in today's age is perhaps the most grueling experience I can think of. So often it seems that their entire witness is based on what they have read in a book. Just because you read about a crime in the paper, doesn't mean that you can go to court during the trial and be a witness. Sadly, that's what our religion has produced in recent years. A bunch of well-read people who haven't really witnessed a thing.

Know Your Bible People! I had a friend several years ago who was browsing through a book store when he noticed a young lady thumbing through one of my books on relationships. As he walked by her he leaned in and said, "Get that book, it will change your life". She smiled and thanked him for the tip. About three months later, this lady showed up to my church. She has read the book and found out that I was teaching locally, so she thought she would come to my group.

She was excited to see my friend who had told her about the book, and immediately approached him and thanked him for telling her to buy it. He was terrified and embarrassed because he had not yet read the book himself.

He didn't have the guts to tell her, so he just decided to act as if he had read it. After the service she wanted to stay and talk about relationships with my friend. Instead of just coming clean, he decided to just let himself go talk about relationships from his heart. He was surprised that she didn't seem to catch on that he hadn't read the book, so immediately after service he ran to the bookstore and bought a copy for himself.

When he got home and started reading it he was absolutely amazed to find that during his conversation with this young lady, he had actually quoted entire sentence structures of my book, word for word without even knowing it! How could he do that? Once you know the Author of the Bible, you have the Word living inside your heart! We have basically taught an entire generation of people that they have received a deaf, dumb and blind God. He's like a computer. When you get him home, you have to load Windows and a hundred other programs on Him before He's of any use.

When you receive God's Spirit into your heart, you not only get Him, but you get all His Words as well. The Truth Within You Think about it.

Have you ever had something in the Bible literally explode of the pages and blow your mind? It was already living inside you. That's why your heart almost leaps out of your chest when you come across a truth in Scripture. Sadly we subscribe to a religion that pretty much encourages people to have a relationship with their Bible over God Himself. It's like there is something within all of us that would rather spend time with an inanimate object then with a living being.

This is why so many people don't have a problem making the trade. I personally feel that the exact opposite is true. In my opinion, when I look at the history of Christianity, and focus particularly on the last hundred years when this mentality become popular, I see more heresy, division, and outright apostasy taking place because of this mentality.

Everything from the KKK right down to the Holocaust were the aftermath of someone believing they found a verse that backs up their position.

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People will always disagree on the meaning of a Bible verse, but remarkably when it comes to the truth and heart of love, people from all backgrounds and circumstances recognize it immediately. Even tribes of people who have been secluded in the rain forest for thousands of years understand love's truth. They recognize it the moment it's spoken.

Almost every single split took place because of a disagreement over the meaning of a particular Bible verse. When it comes to believing in God, loving people, getting along and living in forgiveness, you can visit any kindergarten class in America and find the absolute truth.

the relationship code darin hufford heresy

How is it that a child of five can know spiritual answers, yet grown adults need to search a concordance and find a verse before they can come to truth? It appears that God went along with the amendment to the law. This is astounding to me!

He had a BIG heart. I make jokes that are sometimes off color. I use language that is questionable, and I openly do things that are considered sinful by traditional standards. The stuff they were taught to flee from, I partake in, openly, right before their eyes. I do not practice the things they practice. When they refrain, I indulge. When they bow their heads, I lift my face. When they stand, I sit down and when they raise their hands, I yawn and look around.

When they are spiritually deep, I am fleshy and shallow. When they study, I goof off and when they worship for long hours, I eat crackers and play hang-man on a pad of paper. When I speak to Christians today, and they hear the depth and beauty of the message I carry, there is always a point where I see that dreadful look in their eye.

the relationship code darin hufford heresy

They tried to pray for eight hours straight like the miracle working missionary with all those exciting stories, but they got bored and fell asleep.