Thor and loki blood brothers quotes relationship

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thor and loki blood brothers quotes relationship

When taking into account Thor and Loki's relationship, it is, obviously, at its Best of friends and brothers, Thor () Thor will later quote Odin's words to Hela in Ragnarok but, for now, Thor and Loki are kids, innocent to. In my opinion, this is one of the most fascinating relationships in mythology the early stages of the mythology's development, but don't quote me on that. Compare him to Thor or Tyr, who are battle obsessed, Odin often is. A serious motion comic drama about Loki, who becomes the ruler of Asgard after a Quotes · Alternate Versions · Connections · Soundtracks. / . Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers () David Blair in Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers .. he reexamines his difficult life and painful relationship with his domineering but not.

But, no, that moment is tainted by the knowledge that Loki pulled a fast one on Thor yet again.

thor and loki blood brothers quotes relationship

Thor and Loki can't help but push each other's buttons because they're brothers, through and through. Ragnarok is filled to the brim with excellent gags, one-liners, and on-point characterizations for these beloved characters. After a brief heart-to-heart which we'll get to Thor brightens and talks Loki into doing "Get help," the origin of which isn't explained outside of Loki rolling his eyes and telling Thor "it's humiliating.

The audible sound of Loki's neck snapping will likely haunt Thor and MCU fans for the rest of his days. Thor collapses over Loki's body, sobbing and vowing vengeance. The worst part about Loki's death was that he seemed to maybe be changing for the better.

He loves Thor and returns to Asgard at the end of Ragnarok to help save everyone; he tries to use his silver tongue and a dagger to kill Thanos and save Thor within minutes of meeting the Mad Titan. But, alas, there's a good chance we've seen the last of the God of Mischief just as he was starting to mend things with his brother.

Ragnarok Elevator heart-to-heart, Thor: Ragnarok The best Thor and Loki moment in the entirety of the MCU is a second break between a casual action scene and "Get help.

thor and loki blood brothers quotes relationship

The fact that Thor thought the world of him and presumably no longer does surprises Loki. In fact, it really hurts him. In this scene, Thor has cut to Loki's truest self and has finally come to an understanding: Loki can't be changed.

But that is something Loki never expected his golden retriever puppy of a brother to get at and Loki doesn't like that Thor has figured this out.

thor and loki blood brothers quotes relationship

Loki wants Thor to keep trying to make Loki better. Loki wants to keep fighting over the same stuff with his brother for the rest of their lives. This moment fully defines Loki and Thor's relationship.

It is beautiful and heartbreaking.

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

He Loki is my favorite Marvel character, followed by Thor. He loves seeing Thor brought so low, but finds himself burdened with the actual work of ruling. When Loki is alone, Hela appears to convince him to execute Thor. What commences is Loki's struggle with the decision as his history unfolds. At one point, Balder reveals to Loki that there are many universes, many Lokis, many Thors, all locked in the same cycle.

And in all of them, Loki is defeated.

What is the REAL relationship between Odin, Loki, and Thor?

What is disturbing is that the Asgardians excuse their cruelty toward Loki as part of a this cycle. Yet, they do not excuse Loki's action on the same principle. He is held accountable; which further reinforces his tragic nature. Loki has no choice in his destiny, but is condemned for it none-the-less. Loki slowly comes to the realization that, as light needs darkness, Loki needs Thor.

But, like all other Lokis, he will not be allowed to escape his destiny. Only this time, the taste of Thor's victory is bitter - for Loki and for readers. I am not certain if the authors intended it to be so, but this story not only makes Loki especially sympathetic, it portrays our usual heroes Sif, Balder, Thor as cruel bullies who tormented and ridiculed Loki all his life; dividing brother from brother.

When Loki reveals why he will kill Thor and not the others, it is heartbreaking.