Thor and loki relationship analysis

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thor and loki relationship analysis

I wonder about the exact relationship between Thor and Loki throughout Thor: Ragnarok, they're like fire and ice. What makes Thor keep. Thor and Loki have proven superhero feuds bring in the box-office bucks, but is about to explore a new side to the duo's strained relationship. There are many things about the relationship between Thor and Loki that make absolutely no sense.

Tom Hiddleston Explains Thor And Loki's Relationship In ‘Ragnarok’

For one, Loki is not related to Odin, so it is strange that he would sound like him. Tom Hiddleston also sounds very different from Anthony Hopkins, who has a very distinctive Welsh accent. However, it is unlikely that she saw her father when he was Thor's age, so how would she know? However, it would be interesting to focus on their relationships with other characters. Thor is one of the strongest Avengers. He is able to reignite the furnace of a star singlehandedly. However, for the purpose of Thor: Meanwhile, Loki is able to shape-shift and can fool all the Avengers.

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However, why does he go through with this? His actual motivations throughout the movie - and almost every other movie that he's appeared in - are vague to say the least. It seems that Loki is often a second thought in each movie - his character is always moulded to fit a specific storyline or plot. Ragnarok, Thor noted that Loki once transformed himself into a snake and stabbed Thor once he picked the creature up. Things get worse when Loki loses the only family member who does still love him, Frigga.

When Frigga dies, Thor and Loki are brought together in mutual grief and a quest for revenge. The scene where they are fleeing the palace, hunted by Asgardian guards, shows that they are actually brothers.

The bickering is totally accurate to how siblings fight over the littlest things, but still, support each other in the end.

thor and loki relationship analysis

Loki gives his life to save Thor and Jane, and Thor appreciates that. He swore that he would never trust Loki, but cannot stop loving his brother.

The Odinson(s): A Retrospective On Thor and Loki In The MCU

Old habits die hard. The film fully captures the complicated relationship between them but never undermines the love they share. We finally see what Thor and Loki are like when they are not actively fighting each other.

thor and loki relationship analysis

They snark back and forth like real siblings. So, it's only fair that we examine their most telling moments together.

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Loki's death in Infinity Warwhile upsetting to so many fans, was presented as a necessary evil to further spur Thor into action against Thanos.

With his last remaining family member dead, Thor felt he had very little left to lose other than, y'know, half the universe. How Avengers 4 will carry on Thor's grief has yet to be seen, but Loki's death will undoubtedly weigh heavily on the God of Thunder's mind.

thor and loki relationship analysis

When taking into account Thor and Loki's relationship, it is, obviously, at its best when Loki isn't the outright villain. You have to take the whole series into context.

Myths and Legends

So, without further ado, here are the top five brotherly love moments that define Thor and Loki's relationship in the MCU. Video of Thor and Loki as children Best of friends and brothers, Thor "A wise king never seeks out war," Odin tells his sons at the beginning of Thor.

As Odin walks away after delivering this wisdom, young Thor and young Loki glance at each other and share a smile. Sure, Thor was the boisterous golden child and Loki his more somber, even-handed counterpart, but this scene is a reminder that they really did grow up as brothers. Then everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Even while running from hostile forces, Thor and Loki hurl childish insults at each other. It's easy to see them as bickering brothers in this moment, duking it out over who gets the last cookie or that time Loki transformed himself into a snake and then stabbed Thor when he picked up the snake to admire it because "he knows that I love snakes.