Tohru and kyo relationship memes

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tohru and kyo relationship memes

Kyo X Tohru - Fruits Basket Fruits Basket Anime, Fruits Basket Quotes, Kyo And .. more of a relationship between kyo and tohru and then began the kyo& tohru . Anime/manga: Fruits Basket Characters: Kyo, Shigure, Tohru, and Yuki .. Thank you for knocking sense into them Fruits Basket Quotes, Fruits Basket Anime. Day I wish fruits basket never ended. I would have loved to see kyo and Tohru actually end up together. I think I just love the anime too much to let it go.

When Tohru was a child, she got lost trying to run away from a group of boys that were picking on her. A boy found her but ran away from her.

She pursued him and called out to him to wait and said she wanted to go home. He turned back to her and led her home. He gave her the cap he was wearing and ran off before he could show his face. It turns out that this boy was, actually in fact, a young Yuki. In Chapter 2, when Yuki was apologizing to Tohru before her memories were going to be removed after discovering the Sohma Family's secret, he was moved when Tohru smiled happily at him and told him that even if her memories of him were lost she still wants the two of them to remain friends.

She also does not feel uncomfortable after the secret is exposed, she still treats him like any other person. It is also shown that as the story progresses, Yuki cares deeply for Tohru and he also is very protective of her. Although he does not express it through words, his actions prove how much he does not want Tohru to be harmed. Years later in the present time, Yuki still remembers that incident, but thinks that Tohru has forgotten about it, until he discovers the red cap in her room when they were studying.

He asks her why she keeps it, to which she responds, "Because it's a precious memory of mine! To be able to receive his help At the beach house in chapter 59 after being confronted by Akito, Yuki wanders off thinking.

Tohru gets concerned when he does not return and goes out to search for him. When she does find him, Yuki comes to realize that her help and kindness have helped him "open the lid" to his feelings.

He kisses her forehead and sheds tears as he realizes he loves her. However, in chapter 83, after being locked in a closet and having a relapse of memories about his troubled childhood, he realizes that he was not seeking her love as a woman but instead saw her as a motherly figure. This may be due to the fact that he was "given" to Akito as a child, and was never really raised by his parents. In later chapters the two grow somewhat distant due to Yuki being the student council president, and Tohru trying to understand her feelings and wanting to break the Zodiac curse.

However, they remain friendly towards each other during this period. At the end of the manga, Yuki has a conversation with Tohru the day before she moves out, admitting that, to him, she was like a mother who "raised me Yuki as a human" Chapter He then, for the first time, calls her "Tohru" as opposed to "Honda-san". His older brother Ayame with whom Yuki was estranged for awhile is determined throughout the series to get Yuki and Tohru together.

In the anime, however, Yuki is shown to love her in a romantic way, just like Kyo. He is still very protective of her, and he is shown to blush whenever she is around, or is kind to him.

In episode 10, when she calls him by his nickname, "Prince Yuki," he blushed furiously upon realizing it and transforms. In his rat form, he was still blushing, virtually overheating. Some time later, when the two of them went to Ayame's shop, Yuki was captivated by how beautiful Tohru looked in "The Thing", a beautiful creamy-white lace dress with matching ribbons.

He then told her, once they had a moment alone, that he was happy that they'd come because, in addition to mending some fences with his brother, he also got to see her looking so adorable. Tohru was embarrassed by this and covered her face. Yuki then smiled lovingly at her and said that she didn't have to hide it, leaning closer. The two were then interrupted by Ayame. In the second to last episode, he was shown to be very perceptive of Tohru liking more than just one season of weather—not want the others to be left out—and smiling cheerfully about it.

Then, in the finale, he went out after Tohru when she went to look for Kyo, finally realizing what she meant to him.

Later, when she was attacked by Akito, Yuki overcame his fear, and helped Shigure to restrain the angry head of the family from harming her further. Afterwards, upon realizing what he had done, Yuki was shocked by the strength he had gained by loving her.

tohru and kyo relationship memes

Kyo Sohma The first time Tohru meets Kyo is when she finds out about the Sohma curse, when he crashed through Shigure's roof. At first Kyo seems to hate Tohru and shouts at her when she accidentally transforms him at school. Later, he apologizes for the incident due to the guilt of Kyoko's death. At the time, Tohru is unaware of his involvement in the incident. In episode 24 and 25 of the anime, and chapter 33 in the manga, Kazuma, Kyo's master at the dojo, arrives for reasons unknown to everyone at first.

His reasons for being there were to reveal Kyo's true form, hoping that Tohru would be able to "heal [Kyo's] heart". When he transforms into his true form, she is frightened by it but still calls out to him. Kyo, heartbroken that she has seen him in his true form, runs into the woods. Tohru pursues him, and when she finds him, she tries to convince him to come home, but Kyo has convinced himself that she only pities him and does not accept him. She cries and tells him, "I want us to have our meals together, to study together and worry together I just want us all to be together!!

Tohru carries Kyo in his cat form back to Shigure's house. As the story progresses, Kyo and Tohru become nervous and anxious around each other.

tohru and kyo relationship memes

While throughout the series, Kyo's strong affection for Tohru is quite obvious as he is protective around her and stutters when Momiji mentions that they should be together. He comes to realize he is in love with Tohru, in volume 11, when Akito confronts him. When Tohru confesses her love for Kyo to Rin, Kagura overhears her and slaps her, telling her that it is best to tell it to Kyo's face and not behind his back.

This pushes her to confess her feelings to Kyo. When Tohru finally summons up the courage to confess her feelings to Kyo himself, he walks away then turns around and explains to her that he blames himself for Kyoko's death and why. As he walks off, Tohru collapses into tears. In chapter andAkito confronts Tohru when she tries to offer a hand of friendship to him. She accidentally falls off a cliff and hurts her head leaving her half conscious.

Yuki is first on the scene after Akito calls for help. Kyo, after hearing Shigure telling Hatori what happened over the phone, panics and rushes to find her. Overcome with fear and guilt after remembering what happened with Kyoko, Kyo is afraid he will not get a chance to apologize to Tohru or tell her how he feels.

When Kyo comes to the scene, he finally admits his feelings to her, but being only half conscious, Tohru didn't really understand what he was saying.

When she is unconscious, Kyo kisses her and begs her to live. While Tohru is in the hospital Kyo attempts to visit her, but Tohru's friends, Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima, chase him off telling him that she doesn't want to see him because Tohru thinks she has been rejected. They agree that when Tohru is discharged Kyo can see her.

When she is finally discharged, they all go to visit her. Kyo comes a little later, still feeling guilty. When he comes up he sees Arisa and Hana then he sees Tohru and realizes he wants her more than anything and says "Tohru". Due to the rejection, Tohru instinctively runs away from him. Kyo stunned collapses, but then determinedly runs after her, and yells that she shouldn't be running so hard due to her injuries. When he catches up with her, Tohru screams, sits down on a bench and begins to cry.

Kyo holds her hand and kneels in front of her. He now finally confesses his feelings for her saying he was selfish and didn't think of her feelings. He leans in and kisses her.

Kyo says he wants them to be together always. He asks if he can hug her even though he would transform, to which Tohru replies that she doesn't mind because she loves him very much "it can't be beat". The two embrace and realize that Kyo hasn't transformed into a cat. Kyo backs away shocked and looks at his wrist.

He rips off his bracelet, and the beads hit the ground. Tohru picks up every single bead while Kyo stares, wondering why she is keeping them. At the end of the series, Tohru and Kyo are revealed to have gotten married.

They had a son, a daughter and grandchildren. With their love still strong and his beads still there in a bowl as a reminder of their past. Arisa Uotani Arisa met Tohru in middle school, and then Kyoko herself. She was shocked by the change from gang-leader into doting mother.

Arisa didn't like Tohru at first but became friends with her after Kyoko helped her escape from her gang. At one point Arisa overheard students talking about how Tohru must be as "rough" as her since they hung out together; she attempted to break off their friendship to keep Tohru's reputation from plummeting. However, they managed to get pass this. With Saki Hanajimashe swore on Kyoko's grave to look after Tohru, and in their "parental" protection of Tohru, noted by Kyo and Yuki, Arisa is depicted as the brash and direct father-figure.

Hanajima had trouble controlling her abilities when she was young, and blamed herself for the near-fatal collapse of a boy who was bullying her. Like Arisa UotaniHanajima is extremely protective of Tohru, who was the first person in school who truly accepted her, which helped her gain control of her powers. She wears black nail polish and when not in her school uniform black dresses, often with a cloak or veil.

It is a habit Hanajima started before she met Tohru as a way of showing her guilt. With Arisa, she promised on Tohru's mother's grave to look after Tohru, and as her "parental" protection, she acts as the "motherly" figure. She uses her reputation for sending out "poison waves" to shield Tohru from the malice of Yuki's fan club. Ayame Sohma Ayame likes to flirt with Tohru to instigate jealousy in Yuki, trying to push the two into a romantic relationship. When they first met, he called her "Princess" and bought her gyoza.

After returning to Shigure's house, Ayame says he will kiss her after she tries on one of his outfits to "express his delight", which only resulted in Yuki hitting him and starting another argument.

Ayame also often says he will stay in Tohru's room, and fall asleep hugging her. Ayame likes to take advantage of Tohru's patient and kind nature, and orders her about.

But, despite this, Tohru likes Ayame and doesn't get annoyed with his "Drama King" nature, and is still kind to him when the others are telling him to leave. On two occasions, gullible and naive Tohru has carried him inside her shirt to keep him warm, because, as he tells her, if snakes get too cold they will die. Her patience and kidness could be due to her understanding of the fact that Ayame is trying to fix his relationship with Yuki.

Shigure Sohma Shigure, like Ayame, likes to flirt with Tohru, and teases her about going on a date with him Yuki and Kyo get very angry at his perverted remarks.

He buys Tohru a maid outfit for White Day and says he will "take her for himself" as Yuki and Kyo fight. After seeing this treatment and how the last cat, Kazuma's grandfather, was treated by the family, he took Kyo in. After becoming Kyo's adoptive father he began training Kyo in martial arts to perhaps teach him discipline and to help Kyo become stronger in his life knowing it will be so difficult being cursed by the cat.

Kyoko was very curious about his hair color and proceeded to talk to him. He was very distant at first for he was not used to that many people wanting to associate with the cat. And, after telling him her name, was embarrassed that it was so similar to his. But Kyoko's persistence broke through as she would do the talking and all he had to do was listen. She continued on about how cute her daughter was, showing him a photo of Tohru and asking if he thought so too.

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He agreed in silence that she was. After that, she went on to say how strong Tohru was dealing with her father's death and letting her mother take her time; even though Kyoko was in shock during most of that time.

After more meetings, Kyo would spy on Tohru and wish to speak to her. And then one day, while near the house, Kyoko lost Tohru while walking and became hysterical. Kyo tells her to wait at home and then promised, as a "man", he would bring her back safe at home. After passing Yuki he lost his hat as he was in a determined hurry to find her.

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Yuki takes the hat, puts in on, and walks around searching for Kyo and instead he finds Tohru. Kyoko is then seen searching for Kyo and tells him that she was found by a boy with Kyo's cap on. This enrages Kyo and he flees from Kyoko, hurt from not being to one to "save" her daughter.

Before Summer Vacation Kyo's first appearance is when he jumps through the roof in attempt to attack Yuki. Kyo's Truth When his Juzu beads are removed, he turns into a grotesque monster with a revolting scent. After Kazuma Sohma removes his beads, Tohru Honda chases after him. After being injured by Kyo, who scratched her, she tells him that he's scaring her.

K = Katsuya, Kyoko & Kazuma

But she also says that she wants them to be together, with Yuki Sohma watching the whole time in the anime. He changes back into a human and tells Tohru that his mother lied and told him that she loved him, but Kyo knew she was afraid. He said that he had no problem with his mother being afraid of his true form. Then he hugged Tohru and asked, "Why? When his turn reached, Kyo goes to the summer house to meet Akito. Akito warned Kyo about falling in love with Tohru because he belonged to Akito, his "god", and his role as a cat, where he must stay confined in a house for the rest of his life.

After Summer Vacation When he was walking towards his house to confront his father, he met Akito. Akito told him that she had spoken to his father and he had agreed to destroy that cat's confinement room, giving him his freedom. He felt perplexed and stunned. Yuki was talking to some of their classmates when they mentioned that Tohru was being discharged from the hospital. He was stunned as he was the only one who did not know of her discharge date. He ran off to the hospital, to meet Tohru standing outside of the main entrance.

But Tohru cried and ran off. Kyo chased after her and apologized for what he had done to her earlier. She accepted his apology and they embraced, neglecting the fact that he will transform into a cat. However, that did not happened as at that moment, Akito broke the curse. Unable to believe it, Kyo ripped off his Juzu beads bracelet and did not change, confirming that the curse had indeed been broken. At the end of the manga, Kyo was in the room with Tohru when Yuki walks in.

He then walks out to allow Yuki to privately talk to Tohru. Fruit Basket Another Kyo is seen briefly in a flashback where the house servants remark how similar his son, Hajime, looks like him. Kyo is also seen in a memory flashback as silhouettes with Tohru, Machi, Yuki and his unknown younger sister as he played with Mutsuki when they were younger. Relationships The Cat of the Zodiac Kyo in his zodiac form.