Tohsaka and shirou relationship quiz

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tohsaka and shirou relationship quiz

EMIYA SHIROU and TOHSAKA RIN Gilgamesh Fate, Fate Stay Night Anime, . I just love how you can see the relationship between these two slowly develop. rin tohsaka and shirou emiya - Google Search Shirou Emiya, Fate Zero, Fate Stay . Visit I got: % on anime eye quiz Gaara, Anime Expressions, Anime Reviews . I liked watching these two and how their relationship developed! They. In today's episode we get to see Shirou vs Tohsaka Rin and the Shirou vs to who riders master is, Rin and Shirou get some more relationship development.

After Shirou makes breakfast, the two are in the hall of the school and chatting when classmate and fellow resident of their apartment building, Luvia, comes up. Rin is highly displeased with Luvia fawning for her man, so Rin decides that their next class will be a defense class. After Shirou says his words, he and Rin have a picnic on the grounds and chat about things, including the Holy Grail War and Saber.

Back in the present, Shirou thanks the sleeping Rin for bringing him here.


Shirou has his appointment with the Mages Association about joining. Shirou comes home to find Rin waiting for him. She asks if he accepted the invitation to join the Mages Association, but as she expected, he turned them down. Rin agrees, but says that this time, he might go further down that path. I loved how Shirou and Rin are living together in a small, London apartment and attending college together. Apparently, they are a happy couple. With that in mind, is it any wonder that Rin stole this episode?

For once, she was not tsundere at all, but instead acted like a normal girl who loves her man dearly, enough to follow him all over the world.

tohsaka and shirou relationship quiz

Despite always trying to uphold the Tohsaka family motto of always being elegant, Rin is also rather clumsy at times, especially in the morning.

Undoubtedly, Shirou is one of the most luckiest protagonist in the universe due to his relationship with Rin especially.

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Furthermore, Rin is rather hotheaded and adamant; however that is one of her more admirable qualities. Her will is the type that won't be shaken by anyone, and she ultimately makes sure that she gets her way.

tohsaka and shirou relationship quiz

Perhaps due to these fiery qualities of hers, she doesn't get along at all with the Edelfelt family daughter, Luviagelita Edelfelt. Rin is indeed a prodigious magus, which is a fact that undeniably cannot be changed.

Other than sustaining the honor of being one of the apprentices of the Great Sorcerer Zelretch, Rin also was accepted into the esteemed Clock Tower Academy in London for further studies in magic and magecraft.

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Hence, Rin also is very prideful and honorable, however she is careful to not take it overboard most of the time. At a very young age, she began her magical training as a Tohsaka magus shortly after her younger sister, Sakura, was adopted by the Matou magi. It truly was unfair to forcefully send over their daughter to the Matou, however Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka, their parents, had other issues.

tohsaka and shirou relationship quiz

These issues, another word for the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki, ultimately led to Tokiomi's death by treachery, and Aoi and Kariya Matou's mental deterioration, and ultimately, their deaths as well.

The true irony behind all of this was that Kirei Kotomine, the fake priest who had accidentally survived the Fourth Holy Grail War, as well as the killer of his own father, Irisviel von Einzbern, and even Tokiomi Tohsaka, was indeed the one who helped raise Rin for more than ten years. Yet, though Rin never knew the truth about Kirei, she did keep it a habit to not ask for assistance from him unless it was a dire need, such as the time in Heaven's Feel where Shirou received a transplant of Archer's arm after losing his, and when Sakura needed the Crest Worm that Zouken had placed in her removed.

Anyways, though Rin had been separated from Sakura for nearly their whole lives, Rin always looked out for Sakura in school, unbeknownst to her biological sister. Sakura had actually forgotten their relationship, and simply looked up to her as a senpai. Though this changes towards the end of the three routes and in Hollow Ataraxia, the relationship between these two and how Shinji Matou comes in between is truly interesting.

Furthermore, though Rin subconsciously pays attention to Sakura in school, she believes that though the two were originally born from the same womb, they were not sisters any longer due to the fact that Sakura was handed over to the Matous and ultimately became the heir to a magical style completely different to that of the Tohsakas. Though many aspects of both of their pasts are regrettable to say the least, the truth is that both of the sisters, or at least Rin Tohsaka, does not regret its actions one bit.

In the end, all Rin strives for is perfection; her ultimate end goal, the ultimate destination for all Magi: And for assurance, she will ensure that nobody will get in the way of her doing so.

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Heaven's Feel Oh gosh, I loved this scene almost as much as I loved the route altogether. Heaven's Feel, though not my ideal route, was indeed the best due to its dark turns and twisted storyline compared to the relatively lighter Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes.

I suppose that's why you never choose Sakura. Anyway, this scene truly was heartbreaking as well as heartwarming; both Sakura and Rin's characters developed so incredibly and dare I say, even flawlessly, in this route, and this one moment revealed Rin's true colors: Rin, who had the upper hand in battle against Sakura with her imitation Gem Sword, ultimately chose to sacrifice her life to save her sister's, and let her sister strike her with a blow that was fatal I myself couldn't help but shed a tear, however I wasn't sure whether it was out of happiness or sorrow.

Ultimately, I am very glad that Rin did not perish in the end, however, the raw emotion as well as love that knows no bounds that revealed itself within the scene ever so eloquently showed the true bond between the two sisters.