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Before asking any questions, make sure to head over to the subreddit's wiki. All discussion relating to Kamachi's increasingly popular Index/Railgun/Accelerator series has a place in this community, be it the original Light Novels, the anime adaptations, the Manga, or the games. Misaka Mikoto needs Kamijou Touma to pretend another love scheme of ours who needs some relationship advice but we don't have any. The following is a list of characters from the light novel, manga and anime series, A Certain Later in the series, whereas Touma's entire right arm is cut off a dragon head referred to as the Dragon Strike sisters and has a close relationship with Mikoto, Misaka Imōto, Accelerator and her adult guardians, Aiho and Kikyō.

Can we please meet him? Don't worry, we'll keep a secret from Shirai-san. To a certain extent, I did! Anyway, just shut up and pretend to be my boyfriend for the next two hours or so!

But since you're my I'll let you off the hook. Is that your boyfriend? Misaka forced a smile and gestured towards a nervous Kamijou. She shot a glare back meaning, "You have to play along! Ruiko and Kazari stared at him and then started the questions. Misaka gigled nervously for a moment and turned to Kamijou. Touma-kun, will you tell them the story? I can't do it! Mikoto grit her teeth. Think of something you idiot! Don't give me that kind of crap! Mikoto punched his leg from below.

Ruiko and Kazari stared at the two of them, admiring their love quarrel. He shrugged and nodded. What made you fall for Misaka-san? Kamijou narrowed his eyes. Ruiko set her hands together in excitement. Misaka-san is really pretty, don't you think? Very lovely, kind, amazing and strong. Many people look up to her too! Ruiko and Kazari quieted down, while Mikoto stared at him.

For someone her age, she's got the looks.

Toaru Majutsu no Index:NT Volume11 Chapter 1

She's also the third level 5, really strong, plus she's got a good mind and head. But, I love her because of how she acts," he paused. She values every life, no matter how worthless or small it is. She carries budrens with her own back and she won't let anyone else shoulder it. Misaka can cry by herself but she'll never show anyone because she doesn't want them to worry.

The events of how Mikoto tried to stop the project are briefly mentioned in the third novel and expanded upon in the Railgun manga. When all of her attempts failed, she contemplates letting herself be killed by Accelerator, as an unexpected variable to destroy Tree Diagram's calculations.

After arriving in Russia, she and Misaka head towards a nuclear military base to stop the missiles from launching. After the Star's destruction, she tries to find him but only finds his cellphone strap. During the Daihasei Festival, Misaka is kidnapped by Gensei Kihara whose scheme is to gather the requirements for his attempts to make Mikoto a Level 6.

Gensei required Exterior, the giant cultivated brain used by Misaki in order to infect the Misaka Network with the electric virus and get around its defenses. His forced attempt in creating a level 6 involves sending Mikoto's power out of control. Afterwards, Mitori likely used the Exterior to guide Mikoto's psyche. She brings out her fears and anger towards the city, and has her attack the Windowless Building, saying bad things would happen and someone will always get hurt.

Mikoto complies and uses her newfound power to make an incredibly powerful beam of electricity descend from the overcast sky, though the Windowless Building survives. Mikoto's subconscious wakes up, but she has no control over her transformed body, as the great black sphere of energy continues to grow, and energy exudes from the ground. At that moment, the Dragon Strike in the form of eight other dragons emerges, and then bites the black spheres and makes Mikoto's transformation crumble.

Later, she was one of the few who were involved in an operation in Hawaii. He is the most powerful esper in Academy City, ranking at the top of the seven Level 5s in the city. His real name is unknown, though Accelerator recalls his surname was composed of two kanji characters and his given name consisted of three kanji characters. First appearing as an antagonist of the third light novel, he later becomes a main protagonist in the science side of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series in a notable number of volumes of the light novels.

His ability allows him to control any vector he touches including motion, heat, electricity, and wind. This allows him to perform various feats such as reflecting bullets, launching heavy objects, and even reversing the flow of blood in people's bodies.

Since his natural ability blocks all ultraviolet radiation, he has an appearance with white hair. Accelerator's unique ability makes him the subject of an experiment attempting to create the first Level 6 esper: Since it was impossible to procure Railguns, an alternative plan was formed to "level up" Accelerator by having him kill 20, skilled Level 3 espers: He willingly joins the experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared esper so that no one would be foolish enough to challenge him.

His desire to achieve this goal leads him to kill many who got in his way. Accelerator was physically weak because of his total reliance on his powers and his overconfidence in his esper abilities. After his defeat in volume three of the light novels, he reappears in the fifth novel where his past was also revealed.

He was taken to Academy City at a young age when his powers were first discovered but because of the lack in their understanding of his powers, people fear him and in some cases tried to kill him. Due to the many attempts on his life and the numerous experiments performed on him, these events shaped Accelerator into a sadist and made it difficult for him to trust anyone except for Kikyou Yoshikawa, the only scientist who ever cared about him and saved his life.

He also takes a more heroic and fatherly role by protecting a young girl named Last Order, the last Misaka clone who believes through the memories of the Sister clones who fought him that Accelerator is not bad person and actually never wanted to hurt the clones but tried to merely intimidate them into not fighting him, a theory Accelerator dismisses.

In the aftermath of the incident, Accelerator is shot in the head by Ao Amai and acquires aphasia due to brain damage. The injury also affects his ability but Heaven Canceller jury-rigs a choker-like device to his brain, allowing Accelerator to tap into the Misaka Network to make up for his injury and function normally.

He can also switch the transmitter to full power, restoring his ability for a maximum of 15 minutes at the beginning, but the time is later extended to 30 minutes by an update to the device. Toward the end of volume 13, Accelerator begins to "awaken" after nearly being killed by Amata Kihara and his aphasia is somehow temporarily cured.

He truly "awakens" in volume 15, gaining black wings when fighting another "awakened" level 5, Teitoku Kakine. In the events of the 19th novel he meets Aiwass, a higher dimensional being, summoned to their plane of existence. Aiwass explains to him when AIM entities like him are manifested, Last Order is heavily strained and may die if left untreated. In Russia, after being ambushed by Russian mages, he acquires the "Goatskin", a mysterious document sought after by both Academy City and the Russian government that has the knowledge about the Archangels and Heaven, and later runs into a Misaka Worst clone, learning that Aleister intends to eliminate Last Order, now obsolete to create a new Misaka network.

Despite being more powerful than Misaka Worst, Accelerator is unable to bring himself to harm another Sister clone after the Level 6 experiment and becomes mentally unstable after the clone attempts to kill Last Order and later tries to kill herself. With his new powers, he is able to decode one of Index's songs and was finally able to cure Last Order but is injured in the process.

After the Third World War, Accelerator is given his freedom with the help of Shiage, after he threatens the Academy City's administration to leave him, Last Order and Misaka Worst alone and orders them to stop all illegal black projects in the city. However, both he and Shiage actions anger a new group of espers called the "Freshmen" who are aware of the existences of Magic and sees them as an obstacle in Academy City's war against the Magic factions.

Satoshi Hino Japanese ; Clifford Chapin English Shiage is one of the main characters in the science side in A Certain Magical Index he is a former member of Skill-Out, a group of Level 0s who use various means to counter esper abilities, who accidentally gets caught up with the Dark side of Academy City.

He is first introduced in the Side Story novels where he became the leader of his Skill-Out gang after Accelerator killed the former leader, his best friend Ritoku Komaba on the orders of the Board of Directors. On the same day he became the new leader, his gang was forced by the Board of Directors to kill Mikoto's mother, Misuzu or face extermination. During the 15th novel, Team ITEM is involved in a war between the various underground organization where Shiage helps them by providing transport by stealing cars around the city.

However, this unexpected incident becomes a thorn in Aleister's plans as there was no way Shiage could defeat Shizuri as she is a Level 5. Seeing him as a unpredictable anomaly that will disrupt his future plans, Aleister puts a bounty on Shiage and orders the forces of Academy City's dark side to kill him. Ironically, he is saved by Shizuri, who survived their battle and now has a sense of twisted love for him declaring she will castrate him as her sign of affection.

After capturing a member of the Board of Directors who led the Academy City forces and torturing him, he reveals to Shiage a document called the Parameter List, which reveals that the Academy City administration has been secretly interfering with the Power Curriculum Program and preventing most of the city's students from gaining or raising their powers.

However, his and Accelerator's actions have made them enemies with a new group of espers called the "Freshmen" which is aware of the existence of Magic who sees both of them as an obstacle in Academy City's war against the Magic factions. Anri Katsu Japanese ; Newton Pittman English Motoharu is a blonde teenager who is always seen with sunglasses and wearing an Aloha shirt.

He calls him "Kami-nyan". He unashamedly has a crush on his adopted sister Maika and often ends his sentences with 'nya' the Japanese equivalent of 'meow'. While he seems like a normal, average teenager, Tsuchimikado is actually a former agent of Necessarius who became a freelance spy for Necessarius, Academy City, and other unknown organizations. The leaders of both Necessarius and Academy City are both aware of this but have decided to not take action.

He was ordered by the church to infiltrate Academy City. To avoid suspicion, an artificial family was created with Ashiya Touzu and Urabe Bishu acting as his parents, while he adopted a younger sister named Maika from an orphanage outside of the City.

Despite the efforts, he was exposed within 36 hours and turned into a double agent to ensure his survival. Due to this power, he can still use magic as he can repair the damage done to his body, making him the only successful esper-magician hybrid. Despite these advantages, he avoids using magic except in the most desperate situations as he cannot avoid the extreme pain caused by using it and the fact that his esper ability can fail at any time.

However, he revealed later on that he survived through his esper abilities. Later he retrieved the Pincet Glove during Accelerator's fight with Teitoku and with it he discovered the existence of DRAGON thus he looks into it, before getting knocked out by Aiwass after his manifestation. After learning that Maika might be used as a bargaining chip against him, he faked her death by burning her apartment and went investigating the people behind Agitate Halation.

He found Hisako Yakumi, who was able to convince him that she wasn't the mastermind behind this project, and confronts Seria Kumokawa has Tsugutoshi Kaizumi instead. After these events, Seria was sent to execute Motoharu, but she has fired paint rounds containing his blood instead and knocked him down to the river.

He is officially considered dead on paper by Academy City. Despite never been seen doing much class work, he is surprisingly the class representative. He is a self-confessed pervert, loliconmasochist, as well as numerous other fetishes who enjoys being punished by his teacher, Komoe. He is frequently seen with Motoharu. He is frequently questioned by the authorities as it was revealed that he has been questioned 43 times in the current year.

She is often seen taking up roles of the class representative instead of Pierce, the actual class representative. She is described as a girl who is "pretty but lacks sex appeal". A health-product freak, she is frequently ordering different health products from shopping channels.

Her abilities have yet to be revealed. Mamiko Noto Japanese ; Lindsay Seidel English A quiet young girl with a rather blunt personality who wears miko attire. However, it made her miserable because it killed her family and friends that were turned into vampires.

This prompts her to go to Academy City, hoping to find a way to get rid of her powers, until she meets the alchemist Aureolus Izzard. She cooperates with him because he told her that her blood can be used to save the life of a person he cared for Index in return for helping her get rid of her powers. It is later revealed that Aisa is a Gemstone, a codename for espers who were born with unique powers. She is the advisor for Tsugutoshi Kaizumi, a member of the Board of Directors.

Despite not using her superpowers, she is able to defeat her opponents with words and psychology, along with intelligence. He becomes extremely important to the second arc of the "New Testament" series.

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His right hand contains a power called World Rejector, which banish people with conflicting ideals and objects made by people with conflicting ideals to a supposed salvation or "New World". Unlike Tokiwadai, entry is not restricted to just espers but normal students with no powers are allowed admittance as well.

It was also stated to have beaten Tokiwadai in Daihaisai Festival last year and this year. However, when she noticed the Sisters clones had something of a conscience, she was unable to see them as objects anymore. She attempted to stop the experiments by using envelopes containing cash cards to lure in witnesses in the unwatched alleyways, where the Sisters would fight Accelerator. She does not appear to have any powers, but uses good acting to invoke fear into people and make them believe she has a deadly one.

It is through her that Mikoto learns about the Sisters experiment. She later infiltrates one of the remaining facilities involved with Project Radio Noise with the hope of installing fear emotions into the Sisters in order to cast doubt and question the morality of the experiment among the scientists involved. However, she was captured by Saiai Kinuhata and her program was apprehended by Last Order before it could spread through the Misaka Network.

This elite girls middle school is located within District 7, the School Garden. As one of the most renowned girl schools in the world, all of the students come from rich backgrounds and are at least Level 3 espers, a requirement to enroll there.

The school has the honor of having two of the Level 5 espers studying there. She has an obsessive, perverted crush on Mikoto, whom she calls "Onee-sama" revered big sister, "Sissy" in the English dub and is on the constant lookout for a chance to get physically intimate with her which isn't appreciated and even gets punched or electro-shocked. She generally carries a strap of nails around her leg that she can teleport to pin down enemies.

Teleporting objects into other objects displaces them, allowing her to cut through hard objects like giant concrete pillars with just a sheet of glass. One disadvantage of her power is the concentration required to perform, for any disturbance in her concentration will make her powers useless. Following a fierce battle against another Level 4 teleporter, Awaki Musujime, Kuroko is confined to a wheelchair for some time as a result of the damage she took.

This allows for near-total manipulation of human minds, including: She has trust issues, where she claimed that she would not trust anyone whose mind she can't read. She has a huge clique of followers where she abuses her mind control ability. She rarely shows herself in public, instead using her followers or mind controlled people to act as her representatives when talking with individuals. In the past, Misaki was part of an experiment involving the first clone of Mikoto, nicknamed Dolly.

Will misaka and touma be togeather? to aru majutsu no index?

She uses her mind control powers to brainwash Dolly into thinking that she is her friend 'Mi-chan' who has left her, to facilitate data taking which has been irregular since her depression from knowing that her friend was appalled at her stitched body.

Misaki was also involved with the creation of a facility called 'Exterior', where a part of her brain was cut and bred in an incubator into larger sizes which would allow anyone, espers or non-espers alike, to use her ability. The scientists planned to kill her after the facility is completed.

However, she brainwashed the scientists, took control over the facility and escaped to Tokiwadai. She later pursued Gensei Kihara along with Mikoto in order to protect the Exterior. Misaki is seen participating in a beauty contest with Seria Kumokawa during the Ichihanaran Festival.

As Kuroko's rival, she is confident, boastful, and desires to become a Level 5. Although she if often boastful about her abilities, she usually finds herself the victim of several attacks.

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Like all Tokidawai students, she lives in one of the school's dormitories albeit her dormitory is located within the School Garden District. She is able to use multiple outputs to launch heavier objects. She also owns a pet snake named Ekaterina. She originally appears in the eighth novel and makes her first animated appearance in the Railgun anime, though she appears much later on in the manga's storyline.

Haruka Tomatsu Japanese ; Kristi Kang English Kinuho is a Level 3 esper and Kuroko's classmate who reside in the same dorms as Mitsuko and is a member of the swim club. She is able to control up to litres of water in up to four separate clumps within a range of 18 meters. Kinuho was once saved from some thugs by Mikoto and is thankful to Mikoto on what she did. She is often seen hanging around Mitsuko along with Maaya. She is often seen hanging around Mitsuko along with Kinuho.

He first appears in the 5th novel and episode 18 of the anime series. In reality, this "Mitsuki" is actually an impostor named Etzali.