Triss and yennefer relationship quizzes

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triss and yennefer relationship quizzes

You know, every time I look at Triss Merigold, Geralt's love-interest, and she . The relationship of the protagonist to her could even be really. I don't see that as being completely realistic, given how toxic Geralt's relationship with Yen was prior Ciri entering their lives (and even a little. On the other hand we have Triss! I think overall I enjoy Triss more as a character. She's alot happier than Yen, and I feel Geralt needs that.

If so, it's overwhelmingly Yennefer. Ciri is your adopted daughter and arguably a lesbian to bootTriss is a manipulator who lied to you for months and took advantage of your lost memory, Keira is a ruthless pragmatist and views you as a means to an end, Roach is a horse.

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Shani is a bit of a wild card, but going back as far as Witcher 1 always seemed rather clingy and pushy where her relationship with Geralt was concerned. Yennefer, while often imperious and demanding and therefore not "fun" enough for teenage boys, loves and respects Geralt. They're a genuine partnership. If we're choosing for me, probably still Yennefer, but because I have a thing for Brunettes. In-universe, I always pair Geralt with Yennefer because why the hell wouldn't you, but if we're talking my personal preference?

Yennefer in the third game is a bit of a spanner in the works for people who haven't read the books. Because based on them, and the history and chemistry they have, Geralt and Yennefer are blatantly obviously meant to be together. But for people who only know the games Triss is the obvious choice, since she's one of the first characters introduced in the game, clearly cares deeply for Geralt and has been a vital character in both the previous installments.

It creates a bit of a dissonance between the games, since the first two used the amnesia plot device to do their own thing separate from the books, while the third fires references to the them at every turn.

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Agreed, but only at the start of Witcher 3. I am afraid for her. Another trance could end in mental illness. I would even not be capable, if there were no other option, of permanently extinguishing them. You have to get help from another magician. A more gifted one. I can guess why you turned to me rather than her.

Overcome your pride, crush your rancor and obstinacy. Another trance is liable to be more dangerous to her than the Trial of Grasses. Ask Yennefer for help, Geralt. So here, Triss tried to teach Ciri how to control her powers and failed. So what is Triss doing? Basically admitting that she is not strong enough to handle things…. And encouraging Geralt to go to Yennefer, fully knowing that it will probably end up by the two of them getting back together. Yet she did, and I seriously think she meant it and was willing to let Geralt go.

As he took the goblets from the tray the page was carrying, he discreetly observed the two enchantresses. Yennefer was speaking quickly and quietly, while Triss Merigold was listening intently, with her head down. When he returned, Triss had gone. We like each other.

We understand each other wonderfully and will always do so, irrespective of various minor… incidents. Just then it seemed to me she had some doubts. Well apparently Yen is not happy, and she makes it very obvious. Yet she is willing to forgive Triss, which I think is both surprising and very nice of her.

Thing is once again they both are very different and yet understand each other very well. And Yennefer knows that and is willing to forgive her for it…. But she also knows that things have changed and that in that moment Triss does have real feelings for Geralt.

Honestly, I do think that after that Triss would have backed off and that it would have been the end of it. But of course things are never that simple and there are some other divergences of opinion about to come in the way.

While Yennefer only cares about her family and protecting Ciri at this point, Triss once again proves to have very different priorities. And Yennefer would have been completely ok with it…. Except for the fact that the interests of the lodge will soon be in conflict with her own.

triss and yennefer relationship quizzes

And Triss… well Triss finds herself in the middle of that, torn apart between her feelings for Yennefer and Geralt and Ciri as welland the fact that she genuinely thinks that the lodge is acting for the greater good and that some personal sacrifices could be worth it all.

It soon turned out, however, that her hopes were in vain. Philippa quickly dragged away Margarita - who clearly wanted to talked to Yennefer - to the other end of the room, and Triss Merigold, who had drawn closer to her, was accompanied by Francesca. The she-elf unceremoniously controlled the conversation. Triss was undoubtedly already committed, heart and soul, to the lodge. As usual, she blushed at the mention of his name.

He must have pleased her back then, Yennefer thought, not without malice. And a good thing too. Andrzej Sapkowski - Baptism of Fire That part takes place during a meeting of the lodge. Here Yennefer is basically a prisoner and she is desperately looking for help to escape and get back to Ciri.

There are two things worth noticing here. And Yen understands that. Another example of the fact that Triss still cares about Yen is that part, just a little bit further. But Triss, despite being a shy and insecure young sorceress is the first to defend her and to assure the others that Yen would not do it. For Triss to stand up to the lodge and speak on behalf of her friend here is quite a big thing.

So yes at this point, they are on very different paths and on opposite sides. And yet none of them resent the other. Things are about to get a lot worse though. The point of no return? Yennefer is still searching for Ciri, everyone still thinks she is a traitor, and at this point she is about to risk her life and probably die in a desperate attempt to rescue her daughter.

Yennefer has no choice then than to ask the lodge for help. She even offers to give them information. The only thing she asks for is for the lodge to tell the world that she is in fact not a traitor.

Yen then asks that at least they would tell Geralt the truth.

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This is your lodge. What do you say to that? Yennefer even reminds her of her personal bond to both Ciri and Geralt, and still Triss is choosing the lodge or actually not really choosing and just standing there not knowing what to say or do probably. And this is the moment in which something in Yennefer actually breaks. She forgave Triss a lot of things, but this?

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This is just too much. And I get it. I mean how is Yen supposed to ever trust Triss again after that? The part where it gets very interesting is when Yen and Triss meet again afterwards while searching for Geralt together. Or is it that you think because I agreed to your request that I want to have you with us? That I was interested in seeing you spend a meeting with an old love?

Ciri, I asked you to go on ahead. The two of us need to talk! But just for today.

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I could not deny myself the sweet satisfaction. He knows what role you play as a member of the Lodge. He will thank you for that with his famous look.

And you know what, Triss? I will faint with delight. I agreed to this, because I was actually at fault. But one thing I must tell you, Yennefer. Do not count too much on fainting. He knows how to forgive. Especially if you insist. The animal whinnied and leapt and the sorceress swayed in her saddle.

He is my man, mine and only mine! You have to stop talking about him, to stop thinking about him, you have to stop admiring his noble character… As of right now, right now!

In my opinion, she feels genuinely guilty about her previous actions and wants to help. Anyway, for apparently no reason at all, Yen gives Triss a whole speech about not going anywhere near Geralt and she is being really aggressive about it. Remember the quiet talk they had on Thanedd? Well this is nothing like it. Here Yen is actually losing it. That probably would have put a final end to their friendship but things are about to get complicated again.

While searching for Geralt they find him in Rivia, and he apparently managed to put himself in danger again since he is fighting in the middle of a pogrom. The forgiveness Here again I should probably have quoted a longer part but to keep it simple, here is what happens.

Seeing the mess that is Rivia, Triss first wants to run away. And in that moment Yennefer understands why: And then things get very interesting and surprising. And who is there to witness it and to help her in that one moment of weakness?

triss and yennefer relationship quizzes

I will not run away. I will not hide under the skirts of the Lodge. And even though it I am ready to faint with fear, like at Sodden, I will get over it!

It was a colossal heap. The crowd had finally managed to knock the knight from his horse. He was dragged to the ground with a terrible crash and the mob crawled over him like lice. Triss grabbed Yennefer and dragged her towards the pile of rubbish and raised her hands. She shouted a spell with such rage, that the crowd fell silent for a moment. Then the rest will tear us apart. You will not see me run. She joined in the enchantment.

And they shouted in duet. The people stared at them blankly, staring, but quickly recovered.