Triss and yennefer relationship test

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triss and yennefer relationship test

Was willing to leave politics for Geralt (Triss wanted to go back to it) Supportive of The game was set up for a Yennefer romance, since she gets more screentime. I prefer Triss Thats no basis for a long term relationship. Triss is a good person, but ultimately I think Yenn and Geralt are .. I found Yen's manner overbearing - I've been in a relationship with a. Triss is sweet, she has an idealized view of the Witcher and when you take her to the event, it's like a date in the very early stages of a relationship, sweet.

In all versions of legends, and in Enid's words Vridank never was claimed as a 'prince', but rather as a 'king' when he and Cerro adopted the girl. On the other hand, he lived long enough to be killed by his own grown daughter from the first marriage, Falka, who was in the age of 25 when she ignited the rebellion.

Rhiannon was pregnant at that moment.

triss and yennefer relationship test

Summing this up, Falka's rebellion took place sometime between andmost likely near the middle point, From that point we can only count generations towards Ciri. Pavetta - which gives us age of 16 inyear of 'Question of Price'. But she was 14, so our mistake is only two years. So, let's make a very bold assumption that Yen was accepted as a member of Genetic Team with Tissaia, Enid and Hen Gedymheith right after her graduation, by the time when Adalia and Dagorad prepared to be born: A powerful Source, excellent material for a sorceress.

She preferred to be a queen. If the carrier is a man, the gene disappears in the second, or — at most — the third generation. There were two genes. One, the true gene, was latent, quiescent.

triss and yennefer relationship test

Mistress Assire is right. Thanks for your attention. So I have to assume that this 15 years gap is filled by stretching time borders of next 5 generations, which is still plausible.

triss and yennefer relationship test

The wizards' influence and income? But we defended it because that's what had to be done. And if the need arises, I'll stand on the Hill again. Because if I don't, it will make the sacrifices made the first time futile and unnecessary.

triss and yennefer relationship test

How could I not believe them when they explained that there are important and less important issues, and those that are less important should be given up without a second thought, to sacrifice them for the more important without a shadow of grief? That is does not make sense to save people that you know and love, because they are just individuals and the fate of these individuals are irrelevant to the fate of the world.

That there is no sense for the struggle in defence of honour and ideals, for they are empty concepts?

Triss's so called "Betrayal" (BOOK SPOILERS)

That the real battle for the fate of the world is somewhere else, and will be fought somewhere else? And I feel robbed. Robbed of the possibility of committing follies. I cannot go madly hurrying after Ciri to help her, I cannot run like crazy to save Geralt and Yennefer. Not only that, there is a war, which you have sent your girls A war, that Jarre fled to and I am refused the possibility to even stand on a hill.

To once again stand on a hill. You cannot escape your own.

triss and yennefer relationship test

And she's like "Well, ok. Did Yen tell the Lodge that she was going to defy them, or did she bide her time? But she totally did: Spoiler Yennefer, I do not like the glow I see inyour eyes.

Triss vs Yennefer [NOW WITH SPOILERS. Oh, well.]

Give me your word that you will not try to flee. You can not open a portal yourself with the components. I do not want to confiscate your star; you need to keep control of your mind. But I warn you! If you try something I can not allow The Lodge could not allow you to run wild to save Ciri and seek revenge.

Triss's so called "Betrayal" (BOOK SPOILERS) | Forums - CD PROJEKT RED

I still have your template and the spell algorithm. I will reduce and compress you back into a jade figurine again. If need be, for several months.

Triss was put in a position that Yen did not put herself in, and yet Yen put Triss in that position, and grilled her for failing. That's hypocritical and insidious. This all sounds like Triss "failed" rather than "betrayed". And the only one she failed was Yen, not Geralt and Ciri. And Yen doesn't even count because she created the situation in the first place.