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Balthier and Ashe have one conversation, that's not a relationship. Hell, Ashe has more meaningful moments with Vaan, of all people. Also. Warning: Relationship counseling not included. Tired of .. Vaan, Ashe, Vaan's friend Penelo, the sky pirate Balthier, his partner Fran and many more are on an. Cryptocurrency wallet interfaces for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, and Primecoin. - shea/coinkit.

Five years ago a plague hit, but Penelo's family survived. Vaan's parents were not as lucky, and Penelo's family cared of both the orphaned Vaan and his elder brother, Reks.

Three years later, Archadian Empire invaded the Kingdom of Dalmasca and Penelo's parents and Reks were killed in the conflict.

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Penelo was taken in by her parents' friend, the bangaa Migelo, who let her and Vaan work at his sundry shop, doing various odd-jobs.

Penelo catches Vaan stealing from the imperial soldiers. Penelo is frustrated with Vaan's obsession with becoming a sky pirateand tries to dissuade him from getting into trouble. On the day Vayne Solidor from the Archadian ruling house and heir to the throne comes to Rabanastre as its new consul, Penelo lectures Vaan about stealing from Archadian soldiers.

The pair later witnesses Vayne holding a speech in front of the crowds. Penelo meets up with Vaan at the Giza Plains nomad camp when Vaan is trying to obtain a sunstone to sneak into the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. She helps Vaan in his errand and later admits she enjoyed their time together. They part ways when they return to Rabanastre and Penelo urges Vaan to stay out of trouble. When she hears intruders have been caught trespassing the palace grounds she rushes to the site, knowing it had been Vaan's plan.

Balthier surmises Vayne staged the dinner to lure the Resistance out of hiding and trap them using the Imperial fleet. They encounter a Resistance fighter named Amalia cornered by Imperial Guards. Vaan runs to her aid, and following the ensuing battle, Amalia joins the party briefly though she scorns at Vaan's thievery from the palace. Upon reaching the Waterway's exit they battle a Firemane.

In the manga they are accosted by Judge Ghis and Vaan attacks him but is knocked out. Ghis takes Amalia captive onboard Dreadnought Leviathan while the others are sent to Nalbina Dungeons. In the game the party is confronted by Vayne himself. Nevertheless, Penelo spots Vaan, Balthier and Fran being led away in chains and approaches them in tears, but Balthier soothes her.

In the manga, Vaan awakens in the dungeons and intervenes on a seeq prisoner attacking a former Dalmascan soldier, but has the Goddess's Magicite stolen from him.

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Balthier tries to teach Vaan why he lost by challenging him to a game of coin toss where Vaan must guess which of Balthier's hands he holds it. For a wrong guess Balthier wants Vaan's chestpiece from Reks, but Vaan demands Balthier wager his airship. Balthier tosses the coin and Vaan fails at guessing its location with Fran returning and revealing she has the coin and Balthier's hands are empty. Gabranth authorizes the bounty hunter Ba'Gamnan to search the prisoners for Balthier, and Fran reveals she has found an exit.

In the manga, Balthier decides to make their move in two hours after investigating the Resistance, and Vaan declares to have recovered the Goddess's Magicite by that time. He finds the seeq who stole it but is ambushed by two more. Vaan is thrown into a cell until the seeq, Daguzais ready to face him in arena. Ba'Gamnan offers to free him, but Daguza intervenes and the two fight, and Vaan escapes and charges at Daguza. Vaan ignores Balthier's lesson of using dirty tactics and with a frontal attack seizes the Goddess's Magicite and flees to reconvene with Balthier while another prisoner and Ba'Gamnan deal with Daguza and the other enraged seeq.

Balthier and Vaan fight the seeq in the Nalbina Dungeons. In the game, Vaan attempts to defend a wounded bangaa from three abusive seeq dungeon masters and is thrown into a caged battle with them.

Balthier joins the fray and the two emerge victorious and hide within the arena when Gabranth appears shadowing him into an Oubliette. Vaan, Balthier and Fran find an emaciated Basch fon Ronsenburg imprisoned and following Gabranth's leave, Basch pleads the party to set him free. Reckognising Basch as the King-Slayer, Vaan jumps on the cage and shouts at him. The ruckus attracts the guards and Fran tells everyone to hang onto the cage while she drops it to the pit below the dungeons.

Firey, elbow popped on her cheek, a clipboard for doodling rather than taking notes, obviously bored. I actually used a search engine and checked that. How do you know I won't like Penelo? Except fandom don't CARE. He'd be paired with Aeris or Tifa.

BUT the fandom think they are cuter. I can do whatever I want. I am merely providing you with the truth. As of June at any rate.

The classic guidelines establish the uke by appearance shorter than the seme, more childish, mostly light-haired, cute faces, effeminate in relation to the 'dom' seme's appearance taller, more masculine, olderoften regardless of the characters' personality. Wait a minute…" he looks up in a frown. And you're the most uke. Eww, dude, Basch is totally too muscular. When you and Balthier just met, he grabs you in the stomach and lifts you up, in the Nalbina Dungeons, he fights with you for the three ugly pigs or whatever.