Wavelengths and energy relationship healing

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The energy of a single photon that has the wavelength λ is given by: have the wavelength λ is found by multiplying the above equation by Avogadro's number. The wavelength, frequency and quantity of energy of every colorful ray are fixed .. of color healing with Einstein's mass–energy relationship, which seems quite . One common way that this happens is through spontaneous parametric down- conversion. From Wiki: an important process in quantum optics.

What does exist are relationships, correlations, tendencies to actualize from a multifaceted set of potentials. At this level it is strikingly evident that there may be no objective physical reality at all. What the scientific community once thought was there in the sub atomic realm and what the educated world was taught to perceive as real simply does not exist.

Niels Bohrwho is regarded as the father of quantum physics, pointed out that a particle only becomes a particle when we look at it. The new physics tells us that the observer cannot observe anything without changing what he sees.

Moreover Princeton researchers Brenda I. Dunne and Robert G. Jahn have shown that this concept is not limited to the micro world of quantum interactions. Astonishingly they have through a series of well documented experiments, established that our minds, our intent, can alter the outcome of events!

The physical body is therefore an energy field, and the field is made up of segments of vibration.!! We mean that light, what physicists discovered, is that light and light particles can only deposit certain amount of energy, only discrete amounts of energy. There's a certain chunk of energy that light can deposit, no less than that. So this is why it's called quantum mechanics.

You've heard of a quantum leap. Quantum mechanics means a discrete jump, no less than that. And so what do we call these particles of light? We call them photons. How do we draw them? That's a little trickier. We know now light can behave like a wave and a particle, so we kind of split the difference sometimes. Sometimes you'll see it like this, where it's kind of like a wavy particle. So there's a photon, here's another photon. Basically, this is the problem.

This is the main problem with wave particle duality, it's called. The fact that light, and everything else, for that matter, can behave in a way that shows wavelike characteristics, it can show particle-like characteristics, there's no classical analog of this. We can't envision in our minds anything that we've ever seen that can do this, that can both behave like a wave and a particle. So it's impossible, basically, to draw some sort of visual representation, but, you know, it's always good to draw something.

So we draw our photons like this. And so, what I'm really saying here is, if you had a detector sitting over here that could measure the light energy that it receives from some source of light, what I'm saying is, if that detector was sensitive enough, you'd either get no light energy or one jump, or no light energy or, whoop, you absorbed another photon.

You couldn't get in between. If the quantum jump was three units of energy I don't want to give you a specific unit yet, but, say, three units of energy you could absorb, if that was the amount of energy for that photon, if these photons were carrying three units of energy, you could either absorb no energy whatsoever or you could absorb all three.

You can't absorb half of it. You can't absorb one unit of energy or two units of energy. You could either absorb the whole thing or nothing.

wavelengths and energy relationship healing

That's why it's quantum mechanics. You get this discrete behavior of light depositing all its energy in a particle-like way, or nothing at all. Well, we've got a formula for that.

wavelengths and energy relationship healing

The amount of energy in one photon is determined by this formula. And the first thing in it is Planck's constant. H is the letter we use for Planck's constant, and times f. It's a simple formula.

F is the frequency. Energy can exist in many forms such as potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear or other forms.

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Major sources of energy can include coal, solar energy, wind power, nuclear fission, oil shale, petroleum, electromagnetism and energy conversion. Electromagnetism is described as the science of charge and the forces and fields associated with charge. Thus, electric and magnetic forces can be detected in electro and magnetic fields. These are fundamental fields in nature. Light energy has been measured by science described by the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum describes the characteristics of Light energy as wavelengths, frequency, vibration and amplitude. Wavelengths, High Frequency, Low Frequency and Vibration The electromagnetic spectrum covers a wide range of wavelengths and frequencies. Light energy travels in waves called wavelengths. Wavelengths vary across the electromagnetic spectrum from low frequency long wavelengths to high frequency short wavelengths.

The frequency of the wavelength is described as the number of waves that pass a fixed point within a specific period of time3.

6.3 How is energy related to the wavelength of radiation?

Vibration is the number of cycles undergone per unit of time3. The difference between high frequency and low frequency energy is that high frequency energy carries more packets of energy protons whereas low frequency energy carries less packets of energy protons.

Whether high or low frequency all is Light energy and all Light energy travels at the same speed. Everything is composed of Light energy and as such will vibrate at a specific frequency. All living and non-living things - humans, animals, plants, crystals, minerals, the Earth itself - vibrate at specific frequencies. With an explanation of Light energy and its associated characteristics, we can now examine the human body and provide an understanding as to how vibrational healing methods can be applied to the human body to effect change in restoring balance to the electromagnetic field aura of the recipient.

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The Human Body and the Electromagentic Field Aura The Human Body has been naturally designed to receive and transmit Light energy and as such emits electromagnetic energy or Light energy. The human body contains seven light energy centers, or vortices, known as the chakras system.

The chakra system functions to balance and distribute frequencies throughout the aura. Of the seven energy centers the heart is the most important electromagnetic energy center to receive and transmit Light energy.

Research conducted by the Heart Math LLC has indicated that the heart generates an electrical signal 60 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field of times greater than the brain. In terms of the electromagentic field aura generated by the chakra system which includes the heart chakra, the wellness of the physical and emotional self focuses on the belief that the energetic body aura pre-determines the health of the physical body.

Through our continuous exposure to all types of electromagnetic fields generated, computers, cell phones, radio waves, microwaves, television, etc. Therefore re-establishing and maintaining a connection to electromagnetic fields of the Earth are essential towards achieving a balanced human body and electromagnetic field aura.

This connection with the Earth, also then facilitates re-alignment processes on the energetic level that affect our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

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The next level of the ascension process which is now underway involves a shift in humanity into Crystalline Consciousness. PAHT involves a combination of hands-on healing techniques while in a Primus state vibrating at a high-frequency to effect change within the human body and electromagnetic field aura.

This scientific principle describes how all energy interacts which includes energy within the electromagnetic spectrum.