Yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

Yandy And Mendeecees Aren’t Legally Married For An Interesting Reason | MadameNoire

yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

& Wife! #Papoose & #RemyMa Relationship Therapy, Relationship .. Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris (Mr. Seriously the cutest couple ever!. Yandy & Mendeecees Marriage Not Official??? As we all know, Yandy Smith is a talent manager, formerly with Violator Management working. Remy Ma and Juju Give Yandy Advice On Mendecees and Judy. They say first comes love, then comes marriage when really the Judy's behavior is because she doesn't want Yandy with Mendeecees but Terrica Smith.

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  • Yandy & Mendeecees Marriage Not Official???

She makes a brief appearance at the third season reunion, where she reveals she is pregnant. Winter appeared infrequently on the show and was let go from the cast after the season's poor reception. Rashidah Ali[ edit ] Rashidah Aisha Ali born January 27,also known as Rah Ali, is a socialite, entrepreneur and self-professed celebrity "stiletto expert". During the season, she reveals that she had sex with Yandy's boyfriend, Mendeecees, years earlier, sparking a rivalry between the two women.

At the third season reunion, she announces her engagement to her long term boyfriend, a music executive.

Yandy Smith And Mendeecees Harris Relationship: Is The ‘LHHNY’ Couple Still Together?

Rah was let go from the cast after the season's poor reception, but returned as a guest star in season fourwhich chronicles the breakdown of her friendship with Tahiry as she plans her wedding. She begins appearing in a supporting capacity towards the end of season fivebefore taking on a larger role again in season sixwhere she appears as Remy Ma 's friend and confidante, and embarks on a management career, managing the careers of rapper rivals BBOD and Mariahlynn.

Rah left the show after falling out with Remy. She came into the public eye due to her relationship with rapper Joe Buddenwho she began dating in The third and fourth seasons chronicle her and Joe's on-again, off-again relationship.

During the course of season three, she embarks on a music career, releasing a single, "Devil", with producer Cisco Rosado. Tahiry left the show at the beginning of filming season fivebelieving "it was time to leave".

Yandy Smith And Mendeecees Are Married, But Not Legally, To Protect Her Coins

Any scenes she filmed never made it to air. Tara Wallace[ edit ] Taranasha Wallace born September 20, is an actress and etiquette coach, originally from Jayess, Mississippi. She joins the cast with Peter in season four.

During the season, it is revealed that Peter has married another woman, Amina, behind her back, leading to a violent showdown between the two women. Atlantagarnered the highest ratings of the show so far.

In season fivePeter continues to go back and forth between Tara and Amina, leading to a controversial period in season six in which the two women are pregnant at the same time. Tara and Amina were phased out of the show during season sevenreturning only as supporting cast members. She appears briefly in an uncredited cameo in season eightwhere she is seen attending Rich's diabetes awareness event.

yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

She came into the public eye after having a son, Brian Stephen, with rapper Saigon in The fourth season chronicles her and Saigon's volatile relationship, and their struggles in raising their child, who is revealed to have developmental disabilities.

Erica and Saigon were let go from the show after a controversial appearance on the show Iyanla: She joins the cast in season fouras the secret wife of rapper Peter Gunz. Their marriage is revealed dramatically early into the season, leading to a violent showdown between Amina and Tara, his girlfriend of 11 years, and mother of his children.

At the fourth season reunion, she reveals that she is pregnant with Peter's child, and gives birth to a daughter, Cori, during season five. However, Peter continues to go back and forth with Tara, and after falling pregnant in season sixAmina decides to have an abortion.

yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

At the sixth season reunion, while Tara is pregnant with Peter's baby, she reveals that she too is pregnant by Peter. Amina returns as a supporting cast member in season sevenafter moving to Los Angeles for a fresh start. During the season, she gives birth to her second daughter, Bronx, and officially ends her relationship with Peter. Atlantaand is one of its original six cast members. She joins the cast in season fourwhich documents her move to New York.

‘No. No way. No, no,’ Mendeecees Harris testifies in teen sex trial

I don't know the Erika but I know the story?? I always side eyed Yandy she always presented herself in a way she is not. I was never convinced. Let Your Soul Glow Yes!!!! Charlemagne gave her Donkey of the Day for that very reason!

yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

I really need Dame to come get his sister and sit her down somewhere! SameoleJ That Will and Jada conversation went like this: J, I just got a call that I have to go on record and say I didn't know about your video.

Don't get me wrong, I know you are always right and whatnot, but well you know. I understand, but you best remember where you lay your head at night and tread lightly. I know where all them bodies is buried W: I know, I know. SameoleJ Dame been put her up for adoption. He tried to save her a few times, but now he only see her on family events. Too Many Colors I swear on everything it seemed like Will was scared or something. That was the strangest interview I think I have ever seen him do.

He is normally so very conversational in his style.

yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

He was choking on words. It was very very awkward SameoleJ He probably wishes he was her 4th cousin twice removed on their stepdaddy side. Dude was stuck between a boulder and a angry black wife!!

yandy smith and mandeecees relationship counseling

Lose Lose situation, I would have developed laryngitis. Let Your Soul Glow He said almost exactly what you said I just know he was getting in Angela's behind over something stupid on that Hip Hop Kids show, clearly he can come get his fam together over something that actually matters.