Yoona and jessica relationship trust

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She was hoping to hear about what the girls could be teaching her daughter, and maybe, apply those teachings to herself too. What happened to our planned presentation?

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You call that a presentation? A presentation about pornographic images?! That's not just what making love is all about. Or was it really more like a reflection of what we are, of what we have. The room went still and quiet. Tiffany exhaled deeply when she felt Taeyeon's warm breath on her sensitive ear.

I think the two have let their personal lives interfere with their professional ones. Apparently, Yoona here is affected with Seohyun's view about sex.

While Yoona here thinks that sex shouldn't be called sex, instead it should be called as making love and that you need love to be doing that. You get what I mean? Does that mean that after everything that we did, you just think of me as your sexual partner and not as someone you love?

Taeyeon and Tiffany gasped. I'm your boss and yet I didn't know that you two are a couple! Yoona glared at Seohyun, while Seohyun bowed her head down. The two ignored Tiffany. Let me get this straight, you two are uhm But I don't want that! But I don't want to just have sex with you.

yoona and jessica relationship trust

I want to make love to you! Amidst all the drama between Yoona and Seohyun, Jessica took the initiative to get some of the chips brought by Minyoung and sat on the couch, beside Taeyeon's wheelchair and in front of the two arguing maknaes.

She handed a bag of chips to Tiffany who was still sitting on Taeyeon's lap. But this will do. This live drama is so good to watch. Minyoung joined Jessica on the couch too, and the four of them watched the two girls crying in front of them. I thought that if I satisfy you in bed then it would mean that I will make you happy too I need your love Seob.

I just don't want to feel it in bed. I also want to feel it every time we're together. I need to feel it I need to hear it Is it too much to ask to hear you say that you love me too? I want you to be sensitive of my feelings too because I'm willing to do anything for you! Meanwhile, Jessica got her hanky and passed it around the four of them. I may be old but young love is really something You love me right?

No making out in front of your mother Tiffany. Hey you two, Seohyun and Yoona! Can you just kiss and give us a happy ending?

yoona and jessica relationship trust

Don't you think they should talk it out first instead of kissing their problems and misunderstandings away? No point delaying things. Your Dad and I are different.

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He won't change his ways so I see no point in talking it out. But really, if you love someone, you should be willing to make changes and adjustments not just for the sake of your partner but for the relationship to work.

Minyoung smiled when she saw Yoona and Seohyun looking at her. They have certain things that they would want from each other like how Yoona here wants Seohyun to voice out her feelings and make her feel special when they uhm Okay, that's really awkward, uhm okay You should be conscious of what your partner needs, not just in bed but in your relationship as a whole.

yoona and jessica relationship trust

You should all try to listen to your partners and make compromises. Relationship takes a lot of work for it to succeed.

I know that I may not be the most credible person to give you this advice, but being in a failed relationship made me realize that relationships are not something to be taken for granted.

Treat each other with love and care all the time. Seohyun was previously spotted departing for LA for her schedules and she definitely did not miss the opportunity to meet up with her friend. She met up with Tiffany who is currently furthering her acting studies in LA.

The girls were spotted in Disneyland and fan accounts were everywhere on the web. Finally, the girls are putting visuals to the texts. Both of then uploaded a series of pictures from their trip to Disneyland, looking like young girls totally indulged in the beautiful kingdom.

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Check out the images right below! But the irony is that, she looks even prettier with the freckles! She is just so flawless. In addition to the freckled face selfie, she posted a few more of herself for fans to see. Fans want her to have fun for the rest of her trip. Enjoy the photos below! I remember hanging out with YoonA right before giving birth to Ha Eun. YoonA came over right away when I was about to go into labor.

yoona and jessica relationship trust

Ha Eun went to sleep while tightly hugging the princess doll that YoonA got for her. I was a bit surprised because they had such a great time together.