Yoona and taecyeon relationship help

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yoona and taecyeon relationship help

She doesn't have a boyfriend all SNSD members doesn't have a boyfriend. Thought many people say that taecyeon is yoona's boyfriend. Thats my opinion. Monday, April 15, bestiz, donghae, sports seoul, yoona comments We ask for your interest and support. . I bet they'd be a bunch of people saying " Whatever, that's just media play to cover up the relationship between Yonghwa & PSH."^^ jessica was dating Taecyeon and she broke up with him right after. 2PM's Taecyeon denies rumors regarding his love life.

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Makes me feel like I'm stalking something, your story to be more exact. Maybe next time i will reply on soshified if you update there before I read it here: Yoona is such a player, and absolutely coy to the maximum.

And so the relationship complicates to include Changmin as well? It's as though she's attracting boys to her as easily as a moth flutters to a fire. All I know is that when all her oppas realize that Yoona is keeping in contact with taecyeon, someone is going to get beheaded. Goodness, does Yoona still have a crush on Changmin, or more accurately yearn for him.

2PM's Taecyeon and SNSD's Yoona relationship details on Strong Heart

I can't understand why did she confront him about their relationship when her relationship with Donghae is left hanging.

For me, trying to guess what Yoona is thinking.

yoona and taecyeon relationship help

Thanks for the new update! Looks like you got your muse right next to you recently ; devilgrins chapter And I am so glad for that. I didn't expect you to update this one, but it's really great you did. Taecyeon is taking things slowly and trying to understand Yoona as well as her dynamics with the Super Junior oppas.

Good job boy, that's absolutely brilliant of you. And the 9PM performance, well, we all know how that is going to turn out, awesome! It seems like you might follow the real timeline and start to include Family Outing 2 in as well?

Hmm, honestly when I was watching FO2 it seems as though the program exploited their chemistry too much, to the extent that it spoiled the scandal somehow. This Taecyeon here is just so sweet like a little boy, while Yoona is so innocent, and yet curious and daring at the same time.

I can't wait to see the big blowout.

yoona and taecyeon relationship help

D Yeah, i'm a little sadist. Thanks for the new chapter and please update soon!

yoona and taecyeon relationship help

Guess you caught your muse huh, if you put out a chapter ; congrats on that. Now all you need to do is to make sure that muse stay next to you long enough to update a few chapters I love that story to bits, seriously.

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As much as i love this one. Heck, i love both immensely. The photos does tell it all and this two are more than just close friends.

Then again, maybe they are just really close friends and are not dating. We will just have to see regarding about this two. Can they just come out and tell us directly and not the agency or representative? This will make things much more clearer. Sooyoung and Jung were spotted by snapping a photo of them having a great time at a "Christmas Eve party" at her house which is located in Nonhyeondong, Seoul.

yoona and taecyeon relationship help

Then after the party, another photo was taken that shows Jung going into a Chanel store which is located at Apgujeong to "pick out a present" for her. Maybe this is a Christmas present, I mean it is Christmas you know and friends loves to buy gifts for their close friends. Though Chanel is really a great store for couples, so maybe this two are indeed really dating.

yoona and taecyeon relationship help

SM brought up that they do not have an exact date on when Sooyoung and Jung initiated their relationship though did state that "The dating rumors are true. While they were close as sunbae and hoobae last year, their relationship progressed into that of a couple Please watch over them fondly. Now here is what a representative for Jung stated by saying, "He and Sooyoung are dating We are sorry that we did not respond truthfully the two or so times the rumors were reported. At the time, when we asked Jung Kyung Ho, he had said that it wasn't true so we had responded that way before.

We will reveal our official statement soon. Are this two really going out or is Sooyoung just coming out to gain some attention because of YoonA? If Sooyoung and YoonA are indeed dating and has found their perfect future husband, can we probably see another Girls' Generations member surprising us? We knew that the ladies will be making their comeback; though we are definitely surprised regarding about how the girls are starting off the year. Fans are still trying to breathe and take this all in between the relationship of YoonA and Lee Seung-Gi and if the two will last.

We hope so though bumps might occur in the months to come. Let's not jump to conclusions yet everyone, there has been dating scandals with the ladies of Girls' Generation in previous years. Hyoyeon was also in a dating scandal by her thought of having a boyfriend named Kim Jun-Hyung when she went to Hong Kong for vacation in the year Back inTiffany was in a dating scandal with Super Junior's Siwon.