Yusei and akiza relationship goals

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yusei and akiza relationship goals

Relationships. Yusei Fudo. Since their first duel, Akiza developped a crush on Yusei as the latter's words nearly reached out to her heart, as she was shown. They worked together on the quiz and got a ten out of ten. "A perfect score!" Yusei said as he wrapped Akiza in a hug. She laughed. "Thanks. Yusei Fudo is the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and one of the Signers. after a difference in goals, as Jack wanted power and to lead people. .. if he had a crush on Akiza and that if they did have a special connection with.

As Yusei started to lean very slightly downward, Akiza leaned very slightly upwards. Her face showed excitement and anticipation. Were they really going to do it? Just like Yusei, Akiza knew it was the perfect and right thing to do.

It was now clear as day to her that Yusei felt the same way as she did. As their faces got even closer, their facial expressions changed. Their faces also reflected into the others eyes.

Akiza's face had quickly turned from excitement and anticipation to nervousness and worry.

Yusei Fudo

The smile from Yusei's face was gone and he too looked nervous and worried as well. Neither one had ever had their first kiss, so it was obvious that both of them were nervous. Akiza decided on a way that would, hopefully, take off all their nervousness of having a first kiss.

She slowly closed her eyes, letting Yusei know that it was all right and that she understood his feelings. Yusei then followed her lead, just like before, and closed his eyes as well.

They then closed the final distance and their lips met the other's. Yusei's dry lips melted into Akiza's moist ones. The setting couldn't be more perfect. The dark room, with just enough light from the moon, and no one around to see or bother them. They had both held their feelings inside for a long time and now they finally knew how the other felt about them. They weren't sure how long they stood their, with their lips pressed against the other's.

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Although their hands were still intertwined, it didn't matter, since they could still feel each other's happiness. No, it wasn't like in the movies, where their lips would move passionately against the other's. No, that was for another time. This time, they just wanted to take in all the love, happiness, and joy that they were feeling.

After what felt like forever, Yusei then Akiza slowly leaned back. They each had blushes across their faces, along with big bright smiles. They smiled at one another, now knowing how they felt. Despite the good mood, Akiza still had one last question for Yusei. I know that I'll be away at school," she started slowly.

Her face looked a little sad and Yusei gasped, trying to figure out what she was talking about. Akiza looked down at their still holding hands. I know I'll be several hours ahead of you, but We have e-mail, video chats, our phones, and so many other ways to connect to one another. It doesn't matter if you're several hours ahead of me, I'll still try to stay in touch with you as much as possible.

My door is always open for you Akiza and don't ever feel guilty to get in touch with me. Akiza watched as, just like before, Yusei's face looked a little sad. He took looked down at her hands. He was so happy that he would get to see Akiza so soon. Akiza closed her eyes and nodded. She then looked at Yusei who looked like a kid in a candy store. Akiza smiled at him. He tightened his grip on her hands. I know you have the potential to become an excellent doctor someday.

Don't give up on your dream, because I know you can do it. Yusei nodded, but had more to say. Just go out there and do your best. I will," Akiza replied and they stood there for a long moment. However, they knew that they had to move on. Their hands hadn't left the other's since they Yusei had grabbed a hold of Akiza's. They watched as they released their hands slowly and in-synch with one another. They finally let go, even though they truly didn't want to. However, they both remembered that they would see and hear from each other very soon.

Akiza made a fist again with her right hand again. However, this fist wasn't full or anger or upset. This once was full of confidence, thanks to Yusei's belief in her and telling her to do her best. Yusei smiled as he saw the woman he found so beautiful looking so confidently. After a brief moment, Akiza let go of her fist and folded her arms. Yusei put his hands into his pockets.

He watched as Akiza ran up the steps to the garage and closed the door. As she did, he watched with a smile on his face. Once he made sure she had made it inside, he turned around and walked out of the garage. It was true that they never said those three little words. It was true that it wasn't exactly an award winning way of confessing their love.

However, before they had met that night, neither one knew how the other one felt about them. After the defeat of Z-One, Akiza decided to study abroad in Germany, she visits Yusei in the garage late at night to say goodbye to him. She tried to confess her love for him, but changes her mind.

Yusei and Akiza talk briefly before Yusei takes her hands into his and reminds her to never stop smiling, adding that she has the most beautiful smile in the world. They then gaze into each other's eyes before parting shortly afterward. This is the strongest indication that Yusei may reciprocate Akiza's feelings.

She also intended to meet him again sometime by her words in the 8 years pass time-skip. After joining Yusei and his friends, Akiza's demeanor has become much more caring, sweet, brave, heroic, kind-hearted, and valuing of true friendship, and she has become more eager to help those close to her whenever possible. Akiza has also developed feelings for Yusei, as Jack pointed out whenever it came to his safety she often gets too worked up.

These psionic ability enables her to materialize monsters and effects of Duel Monsters cards. Akiza originally despised her Mark of the Dragonbelieving it to be the cause of her unwanted power and even noted it as a "wretched mark. While not fully explained in the Japanese version, in the English dub, Commander Koda states that Akiza's powers are derived from telekinesisindicating that she can also mentally manipulate physical targets.

Her capacities are exceptionally strong compared to other such users as Sayer noted that her powers exceed even those of the Dark Signers and has yet to realize her true potential.

Akiza loves Yusei

The full strength of her abilities and directly related to her psyche and emotional drive. This becomes more apparent after Dueling against Yusei in the Fortune Cup when she became conflicted by the respective views of Yusei and Sayar. Initially Akiza had little control of her incredibly strong powers.

She uses a special hairpin "energy stabilizer" in the English dubto help restrain them. When she completely loses control, the pin gets flung off and her powers increase.

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After her second Duel with Yusei, she began gaining proper control of them, stopping herself from harming her father. Since then, her control continued to improve, able to, much like Sayer, manifested her cards outside of a Duel and likewise control her manifestation's actions beyond aimless attacking, such as using her " Rose Tentacles " to rescue Yusei.

She can also chose to not physically manifest her cards as during her first Turbo Duelshe didn't cause any real harm to Trudge. After Team Catastrophe caused her to crash, her psychic abilities disappeared. At first, Akiza felt uneasy about this, but ultimately realized she did not need special abilities to help people. Ultimately, however, her powers returned after her Duel against Sherryinstinctively manifesting "Black Rose Dragon" to protect herself, Crow and Sherry from falling rubble.

In that instance, it also displayed the ability to heal wounds. Akiza also states "Black Rose Dragon" protecting them to be her monster's will. Etymology Her Japanese name, "Aki" has multiple meanings but the most prominent ones are "autumn" and "emptiness", with the former refers to her connection with plant and the latter to her loneliness.

A sixteen-day-old moon has just passed its fullest phase, so it is at this point that its brightness begins to decline. This is a reference to her age of sixteen at the start of the series. Her dub name is a westernization of her Japanese name. However, the name Akiza could possibly be a nod Greek Name "Acantha" which means "thorn", referring to her connection with plants.

yusei and akiza relationship goals

Alternately, it may be a nod to Hebrew Name "Akiva" which means to protect. Her father, Hideo was unable to spend as much time with her as he would have liked, due to his work as senator. When he got home, Hideo carried her off to bed and left a present next to her. The next day, Akiza opened the Lord of the Storm present and thanked her father. She wanted to Duel Hideo but was unable to as promised, due to the fact he had to leave for work and wouldn't return for a month.

This caused Akiza to storm off crying that she hated him in the dub, she told him to never come back. After being interrupted by his cellphone, Hideo had to cancel the Duel and leave. Akiza got upset and continued the Duel in a fury, causing her powers and mark to manifest and appear for the first time.

Hideo was injured in the process. Confused and scared, Akiza approaches her father asking for help, but is called a monster and told to stay back, causing her to cry. He tries to apologize, but Akiza is already stung by these words. She once Summoned a " Gigaplant " using her powers and set it on a group of other children. Hideo slapped her as punishment.

Akiza believed to have deserved this, because she is a "monster" the slap is cut from the dub. Akiza gained entrance to a Duel Academy. Her parents hoped someone there could teach her to control her powers. In the dub, he was Koda. More incidents followed, causing Akiza to become feared in the Academy and not have any friends.

yusei and akiza relationship goals

As a response, Akiza used her psychic abilities to destroy her family's home and decided to continue living without them, believing that they never needed her or loved her as their only daughter. Her powers kept growing unchecked and hurt many on the battlefield.

She eventually decided she could not handle the guilt anymore and created the "Black Rose" persona to deal with the rejection and terrorize the Duelists. Akiza was eventually found by Sayerthe leader of the Arcadia Movementan organization of Psychic Duelists that claims to have psychic abilities similar to Akiza's.

Sayer hoped to use her to destroy Rex Goodwin and create an army of Psychic Duelists. Toby idolized Akiza and asked what he should do to be like her. She told him that he should listen to Sayer.