Yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quizzes

Virat Kohli doffs his hat to Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quizzes

Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni during their excellent partnership in the second ODI .. The over also yields a couple of singles. The only thing we know about MS Dhoni for sure is that he will likely always be unknowable. side, and for sticking with Yuvraj Singh despite his rough patch, had prevailed. later, backing Ravindra Jadeja as a Test player, or at times letting Tests drift. . I am not going to complicate my personal relationships with them.". Why the differences between Yuvraj Singh-MS Dhoni are overblown. A look at the Yuvraj Singh-MS Dhoni relationship over the years . In the meanwhile, Dhoni announced a sudden retirement from Tests towards the end.

He makes sure he shoots on January 1, no matter which part of the world he is in. This year the team came home from South Africa on the night of January 1, and he rushed off to the National Security Guard range in Mumbai to complete the ritual.

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quizzes

Dhoni prides himself on being a survivor and a resourceful, self-sufficient person. He likes to be put in situations where he has to innovate to survive. He owns daggers too. Began to improvise to find a sharp object. He said they all get a welcome letter from the hotel's general manager whenever they check in, and that envelope is sure to have a stapler pin.

No food should be wasted. It is a commando thing: Surely there is an analogy here about having to make do with India's thin bowling resources? And perhaps from this fascination for the army, he derives his respect for authority.

It is well known that he doesn't enjoy training much - all his fitness work comes from cricketing activities - but when Gary Kirsten, a coach he respected immensely, called for a swimming-pool session, Dhoni would be there on time though he hated the activity. You can sense he is a free-minded thinker, but he likes that army- like structure. In the lack of sentiment; in expecting his charges to toughen up; in doing the job without fuss; in being a stickler for punctuality though he is one of the captains most frequently penalised for slow over rates.

Two events within the space of a few months in left a lasting impact on Dhoni the captain and player. In April, he had to stay put in Delhi because his home was being attacked by angry "fans" after India's ignominious exit from the World Cup in the West Indies.

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A few months later when he came back from South Africa having won the World T20, it was the adulation, the mobbing, that kept him away. He tells his friends that he realised then that he couldn't afford to take what happened on the field seriously and be defined by it. The ultimate outsider of Indian cricket is also the ultimate insider In the years to come Dhoni would become so obsessed with not showing any emotion that it sometimes made you wonder if it was artificial.

Chappell remembers him as an emotionally expressive man. He was quite emotional, and not scared to show it. Dravid, who captained him, played under him and has now observed him as an outsider, hints at a deliberate detachment.

He doesn't want to delve into those things. He doesn't want to be bogged down. But with Mahi it is relaxed, and that makes you relaxed. I might have spent the whole day with him until then, but now there is no place for me there. It is a sight to behold, the transformation.

Even before a big tour, he starts thinking of it only two days before it. He just doesn't want to waste his energies thinking about the game when he can't do anything about it. An acquaintance who spent an hour with him immediately after the Champions Trophy win in England last year remembers not a single word spoken about cricket in those 60 minutes. And this was one of India's more emotional victories. Just before departing for England, Dhoni had addressed a press conference without being able to answer a single question because they were all about the scandal surrounding his IPL team.

Pandey remembers the atmosphere around the team on the night of their departure was marked by fear, insecurity, caginess. One of his first moves as captain was to get rid of blazers and ties from India's off-field uniform. He said that when some of them can't even carry off formal trousers properly, they shouldn't be made to wear ties.

Dhoni's cricketing version of polo shirts and jeans is short and sharp team meetings. Sometimes they last as long as it takes to say "good luck". Not everything is straightforward, though. It's not just the media - which Dhoni has eliminated entirely as a source of pressure by not consuming it, not engaging with it and replying in an ambiguous and self-contradictory manner when he needs to - and fans who don't know what's going on in his mind.

Those seen as his friends can't say much more than "He is Captain Cool" when asked for a comment. RP Singh, a known "friend", once had to ask other senior players why he was being dropped. Dhoni's obsession with keeping things simple, not planning too far ahead, not taking complete charge because it brings extra pressure with it, has worked extremely well in limited-overs cricket, but such an attitude limits your ambition in Test cricket, a format that is by definition limitless.

Protesters deface a poster after India's early exit in the World Cup. New Zealand players from that Test in Wellington still joke about being set in the fourth innings, which let them escape with a draw. An Indian player on both those tours says winning the series was the only target. The army analogy doesn't extend to when the team starts losing Tests. On the tour of Australia innot only did India play the same failing top six in each Test, they batted in the same order, except when a nightwatchman made a superficial alteration.

Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma spent the tour giving throwdowns to each other in a corner while the big boys did their thing with Duncan Fletcher and Dhoni watching. The message to the selectors was clear: I am not going to complicate my personal relationships with them. Every player knows Dhoni doesn't answer his phone.

Even in keeping his distance, Dhoni confounds. Handholding might have helped a player like Sreesanth, a difficult character, and the only one Dhoni ever openly criticised. But there are occasions when he reaches out, though not always directly.

Last year he passed on a message to Irfan Pathan through a journalist. If you get fit, I need you in England, but you have to play first-class matches before that. Dhoni's counter is that his hotel suite - the captain gets a suite - is always open. You don't even need to knock: If Dhoni absorbs the pressure so his team can express itself, Pandey is Dhoni's buffer against the outside world, managing everything around him.

He dabbled in various activities before merging his friendship and his career. He worked with T-Series, a popular and controversial music label, where, he says, he had the power to tell the biggest singers in the country if they were out of tune. He says he learned many of his business tricks there: His brother-in-law is the famous Bhojpuri actor and politician Manoj Tiwari, for whom Pandey has canvassed in the badlands of Gorakhpur, a city on the India-Nepal border infamous for its gang wars and for providing safe passage out of the country for wanted criminals.

Pandey's rise in the world of business has been about as meteoric as Dhoni's in cricket. The two met when Pandey used to coordinate nets at the National Stadium in Delhi. Dhoni practised there once. His hitting left an impression on Pandey. When Dhoni came to Delhi to play, he would stay in Pandey's rented barsati a basic room on a rooflike other cricketers from UP and Bihar often did.

Pandey says Dhoni was the only one who would come back with food and drink for him when he went out. The friendship grew and Pandey became Dhoni's third manager; the previous two were dropped without ceremony.

Pandey is a friendly, jovial man. Observers say Dhoni's trust in Pandey is so complete he doesn't undertake any background checks on the brands he endorses. Before Dhoni, the unwritten advertising rule for India's cricketers was: Dhoni has broken the rule. He is not apologetic about making money in the window he has as an active cricketer. Yet he wears simple clothes and doesn't seem to care about his looks.

You won't find anyone who has been around him describe him as vain or money-obsessed. Everybody's price, they said, had gone up after the victory. I am not going to take more now that we have won the Cup. Dhoni may or may not have had an actual stake in Rhiti Sports, or he may have pulled out if he did, but it has placed him in the position of being seen to be taking to an extreme his obsession with not wanting to acknowledge the full weight of being India captain.

Dhoni's greatest press-conference analogy hits On reaching Napier only 18 hours before a Test once "When it comes to the mind it depends on what you're feeding into the mind. You come and say, 'This is Napier' and it believes it's Napier. If you see, it's an abstract.

When people say 'He's in form", nobody has seen form. It's a state of mind where you are confident and you think very positively and everything you think about, you think it's very achievable. Ali takes a single off the first ball.

Ashwin into his final over. Excellent over so far from Ashwin. Pandya into the attack.

The star we don't know

Morgan takes his chance and hits a huge six. Pandya is expensive today and why Kohli is persisting with him. Cracking shot and it is boundary. Fifty partnership between these two. England for 5 Morgan 62, Moeen Ali 32 38th over: Morgan moves to Moeen Ali smashes the ball over mid-wicket for boundary. Morgan completes his Jadhav continues, Ali whacks the ball and it is a boundary. England for 5 Ali 25, Morgan 48 36th over: Ashwin continues, Only a single from this over so far.

Excellent over from Ashwin. Jadhav continues, gives away two runs in two balls. Moeen Ali smashes the ball on the leg side and it is boundary. Dhoni misses a rare run-out. Quick running between the wickets. England for 5 33rd over: Moeen Ali smashes the ball through covers for a boundary. India needs wickets now. Ashwin strikes and Buttler is out off a wide ball. Ashwin takes his third wicket. Moeen Ali is the new man. Morgan slams the ball for another huge six. Morgan is now looking dangerous.

Moeen Ali 1, Morgan 41 31st over: Ashwin fields well and restricts it to two. Pandya is proving to be expensive. Kohli can think of bringing Jadhav into the attack. Morgan smashes the ball for a huge six. What a shot that is from the England captain. It is 91m six.

England for 4. England needs runs. Ashwin continues, Buttler takes a single. Morgan slams the ball over long-leg for six. What a shot at this situation. Jadeja continues and in his last over. A quite over so far from jadeja. England for 4 Morgan 15, Buttler 7 Sorry for the short break. Roy is toying with the Indian bowlers.

Three runs so far from this over. England for 2. India has to remove Jason Roy now as he is looking really dangerous. Good running between the wickets. What a shot that is, beautifully executed shot and it is six. England for 2 Roy 74, Morgan 6 23rd over: Excellent over so far from jadeja. Ashwin continues, He is testing the batsmen with his flight and variations. Morgan is the new man. Jadeja is bowling brilliantly.

He is bowling stumps to stumps. Roy smashes the ball for a boundary. England for 2 Roy 59, Morgan 2 20th over: Both the batsmen complete their half-century and Ashwin strikes at the fifth ball of the over to remove dangerous Root. Jadeja continues, India needs wickets now. Root moves to Excellent over from Jadeja. England for 1 Roy 49, Root Virat Kohli has to bring in his ace off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin now to break this partnership which is beginning to blossom.

These two have added 91 runs so far. Another width ball and Root slashes the ball through point for another boundary. Pandya is not bowling in the right areas. Just over the mid-wicket and it is boundary. Bumrah jumps but the ball just brushes his hand and the ball races to the boundary.

Really making life difficult for Virat Kiohli. England for 1 Roy 49, Root 48 17th over: Excellent fielding at mid-wicket, a single.

Good bowling from Jadeja. This will allow Kohli to bring his ace spinner Ashwin into the attack. England for 1.

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quizzes

Excellent shot from Root and it is a boundary over the slip cordon. Slashes the ball and it is boundary. England's comes up. England for 1 Roy 43, Root 40 35 overs to go, England is nicely placed has to score runs.

Jadeja continues, Root takes a single. The ball is just skidding off the surface. Roy whacks the ball for a single. England 94 for 1.

Wow what a shot and the monster hit gets Roy and England first six of the match. England 89 for 1 Roy 37, Root 30 13th over: Jadeja continues, Root takes a single off the first ball. This partnership is looking dangerous now. Fifty partnership from these two after a boundary off the next ball. England 81 for 1. Hardik Pandya into the attack. Good so far from Pandya. Just one run from him so far. Pulled by Roy for a boundary. England 75 for 1 Roy 25, Root Jadeja into the attack.

Excellent over from him, England 70 for 1. Bumrah continues, Excellent shot but stumps saves a certain boundary.

India win by 15 runs, take the series - The Hindu

Roy is slightly disappointed, a cracking shot. Excellent delivery to Root. Excellent fielding at mid-off by Hardik Pandya, saved a certain boundary. Another boundary, Bumrah is quite expensive today. England 66 for 1. Bhuvneshwar continues, perfect length from Kumar mixing his deliveries quite beautifully.

Root goes straight and whacks a boundary. England 59 for 1 Roy 13, Root Root smashes the ball through point for another boundary. Root is looking dangerous now. Fifty for England now. After the boundary, excellent over from Bumrah.

England 51 for 1. Bhuvneshwar continues, Roy takes a quick single. Perfect delivery from Kumar, Root is totally beaten. Excellent seam position and the ball just misses the bat. Bumrah continues, Root cuts the ball through point for a boundary.

A small kind of width, Root latches on it. Excellent shot and it is boundary. Nine runs from the over so far. England 44 for 1. Bhuvneshwar continues, these two England batsmen are extremely dangerous. The Indian bowlers has to separate this partnership. England 34 for 1 Roy 7, Root 5 4th over: Bumrah continues, starts off with a wide. Inside edge for a boundary. Excellent delivery from Bumrah. Edged and taken What a delivery and what a wicket.

yuvraj singh and dhoni relationship quizzes

Hales is out for England 28 for 1. Joe Root is the new man, starts with a boundary. England 32 for 1. Good throw from Virat Kohli but misses the stumps. Hales slashes the ball third man and it is boundary. Bumrah stops just in front of the boundary and it is two runs.

Excellent shot for a boundary. England 20 for no loss 2nd over: Bumrah's first ball was smashed to the boundary. Excellent ball but a no-ball.

India win by 15 runs, take the series

A good yorker but it was a boundary. England 9 for no loss Hales 4, Roy 0 1st Over: England 0 for 0. Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a maiden. An interesting second half on the cards. With the team tottering at 25 for 3, Yuvraj Singh and M. Dhoni joined in a repair act.

They both plundered runs at will and toyed with the England attack. Both added runs for the fourth wicket. India finished at for 6. It will be an really improbable total for England. But England has depth in the batting line-up and one can expect an exciting contest in the second half.

In the last 10 overs, India added runs. Woakes is bowling the last over. Jadeja takes two quick runs of the first ball. Jadeja taps a single of the second ball. Innovative shot from Pandya but only for a single. Four runs from three balls. Jadeja hits a ball over mid-wicket for a boundary. We have not played together much. I think it was probably my fault," said Yuvraj. Though he got his fourth man-of-the-match award in the tournament, Yuvraj sounded modest and said the team effort was crucial.

He said though he cherished the centuries he had scored in his career, even scores like his 52 not out last night were special as they resulted in the team winning a crucial tie. Looking back at the past one year which had seen him being axed from both the ODI and Test teams, Yuvraj said he was very happy that things have turned around for him. This year it has been a good year," he said. Praising coach Gary Kirsten for the contribution he has been making, Yuvraj said that was the vital difference from when the team was knocked out in the first round of the World Cup.

I don't want to talk about In with Gary coming in, our confidence in each other has grown," Yuvi said.