Zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship poems

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zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship poems

The startling story of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers by Spencer Leigh Another teenager Richard White asked them to set a poem by his . She was attracted to the young Frankie and, on and off, she had a sexual relationship with him for When he asks about Frankie marrying Zola Taylor, they start. Franklin Joseph Lymon known professionally as Frankie Lymon, was an American rock and . Lymon's marriage to Waters was not legal because she was still married to her "I'm Sorry" and "Seabreeze", the two songs Lymon had recorded for Big The film stars Larenz Tate as Frankie Lymon, Halle Berry as Zola Taylor. Litigation Zola Taylor was a member of The Platters until , when she was replaced Taylor was the second of Frankie Lymon's three wives.

During an engagement at the London PalladiumGoldner began pushing Lymon as a solo act, giving him solo spots in the show. Lymon began performing with backing from pre-recorded tapes.

Lymon had officially departed from the group by September ; an in-progress studio album called Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers at the London Palladium was instead issued as a Lymon solo release.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship poems

As a solo artist, Lymon was not nearly as successful as he had been with the Teenagers. His actions caused a scandal, particularly among Southern TV station owners, and The Big Beat was subsequently canceled. There is no surviving footage because the episode was taped over, according to Judith Fisher Freed. Within the span of one year, as a result of heroin use, and the deepening of his voice to a baritone as a result of going through puberty[ citation needed ]. Addicted to heroin since the age of 15, Lymon fell further into his habit, and his performing career went into decline.

According to Lymon in an interview with Ebony magazine inhe was first introduced to heroin when he was 15 by a woman twice his age. After losing Lymon, the Teenagers went through a string of replacement singers, the first of whom was Billy Lobrano. The Teenagers, who had been moved by Morris Levy to End Records, were released from their contract in The Teenagers briefly reunited with Lymon inwithout success.

Lymon appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, December 22, Later years[ edit ] Over the next four years, Lymon struggled through short-lived deals with 20th Century Fox Records and Columbia Records. He began a relationship with Elizabeth Mickey Waters, who became his first wife in January and gave birth to his only child, Francine, who died two days after birth at Lenox Hill Hospital.

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After the marriage failed, he moved to Los Angeles in the mids, where he began a romantic relationship with Zola Taylora member of the Platters. Taylor claimed to have married Lymon in Mexico in [13] although their relationship ended several months later, purportedly because of Lymon's drug habits.

Lymon, however, had been known to say that their marriage was a publicity stunt, and Taylor could produce no legal documentation of their marriage. Lymon began his solo career though he would never see the success that he achieved with The Teenagers.

At the age of 15, Lymon began using heroin, a habit he said was first introduced to him by a woman twice his age. This addiction would trouble him for the rest of his life, cause him to lose most of his money and eventually see him to his demise.

Soon his voice dropped and with that so did any popularity he had. In the early '60s he began a relationship with Elizabeth Waters who would become his first wife inthough it wasn't legitimate because she was still technically married to her previous marriage. So they filed as a common-law marriage.

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By this time he had stopped recording music completely and fell deeper into his drug addiction. He was also broke by this time, spending his and his wife's rent money on heroin and needing to move from place to place constantly.

By the mid-'60s the marriage had failed and Lymon moved to Los Angeles to resume his relationship with The Platters singer Zola Taylor. Taylor claims to have been sexually active with Lymon since the "Biggest Rock and Roll Show of " tour. The two got married in Mexico inthough there is no documentation that they ever got married.


I learned everything there was to know about women before I was 12 years old. He liked listening to the radio and the way that Dinah Washington, Ruth Brown and Little Jimmy Scott phrased and sang their songs was soaking into his skin.

With the addition of two Puerto- Ricans, Herman Santiago and Joe Negroni, the Premiers became multi-racial with Lymon — the youngest by two years — restricted to harmonies and occasional lead. In true doo-wop fashion, the Premiers had been singing in stairwells and alley-ways.

Another teenager Richard White asked them to set a poem by his girlfriend Dolores to music.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship poems

As neither Richard nor Dolores ever came forward to claim royalties, it is probably fiction. Some local groups were having success and one of the most promising was the Valentines. The group would rehearse at night in Stitt Junior High. Richie Barrett lived in an apartment over the Bodega and the Premiers auditioned by singing underneath his window.

Barrett was to supervise them and they would record in a couple of months, if all went well. So who wrote the song?

Frankie Lymon - Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1965)

Judging by court evidence some 30 years later, the credit should have gone to Jimmy Merchant and Herman Santiago. George Goldner, sensing a hit, wanted a piece of the action and for some unknown reason, he dropped Merchant and added Lymon, this making the credit on the original pressing of the single, Lymon-Santiago-Goldner.

Lymon tells Laine that the song was easy to write as he had been falling in love since he was five, clearly a scripted joke. Had he really written that? Smokey Robinson summarised its appeal: Despite competition from heavily promoted cover versions, the single reached No. Not that the New Musical Express was impressed.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship poems

I was a year younger than him. I was going through puberty and my hands would sweat and my toes would curl when I heard the record as it was a very sexy voice. I would play his records and try to sing and dance like him.

zola taylor and frankie lymon relationship poems

They did okay but lacked stagecraft and moved onto the Hartford State Theatre to appear with Bo Diddley, Fats Domino and the Cadillacs in front of 4, fans. Cholly saw how agile they were and that both Herman and Frankie could do the splits.

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He built up a highly watchable act with interchange between the members, but concentrating on Frankie. The fact that Sherman was six foot four and Frankie four foot ten worked to their advantage. Cholly was to work with Tamla-Motown and those side to side movements of the Four Tops were his creation. He died, a dance legend, in The Platters had the No. The fashion moment belongs to the Valentines who wore white suits with red hearts and had crazy, coloured shoes. Expecting a riot, the police were patrolling the concert as though they were at Alcatraz.