Doctor who incarnations meet the robinsons

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doctor who incarnations meet the robinsons

If there's one film that makes us smile every time we see it, it's Meet the Robinsons. In addition to having a heart-warming story, one of the. Doctor Who and Meet the Robinsons crossover fanfiction archive with over 1 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple. The worst book so far still felt a bit like a Doctor Nigel Robinson .. Here they meet a planet of Adonis's and goddesses, in something resembling paradise. . justification for the villain that had to do with an earlier incarnation of the Doctor.

Lewis warns that their actions may drastically alter the future but Goob doesn't care. Lewis tells his old friend that he should just let go of his past and "Keep Moving Forward", incidentally reciting his future motto.

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However, Goob finds it more convenient to blame Lewis. Goob and Doris prepare to present the stolen invention to InventCo in the past. Wilbur and his robot Carl Harland Williams save Lewis and the memory scanner and escape. As they make their way back to the Robinson house, Lewis punches Wilbur in the shoulder for failing to lock the garage door, revealing that he knows he's his father. Then suddenly, Doris destroys Carl and steals back the memory scanner, returning to Goob as their time machine vanishes.

The scenery around Lewis and Wilbur still in the future darkens, and Wilbur vanishes into oblivion as history is being rewritten.

doctor who incarnations meet the robinsons

Lewis enters the derelict house and discovers the memory-scanner in the garage. Viewing its records, he discovers that after mass-producing the memory-scanner, Goob also mass-produces Doris, whereupon the multitude of robotic hats took control of their wearers, something Goob hadn't planned.

doctor who incarnations meet the robinsons

The Robinsons' utopian future is replaced by a Doris-controlled, smog-darkened industrial empire, with mankind reduced to slaves. Pursued by an army of DOR hats, Lewis manages to repair the time machine and uses it to go to the precise moment and location where Goob signs the contract at InventCo. Lewis causes Doris to disappear into oblivion by promising that he will never invent her. Lewis then shows Goob the bleak future Doris would have created, which is transformed before their eyes back into the Utopian future.

After they land near the Robinson house, Wilbur is brought back into existence. Lewis gets Wilbur to offer for the Robinsons to adopt Goob after he hit Goob with karatebut Goob, ashamed of what he has done, hides and then walks off uncertain of what to do. Cornelius Tom Selleck appears back from his business trip and panics upon discovering the time machines to be missing before meeting his younger self.

Cornelius shows Lewis his lab and points out the memory scanner, the invention he was most proud of. He reminds Lewis that the future is never set in stone and what matters is what he does in the present. Wilbur fulfills his promise to Lewis by visiting the moment at which his mother abandoned him. The problem is that the emphasis of the novel seems to be more on action that doesn't come across well then on descriptions or plot.

The lack of emphasis on plot is in itself rather sad. The fact is that the novel starts with a passage from Bidmead's own novelization of Logopolis which gives the reader a clue that this is very much Bidmead-ish territory.

doctor who incarnations meet the robinsons

In particular the themes of oppression and alien races with dark secrets in their past that occupied so much of Season 18 are put to some nice use here. Sadly the poorly done emphasis on action takes away from the plot which in itself is interesting for the most part.

Another reoccurring problem of the Timewyrm novels is in Apocalypse as well. The Timewyrm, the great threat that she is, once again appears very little in the novel. She appears at the start sort of and then disappears for the most part of the novel. Thankfully when she finally appears it is something of a surprise and it eventually leads to the single best written part of the novel on page That said I am seriously wondering what the point of the Timewyrm is as she is responsible for very little in the novels so far and especially in Apocalypse.

Despite having a potential intrusting plot, Timewyrm Apocalypse is let down by the sum of its parts. With mostly cardboard characterization and poorly placed emphasis on action rather then on the novel's rather interesting plot idea.

It is far from the greatest Who novel ever and like Genesys is very much one for fans seeking to kick off the New Adventures properly. She failed to save them as they were sucked into the anomaly.

Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter)

She flew her Bowship into the white hole but became trapped. Jenny then travelled to St Luke's Universityto meet the Twelfth Doctor and tell him what had happened. The four of them, immune to the energy due to being time travellers and having been exposed to artron energymanaged to enter the TARDIS.

After all the incarnations of the Doctor saved the universe, she departed with the Tenth and Ninth Doctors, the latter saying they will take her home due to her Bowship having been destroyed. Jenny was one of the people the Doctor thought of, as he was unaware of her revival.

Journey's End While trying to convince the Cybermen that she was the Doctor, Clara Oswald noted among his family a non- Gallifreyan daughter created via genetic transfer. Death in Heaven Personality Edit Jenny showed a lot of the brilliance, lust for life, and the determination of her father.

doctor who incarnations meet the robinsons

She was also flirtatious. Though programming had made her military-minded and goal-oriented, she was too much like her father for this to dictate her actions. While at first, she showed violent intentions towards others, she soon adopted the Doctor's values and principles, though she also challenged him.

After her revival, she seemed very excited about travelling the universe. The Doctor's Daughter She later expressed the desire to visit everywhere in the universe. Stolen Goods Jenny had no intention of finding her father when first setting out on her travels. She knew that she would run into him one day when the time was right.

Zero Space Inherited characteristics Jenny encounters the Fifth Doctorthe incarnation she arguably most closely resembled. The Lost Dimension Being biologically GallifreyanJenny had two hearts, as well as reflexes, precision timing, and acrobatic ability far beyond that of an average human.

At first, the Doctor flatly denied that she should be considered a Time Lord because she lacked the shared culture, code, and knowledge. However, as he later admitted to Donna, "when I look at [Jenny] now, I can see them.